8 Cool Careers in Golfing to Help You Make Your Passion Your Reality

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If you love everything related to golf, considering a career that’s related to the field that you love would be a great way to enjoy every aspect of it. Aside from playing professionally, what other career options are there that enable you to enjoy the very best of golf at every instance possible?

Disclosure: We receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Disclosure: We receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

In this article will go over some of the coolest careers in golfing to help make your passion a reality, as well as go over frequently asked questions that will help you determine which career choice is perfect for you.

What Are Some Of The Coolest Careers In Golfing?

Director Of Golf

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Taking on a career as a director of golf is a pretty heavy responsibility that reaps enormous rewards. As the Director of golf, you will be responsible for overseeing everything related to regular golf operations at a golf club or a country club. 

Ultimately, you’ll want to make sure that everything in your club is operational and working correctly, as well as keeping track of staff and ensuring that responsibilities are being taken care of at the time.

You also oversee any club maintenance that needs to get performed as well as any food service operations that need to get attended. Overall, this is the best way to get involved with everything golf as you’ll be the one directly responsible for how well a golf club works well for the golfers playing.

According to LinkedIn the average salary of a director of golf sits at about $77,500 a year and can be compensated for up to $83,500 a year depending on which golf course you choose to work.

Club Professional

professional golf clubs

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Getting a career as a club professional as one of the most sought-after career choices in golf available. As a club professional, you will be the face of the operation, and you will set the tone for every single day for the entire Club. 

A lot of your responsibilities will depend on where it is that you get hired on, as higher-end clubs will usually have more responsibilities that you’ll need to cover.

Several different responsibilities that a Club Professional might fulfill are:

  • Organizing junior golfers
  • Repairing golf clubs
  • Perform fitting sessions for club members
  • Maintaining the pro shop and other retail operations
  • Providing personal lessons to members

Club professionals are also expected to market the club in media Outlets to attract new members into the club. They’re also responsible for overseeing and organizing tournaments as well as communicating with greenkeepers and staff members to make sure that the golf course stays in top operational condition.

The average salary of a club professional sits at just about $38,000 a year with $52,000 being high if you manage to get in with a more professional club.

Teaching Professional

golf clubs teached by their instructor on how to do best golfing

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If your professional golfer that enjoys teaching people how to play as much as you enjoy playing it, then becoming a teaching professional would likely be a great career move for you. There’s a good percentage of professional golfers that go this route, and it helps them keep involved with everything that they love about the sport while sharing their passions with others.

As a teaching professional, you’ll coach club members and Junior golfers on how to improve their game and what techniques to utilize to increase their scores.  The PGA provides training for professional players looking to become teaching professionals by offering skills and training that’s necessary to coach amateurs and professionals alike. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics places teaching professionals under a category known as Sports instructors as a coach and scout category. According to them, the annual average salary of a teaching professional sits at about $33,780 in 2018. The top ten percent usually pull in about $65,000 a year, so it depends on how good you are and where you decide to teach.

Landscape Architect

working landscape architect

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Landscape architects are the people that make sure that your golf game runs smoothly thanks to various techniques that they utilize to create the golf course that you play on. They’re responsible for working with natural features of the land to design and maintain the perfect golf course.

Ultimately, they’re required to make sure that your game runs well, but also that your views are aesthetically pleasing as well as challenging. If a golf course extremely beautiful, you can thank a landscape architect for that.

Landscape architects do need a degree in landscape architecture as well as civil engineering and agronomy as a base requirement to even be considered for the job. Overall, landscape architects can expect to make around $60,000 a year depending on who they contract through.

Golf Writer

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If you have a passion for golf just as much as you have a love for writing, pursuing a career as a golf writer may be your calling.  It’s no secret that golfers enjoy reading about their favorite sport as much as they enjoy playing, going through multiple issues of golf magazines and other publications, there is a high demand for writers who share that kind of passion.

To keep golfers updated on the latest golf tips and tournament results, golf writers will have to immerse themselves in all things golf while traveling and covering different events across the country. If you can get in for top magazines, you will get set as far as a career is concerned.

However, there are other places where you can apply your writing skills if you cannot get in with a magazine. There are newspapers and regional publications that talented writers can use their skills to which will allow them to express their fondness of the sport to the public. 

While your salary ranges will depend highly on which company you can get into as well as what skills you can bring to the table, there are a variety of different positions that you can fill with different rates you can expect to get paid.

 A sports editor can generally expect to see about $11.40 an hour while a senior editor can get paid up to $30 per hour. Researchers will typically see about $15.37 per hour, and copywriters hit just above $25 per hour to work.


Golf clubmaker watches out his student

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The golf club makes the game, and if you enjoy being part of the essential role of golf then becoming a club maker and a club repair is probably your calling. Being a club maker takes a lot of technical skill and knowledge to do successfully; however it is a fascinating process, and for the right person, it could make for a perfect career.

You must be able to have an idea of what each Golf Club does for its owner and be able to apply that to any new clubs that you make. Repairing clubs is in high demand careers are currently, as both professionals and amateurs will need to have their club heads replaced or grips attached.

Professional golf club makers can expect to make around  $24,000 a year based off of an average across the nation.  That doesn’t account for professionals who own their store or take up work with high-end country clubs where they could get paid better.


greenskeeper needs to mow the lawn

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A greenskeepers position is a very demanding job as they are required to maintain the look and the feel of the golf course that they’re employed. Greenskeepers are ultimately the most important person as far as golfing careers are concerned as well.

Greenskeepers are required to mow the lawn several times a week as well as dig out new golf holes and fill in old ones. Turf needs to be monitored continuously to ensure that the course is and it’s prime condition all year round for the golf courses members. 

They need to be knowledgeable on different grass types especially concerning the region that the golf course happens is located. Depending on the kind of golf course that a Greenskeeper is employed by, they may work by themselves or as a part of a team. 

Keeping a golf course in its pristine condition requires constant watering, fertilizing, and weeding to keep the turf looking as natural as possible. There’s also a lot of aerating the lawn that has to happen as well, and gets done through mowing and raking through the grass. Since turf itself is a 150 billion dollar industry, work is highly available and ready for people willing to learn.

The national average for greenskeepers sits at about $25,158 a year. 


caddy will give you stress-free from playing golf

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If you want a first-hand experience playing golf for a living and being on the turf all day, then a golf caddy might be just the job for you. You’ll be responsible for meeting with a client and following them around the golf course doing things such as:

  • Holding their golf bag
  • Selecting the proper clubs for different shots
  • Raking sand traps
  • Cleaning balls
  • Pulling carts
  • Filling divots
  • Locating balls
  • Marking holes
  • Keeping a score
  • Advising on rules

You’ll also be giving advice and moral support where it’s needed, but ultimately your primary responsibility is making sure that your golfer client is having one of the best games possible. Golf caddies average $30 to $60 per client, and there is a possibility of getting tips as well.

In Conclusion

Their number of great careers that you can take advantage of to enjoy your passion for golf and make a decent living off of it. Overall, these are some of the best careers that you can get into that will either allow you to be involved with the game directly or allow you to make the game amazing for others. 

By Adam Jenkins

I’m certainly no expert on the game of golf, but I am someone who knows what it’s like to start out completely overwhelmed. From one beginner to the next, here's to a better golf game!

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