5 Best Golf Resorts in Florida

Planning on spending some time in the Sunshine State soon? Well, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the state’s great weather and get in a few rounds during your stay. Whether you are taking the kids to Disney World or taking your spouse on vacation, there are plenty of good courses throughout the state […]

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What Is A Fade In Golf? How To Hit This Shot And Improve

​There are several types of shots in the game of golf, but most types of golf shots can be categorized as follows: ​Tee​Fairway​Bunker​ShankTopFat​DrawFlop​Punch​Chip​Layout-Put​PuttApproachDrive​Fade It can be challenging to try and learn all the shots simultaneously. Let’s zone in on the fade shot by learning what the fade shot is, how to hit one, and how […]

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