Callaway Golf Balls Review: Which One is Right for Your Game?

Callaway is one of the most well-known brands in golf for Callaway golf balls. They are up there with the likes of Taylormade, Titleist, and Ping. The professional golfers on their roster are household names including Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, and Henrik Stenson.

It’s no wonder people prefers a brand with a strong reputation and solid support from some of the top players.

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Like many golf brands, Callaway is in all areas of the business including equipment, apparel, and golf balls. Within their golf ball line, there are several different models to choose from with a range of prices.

Since Callaway is a popular brand, their products often cost as much as the other top brands in the industry. Can Callaway golf balls keep up with Titleist who boasts the number one ball in golf, the Pro-V1?For those who don’t need the performance of a top-of-the-line ball and want to save some money, what does Callaway offer and how does it stack up against other mid-range golf ball options?Let’s take a look at what Callaway has to offer. Also if this popular golf brand is worthy of the notoriety it has in professional and amateur circles.

What Are The Currently Available Callaway Golf Balls?

There is a diverse lineup of Callaway golf balls that aims to meet the pricing and performance requirements of golfers. Callaway has something for you if you are willing to pay top dollar for top performance. It is also recommended if you simply want some golf balls for your weekly round of golf with friends.

Callaway Golf Balls Available

Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X golf balls

At the top end of this list are the Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X golf balls. These balls are designed to compete with other top golf ball models on the market, most notably the Titleist Pro-V1.These 4-layer golf balls are aimed to provide a soft feel off the clubface with the ability for skilled players to control the ball around the greens. The Chrome Soft X has a slightly higher compression which makes for a less soft feel and more spin during flight than the Chrome Soft.Professional players on Callaway’s roster are most likely to use the Chrome Soft or Chrome Soft X because of the high level of performance the balls offer.

Supersoft golf ball

Another model in Callaway’s lineup is the Supersoft golf ball. These balls have the lowest compression of all the models Callaway offers. Because of this, it is often marketed to people with slower swing speeds including women and junior golfers.

However, that’s not to say that men cannot make use of the ball. The low compression offers a great feel around the green for players who want to control their greenside shots accurately.For players who are willing to give up feel in favor of distance, Callaway has the Superhot golf ball. This 3-piece ball has a lot of technology packed into it. The dimple design promises longer, straighter flight for better distance.

Superhot golf balls

To try and appeal to golfers who still want some control, Callaway promises great spin around the green with the Superhot golf balls. While the spin may not rival that of the Chrome Soft or Supersoft, the 3-piece construction should help bridge the gap.


Finally, the Callaway golf balls lineup is rounded out by the Warbird. This 2-piece golf ball is aimed at people who want an affordable golf ball with a lot of distance.

These balls will not perform as well as a Chrome Soft golf ball, but many players simply do not have the skill level to make use of the Chrome Soft features. For players who get out a few times per year and don’t want to break the bank, the Warbird is designed for them.

With all of those golf balls available, Callaway has something for every golfer, every swing style, and every playing style. However, do the balls live up to the marketing that Callaway puts out? That’s the real question.


  • Improved core designed promoting faster ball speed and low spin for longer, straighter flight on full shots
  • Features a new Tri-ionomer cover formulation increaseing softness for better feel and more shot-stopping wedge spin
  • Great golf balls for an affordable price
  • The Dual SoftFast Core lets you compress the ball on iron shots for long, straight flight.


  • A customer review stated that it was harder to locate on the course because it was “dark” against most of the grass backgrounds. Not easy to see until you were up very close. It might be easier to “see” when actually hitting the ball but not when you are trying to locate it.



Our Rating


Pricing of Callaway Golf Balls

Since Callaway has such a wide range of balls with various technologies packed into each ball, there is also a wide range of price between the top models and the entry-level models.

Chrome Soft golf balls retail for around a couple bucks per dozen. This puts these golf balls right in the same territory as the other top golf ball names on the market. Of course, tour performance does not come cheap and players who are willing to pay for golf balls of this quality are the type who can make use of the features.

