6 Benefits and Reasons Why Golf is Good for You

Golf is one of the oldest sports that is still played, originating in Europe towards the end of the middle ages.

Disclosure: We receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Disclosure: We receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Yet, golf is just as beneficial as ever, both for spectators and players.

Considered purely in abstraction, golf seems like the most difficult, undesirable sport possible. Players are tasked with using a metal club to hit a tiny ball into a tiny hole hundreds of yards away. In fact, it almost seems like a joke.

However, both players and fans can’t get enough of it. It’s perennially considered one of the most popular sports in the world, and even the associated golf courses are more than just mere golf courses. Often, the natural beauty emanating from these golf courses attract travelers from all corners of the earth. In fact, some golf courses are so glorified that they are considered protected reserves worthy of international distinction.

In this article, we discuss 6 reasons why golf is a beneficial sport, emphasizing its health-promoting qualities as well as its mentally-stimulating properties.

Playing Golf is Great Exercise

Uroosa Kashaf Playing Golf proving that Golf is Good for You

In our modern society, exercise is more important than ever. As our technology advances, we are more likely to stare at our phones or laptops than go for a walk. We’d rather watch professional athletes sweat on television than sweat by going for a run.

Yet, our bodies have not adapted to such sedentary lifestyles. We evolved to our place at the top of the food chain precisely because we were active and in shape. This is how we outlasted other species, created large civilizations, and increased the population of the planet to well over 7 billion.

While not all of these changes have been positive, most of us can agree that a longer-lifespan is desired. Part of achieving this is moving our bodies. Golf is a great way to initiate this, as it entails significant walking, bending, and stretching.

Additionally, because it’s often played on sunny days in warmer weather, players usually sweat just by being in the sun. This sweat helps rid our body of toxins and cleanses our system, which reduces the likeliness that we’ll get sick.

Playing Golf Is an Enlightening Experience

Golfing at Carton House, Maynooth, Ireland

It’s just you and the ball out there. Sure, you can enter competitions and develop rivalries. But, ultimately, the main battle is the one within.

Golf is a microcosm of our lives. With each swing, we are forced to be patient, to slowly ease our way towards victory. Yet, no matter how far your tee-shot goes, you could still earn a double-bogey if you prematurely celebrate and miss several puts. No matter how flawless you were on the first 17 holes, you might experience a breakdown on #18.

The closer you get to the hole, the harder the shots become and the more care that must be placed into each swing and put.

Furthermore, if you get distracted or allow your emotions to get the best of you, your ball might end up at the bottom of a pond, enveloped by liquid darkness.

Life in the 21st century holds sensitivity. Automobile accidents occur as one of the leading causes of death. Out of nowhere, we can be suddenly diagnosed with a malignant tumor. We spend our lives reveling in the deliciousness of bacon only to find that we need coronary artery bypass surgery at the tragic age of 42.

Golf comprises an enlightening experience because it teaches us that a transient factor of life, yet beautiful. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be rewarding. Life, just like golf, denotes a balancing act that requires patience and a meticulous strategy. Yet, at the end of the day, success entails just taking a swing and trusting that your instincts guide you.

Playing Golf is a Form of Therapy

Man Playing Golf for McBride Foundation Golf Tournament

Image: Public Domain 1.0, McBride Foundation, via Flickr

There comes no better way to release your repressed anger than hitting the living crap out of a golf ball. Perhaps, this exists as one of the most satisfying experiences available to us. This arrives way better than getting in an actual fight as bound to happen if you keep ignoring your feelings.

Golf is such a solitary sport. Besides yelling “Fore!” or consulting with your caddie, golf doesn’t even require talking. You can use each shot as an opportunity to meditate. You can channel unexpressed feelings into each swing. Besides, you can imagine that your ex-boyfriend appears as the ball. Nonetheless, the possibilities arise as endless.

The point is that we are rarely able to escape the social confines of our society. On a daily basis, many of us deal with multiple children, various ex-spouses, a racist great-grandfather. Likewise, the obnoxious neighbor from across the street revs his motorcycle every morning at 5 am.

