Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder Review

For those looking to enhance their golf game and have an added essential on hand, a rangefinder is a great addition to any serious golfer’s bag. Tournament legal, warrantied, and lightweight are just a few key qualities to the Bushnell Tour X2 Rangefinder. Golfers who are interested in purchasing this item to help up their game will benefit greatly from this comprehensive review detailing the rangefinder’s key features, qualities, and more.

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Best Features

  • Magnification: The Tour X2 Rangefinder has a magnification set to 6x, meaning the objects that appear on the view screen are 6 times larger than what they actually are. There is also enhanced screen quality with HD Optics to make viewing easier.
  • PinSeeker: Using JOLT technology, the PinSeeker helps to zone in on the flag for a more accurate swing. It leaves any question of whether or not the PinSeeker has thoroughly zoned in on the flag and locked into position by delivering quick vibrations to the rangefinder. By feeling the vibrations, the user knows that it has fully locked into place and is ready to deliver and accurate reading.
  • Exchangeable Technology: Golfers who intend on competing with their rangefinder should keep in mind that they need to be tournament legal. The Tour X2 rangefinder uses technology that switches between tournament legal and slope technology. When used in the slope technology mode, it compensates distances in elevation changes which is based off of the slope’s degree.
  • Lighting Conditions: The rangefinder screen uses Dual Display Technology for easy screen viewing during all types of lighting. The Dual Display Technology allows the user to change the screen colors based on preference or lighting conditions, offering a sharp black image or a vivid red image.
  • Accuracy and Range: With some of the highest accuracy ratings, the rangefinder has been found to be accurate within 1/2 yard from the flag, allowing the golfer to increase their chances at making the shot. It works within a minimum of 5 yards and maximum of 1,300 yards so it is unlikely the rangefinder will fall short of the flag.
  • Extras: A few convenient additional features worth mentioning are the 2-year warranty, rainproof material, Posi-Thread battery door, and the premium carry case which all come included with the rangefinder.
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Things We Like About It…

  • The technology in this rangefinder really helps to increase a golfer’s accuracy. It takes into consideration the elevation change of the slope and other factors, such as wind. It has been found to be very accurate compared to other rangefinders.
  • Its interchangeable technology makes it so golfers only need to buy one rangefinder. Headed out for practice? Use it in slope mode. Ready to take on the competition? Simply switch out the plates and it’s ready to go and tournament legal.
  • JOLT technology helps to reassure golfers that they have accurately locked into the target.

But We’re Not Crazy About…

  • The price is somewhat steep compared to other rangefinders, however it has a very high accuracy range and other added benefits that help to offset the price.
  • It has been known to have a few false readings here and there.
  • The increase in magnification (6x) can make it a little bit jittery which some users may find to be a nuisance.
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It’s Good For…

  • This rangefinder is best suited for golfers who want to be able to use their rangefinder for both practice and competition.
  • For golfers looking to make an investment in their golf tools, this would be an ideal rangefinder as it has plenty of great features but does come at a higher cost.
  • It is well suited for golfers who like to have the reassurance that the JOLT technology provides.
  • For golfers who require a warranty, the 2 year warranty would be a great benefit to this purchase.

It’s Not Good For…

  • Those who are not looking to spend a lot of money on their rangefinder. This is one of the more expensive rangefinders. While it does come with quite a few benefits, it can be considered very costly to some.
  • Non-competitive players. Those who are not playing competitively would benefit by saving money on a different rangefinder that does not offer tournament ready features that the Bushnell Tour X2 Rangefinder has.
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Review Summary

The Bushnell Tour X2 Rangefinder is a great piece of equipment for golfers who require a tournament legal rangefinder and are ready to spend the extra money for a rangefinder with all of the bells and whistles. While it has a few drawbacks, mainly that of price, it makes up for it in quality. While there are golfers who are not ready to pay such a high price for a rangefinder, this one is good for those who are.

Overall, this rangefinder is great if you can afford to spend the money on it. Enjoy the JOLT technology, accuracy, and exchange technology that comes with the Tour X2 rangefinder.

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Overall, the Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder is a good choice for the golfer who wants to take this type of technology out on the course. It is made by a brand with a quality reputation in the industry. And, you can use this thing for plenty of seasons to come. Learn more about it on Amazon.

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