Bushnell Neo Ghost Rangefinder Review

A rangefinder is an essential tool to help out your golf game, and I’m a big fan of the Neo Ghost Rangefinder by Bushnell because it’s an excellent option for a good, cheap rangefinder. If you are a regular golfer and don’t have yourself a rangefinder and/ or have no idea what a rangefinder is used for, it is really quite simple.

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What is a Rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is either a device that you hold up to your eye and look through to see how many yards are left before the hole, or it is a digital device that has pre-programmed courses and it will simply tell you where you are on the course and how many yards you have left before you get to the pin. If you aren’t sure why this gives you a big advantage, then you probably are relatively new to the golfing world.

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Every club has its own maximum yardage as long as you are swinging at the same strength. Once you use your clubs enough, you will begin to realize how long you can hit the ball, with each club, when you make a successful hit. Not all golf courses have a ton of markers on them to tell you how many yards you have left before you get to the hole and this is where the rangefinder comes in handy. It can be very easy to misjudge your distances if you aren’t using a rangefinder or a marker and it can easily add extra strokes to your score as a result of you undershooting or overshooting with a particular club that you thought would work. A rangefinder cuts out the decision making, and you can literally pick your club without thinking about how far it is to the hole.

Does the Bushnell Neo Ghost Work?

The Bushnell Neo GPS Ghost is every golfer’s new best friend because it works and it is convenient. Its automatic course recognition feature allows you to save time on the green by automatically loading the course you’re playing on. Moreover, because it uses GPS technology, it helps you get accurate shot distance measurements faster.

When it comes to convenience, its sleek, lightweight design allows you to carry it in your pocket, clip it on your belt or a bag for easy accessibility on golf carts. The Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS is also waterproof, which means you will never have to worry about unexpected showers while on the course. In addition, this unit has an exceptional battery life, allowing you to play more rounds before recharging.

While this unit doesn’t come with an automatic update feature, you can easily access the firmware updates by connecting the device to a computer, logging in to their website, visiting the “Device Setup” page, and syncing it by clicking on the “Sync Device” button. The system will then take it from there to ensure you get up-to-date reliable data.

So, when it comes to accuracy, convenience, and reliability, the Bushnell Neo Ghost golf gps rangefinder does work for you.


  • This GPS rangefinder has a massive number of courses built into it; totaling over 35,000.
  • Not only will this device let you know where the pin is located, but it will also tell you where some of the hazards are; a total of 4 different hazards can be determined on this device.
  • Knowing where the hazards are can give you a huge advantage on the course, and you can adjust your clubs and swing accurately and accordingly.
  • This device also features a long-lasting battery that is capable of being used for three full rounds of golf before requiring a re-charge.
  • An array of buttons on the side of the device allow you to roam around the course and see what you are coming up against.
  • A handy USB charging port allows you to charge up your device with ease and it only takes about four hours to recharge.
  • Power button allows you to save battery and allows you to play more than one round of golf on different days, on a single battery charge.
  • In case you forget what hole you are on, or what par the hole is, this device reminds you directly on the screen.
  • built-in clip allows you to carry this device around on your person without affecting your golf game.
  • This device will actually tell you where the green is located in general, you can see where the front, back, and center are located so that you can determine if it is safe to overshoot or undershoot on the hole.

Courses Preloaded in the Bushnell Neo Ghost

The Bushnell Neo Ghost golf GPS comes preloaded with more than 35,000 courses all over the globe. This means you can play almost anywhere you’d like without having to worry that the course won’t be in your gps unit. In case you want to make sure your favorite course is built into the GPS device, you can always search for it online if it is indeed included in the Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS Rangefinder before you make the purchase.

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  • Due to the fact that this rangefinder uses GPS technology, your distances on the device are going to be more accurate than any eye based rangefinder that requires you to judge for yourself.
  • Not only will this device have a lot of courses built into it, but it will also recognize which course you are playing on and it will load that course in advance for you.
  • The device is, fortunately, a one-time purchase; you will find there is no additional membership fees or downloads necessary.
  • The Neo Ghost does give you the option to update the built-in GPS so you can get the most accurate course maps possible.
  • A USB charging cable is included with the device.
  • If you are worried that the Neo Ghost doesn’t have your local course built into it; you can search online to make sure it is included before you purchase.
  • Amazingly this device is also waterproof so you don’t have to be scared when you are out golfing in the rain, or if you want to attach the device to the outside of your bag.
  • The 14-hour battery life will last you from dawn until dusk if you are looking for a full day of golf you should come across no issues.
  • One awesome perk to the Bushnell Neo Ghost is that it comes with a one year warranty; the warranty will cover you from any defects in the materials incorporated into the rangefinder as well as the overall workmanship, for one full year after the initial purchase date.


  • If you are looking for a device that has an automatically updating GPS, you may not want to get the Neo.
  • No touch screen makes it difficult to figure out how to use the Neo, the first couple times you use the device you will constantly be checking the buttons to see what they are for.
  • If the course you play on has numerous hazards you may find that your golf game is affected by only being able to see four of them on your rangefinder.

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Final Review of the Bushnell Neo Ghost

Not all rangefinders are created equal. We hope that this Bushnell Neo Ghost review highlighted all it can do for you to improve your game. The Bushnell Neo Ghost rangefinder is a great rangefinder that you can use on a ton of popular golf courses to help improve your golf game. If you have never used a rangefinder before or you have only used one where you manually have to guess the yardage, this will be a significant upgrade for you. Although the buttons on the side of the device may not be the most ideal thing to use to help you navigate the screen, with practice, you will be able to use the Neo with ease. The long-lasting battery will keep your rangefinder on the whole time you are out on the course, and it is super easy to charge via a USB port. You can have some piece of mind when you are buying this rangefinder as well thanks to the one year warranty included. The Neo Ghost is an overall great rangefinder that is sure to improve your golf game.

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