Rangefinder Showdown: Bushnell Pro X7 vs Tour Z6

So, you’ve decided to add a good rangefinder to your essential golfing gear and you’ve narrowed it down two excellent Bushnell models – the Pro X7 and the Tour V4 Jolt. Now comes the hard part – deciding which of these two devices is the best choice for your golfing needs. The good news is that each model works very well and I think that both are a good golf rangefinder for the money. That being said, they do have some differences. So, let’s dive into each model and see what they have in common and what they don’t so that you can pick the best Bushnell golf rangefinder for your game.

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About the Bushnell Pro X7

This is one of the Bushnell models that features their Jolt technology, which means you know when you hit the flag, no question about it. It has an attractive design that easily fits in your hand and the pocket of your golf bag. Take a look at it from all angles in the photo below.

pro x7

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The range performance that you get on this one are pretty good, and honestly pretty standard for this price point. You’re looking at 5 yards to one mile with it, but what is really impressive is that you get 550+ yards to a flag with the Pro X7. And you can expect a half yard accuracy with it from 5 to 125 yards. This is a powerful little rangefinder with HD optics and 7x magnification. And the VDT technology means that it works well in all types of light conditions. And since you never know when a rain shower may strike, you don’t have to worry about the Pro X7 because it is completely waterproof.

If you’re a serious golfer, then you’ll appreciate that the Pro X7 is rated legal for tournament play. It comes with a little carry bag, which is perfect for stowing it away in your bag. Like most of the recent Bushnell models to this the market, the Pro X7 has E.S.P. 2 technology, so it is super accurate and super fast. And it comes with the standard limited 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

About the Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt

Like the Pro X7 above, the Bushnell Tour V4 also comes standard with the Jolt technology. You’ll notice in the photo below that the design of the Tour V4 Jolt is actually very similar to the Pro X7 above and it also fits into your hand comfortable and easily into your bag.

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The range performance on the Tour V4 Jolt is good as well, with it being 5 to 1,300 yards. With it you get a half yard accuracy with it from 5 to 125 yards, and 450+ yards to flags. On this model you will also find the VDT and second generation E.S.P. technology for accuracy and speed in all different types of outside light conditions. This fully waterproof unit also comes with a carry case for even more protection from the elements.

Golfers who play in tournaments can bring along the Tour V4 Jolt because it is legal for tournament use. And, with the Tour V4 Jolt, you get a 6x magnification and the standard 2-year limited warranty.

Differences Between The Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt and Pro X7

There is no denying that these two models have a lot in common. But, they have more differences that they do similarities.  Check out the image below to see what I mean.

differences between Pro X7 and Tour Z6 rangefinder

So, if your primary reason for needing a range finder is accuracy, then either one of these models will for for you because they share the same accuracy range. However, there are three very important areas where the Pro X7 is the better choice. Those areas are:

  • magnification level
  • maximum range
  • range to a flag

In each of those areas, the Pro X7 outperforms the Tour V4 Jolt. And since the models are in a similar price range, I definitely suggest that you order the Pro X7 before hitting the course again.

Where To Buy These Rangefinders Online?

If you’re ready to make the purchase on one of these great Bushnell rangefinders, then let us help you with your shopping. Below we’ve listed our preferred vendors for each model.

To buy the Pro X7 model, we suggest shopping at:

To buy the Tour V4 Jolt model, we suggest shopping at:

Before you buy, we suggest checking the price at each store and comparing shipping costs to see which has the cheapest rangefinder total cost for you. Both stores have good return policies, so no need to worry about that if you have any problems.

image credit: bushnellgolf.com
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