Gaining some distance from these frustrations is crucial for a healthy, stress-free life. Golf provides a form of therapy, but only if we meet it halfway. That means turning off your cell phone, leaving the cigarettes in the car, and grounding yourself in each moment. Pretend that each ball you hit comes as something holding you back and send that baby into the horizon.

Yet, just like talk therapy, the relationship between you and the golf ball is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. If you don’t surrender to the experience, if you don’t fully love the experience, then you won’t get much out of it. Having trouble connecting with your anger? Try purposely missing the ball a couple of times. That should do the trick.

Golf Spawned the Movie Happy Gilmore

And Caddyshack. Admit it – there’s nothing funnier than watching someone struggle on the golf course. Golf signifies strangely comedic. Besides, there’s nothing more satisfying and rejuvenating than a good, deep laugh.

Yet, all comedy has a tragic underside. Our mirthful laughter implies simultaneous nervous laughter concerning loss and death. Once again, it comes as an obvious fact that golf supplements the mind-expanding experience.

A more superficial point that we are trying to get across is that golf is cinematic. The epitome of exposition slowly builds to an explosive climax. No sport, not even baseball, appears boring as golf to watching on television. Yet, when a player hits an incredible shot, no sport appears electrifying to watch.

If you need further convincing, just watch this clip of Tiger Woods sinking an amazing chip shot. If that doesn’t stimulate you, then you might need to hit the driving range and iron some issues out.

Golf Is Good for Business

Men and Women Playing Golf for a Golf Business and Celebrity Challenge

There’s a reason why the current president of the United States makes him a billionaire businessman. He comes as someone considered one the best golfers to ever assume the presidency.

Golf facilitates negotiation such that businesses imply negotiation. The economy exists as a mutualistic ecosystem of buyers and sellers that is based on compromise. Money doesn’t work unless both sides meet each other halfway. If an imbalance occurs, both sides experience loss.

Also, the beautiful scenery of the golf course and the meditative, therapeutic act of hitting a golf ball provides the environmental balance needed for compromise. Notably, multiple world wars miraculously prevented its uprise over a game of golf.

The only traditional business activity that doesn’t dovetail perfectly with golf through alcohol drinking. Don’t believe us? Try sinking a put after killing a 6-pack. Or, try driving a golf cart after downing 3 martinis.

But, it’s not just financial matters that can be resolved. Personal business can also be brought up. There comes no better activity for bonding with your stubborn father-in-law than a round of 18 at the local country club.

Or, if you have slightly more ambitious goals, try proposing to your partner on a golf course in Hawaii. Marriage appears as a kind of negotiation that promotes love and union. Surrounded by the backdrop of pristine beaches and palm trees, we can’t imagine your significant other will say no.

Golf Allows you to Drive a Golf Cart

Think you’re too old for an amusement park? Missing those addicting bumper cars? Golf provides an outlet for this nostalgia. We secretly think that most people sign up for a game of golf just so they can drive the golf cart.

Golf carts present a change in pace to our chaotic modern lifestyles. They force us to slow down, take in the views, and be appreciative of life before it zooms past our eyes.

In another sense, driving a golf cart can be good training for driving on the roads. Playing a game of golf might be the best way to teach your daughter how to drive before your trust her with your Porsche.

The open fairway surely appears certainly forgiving. The low speeds of the golf cart make it relatively safe. The lack of people on the golf course minimizes accidents. Clearly, the golf course makes a perfect environment for automobile education.

Our Final Thoughts on Why Golf is Good for You

Orange Lake Cranes Bend Golf course a 9 hole course

We think golf appears as beneficial since it promotes movement. Probably, this appears contrasting to our sedentary lifestyles.

This movement can take many forms, allowing for a kind of therapy that enlightens its players.

Additionally, we think golf gets simply an entertaining sport and has resulted in a number of comedic films that we would be much worse off without.

Lastly, golf facilitates negotiation and can provide the perfect environment for indulging our wild, childlike desires.

Ultimately, without the game, we think life would be much more boring and unhealthy.


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