Superhot golf balls are priced at a couple bucks mark and fall alongside other mid-range golf balls. The 3-piece construction is a very nice feature and you will find some high-end golf balls still using a 3-piece build.

Supersoft golf balls are a couple bucks per dozen which makes them an affordable option.

The soft compression will be ideal for people with slower swing speeds who are looking more for feel and control than maximum distance.

The price point fits into the mid-range, just a small step down from the Superhot balls mentioned above.

Pricing of Callaway Golf Balls

Finally, there are the Warbird golf balls. With a reasonable price per dozen, these are not as cheap as some other balls on the market but they are significantly lower than higher end offerings. Getting the research and development of a company like Callaway is never going to be cheap and, as such, Callaway does not offer a bargain bin golf ball.

Public Perception of Callaway Golf Balls

Supersoft Callaway Golf Balls

As mentioned, Callaway is a well-known brand in the industry with a strong reputation for quality and performance. As soon as people hear the Callaway name they know that the product is likely going to be higher quality than a lot of the competition on the market.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt Callaway that some of their tour pros have been playing very well. Phil Mickelson is a household name in golf and, while his best days may be behind him, he is still seen on television every week representing the Callaway brand.

Callaway Pro Players

Sergio Garcia is another Callaway sponsored professional. After winning the Masters in 2017, Sergio proved that he is still one of the greatest players in the game despite his long career beginning to wind down. There is no better marketing or confirmation of a brand’s quality than having a player win a major tournament like Sergio did in 2017.

Other Callaway pros like Henrik Stenson and Adam Hadwin may not have the household notoriety of the above golfers but they are very well-known in the golf world and can regularly be seen contending for championships on the weekend.

Why mention all of these professional golfers? It’s because they have a massive influence on how people perceive a brand’s quality. There’s a reason that Nike pays a lot of money to have Lebron James wear their basketball shoes; having the biggest names on the biggest stage wear your brand is an incredible boost for any brand.

Golf club and Callaway golf balls

While all of the golf balls in Callaway’s lineup get very good reviews, the Chrome Soft is the golf ball that has really changed the perception about Callaway’s golf ball reputation.

If you go back just a few years there is almost no debate about the best golf balls available. The Titleist Pro V1 was the most popular choice among professionals and amateurs.

While that is still true, the reputation of Callaway has grown to a point where you aren’t able to automatically assume that all of your playing partners also have Pro V1 golf balls.

The online reviews on blogs and golf-focused websites confirm the quality of Callaway’s newest flagship golf ball. Testers put the balls up against the Titleist Pro-V1 and find that performance is on par with the most well-known golf ball in the game. In fact, many people prefer the feel of the Chrome Soft to the Pro-V1.

Move away from professional reviews and look at golf forums and you will see many of the same thoughts. Golfers love the Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X golf balls. Many people are simply happy to see some competition for Titleist, a company that has had high-end market dominance for years.

How Does Callaway Compare with the Competition?

Callaway Golf Balls Warbid

As mentioned, you don’t have to go too far back to find a time when Titleist dominated the golf ball market and everyone else battled it out for a share of what was left.

With the Chrome Soft entering the market, Callaway has taken their place as the second most popular golf ball next to the undisputed champion Pro-V1. Is this really the second best ball or has Callaway simply done a better job of marketing?

With the 2018 improvements to the Chrome Soft, it’s pretty safe to say that Callaway is absolutely gunning for that number one spot and they aren’t planning to do it on the back of marketing or sponsored player success.

The addition of graphene into the Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X is truly unique in the golf industry. What is graphene, you ask? This article covers it pretty well.

Essentially, graphene is a remarkably strong, flexible, impermeable material that is only one atom thick. Scientists go nuts over the stuff and now it’s in your golf balls.

Callaway claims the graphene layer has allowed them to increase compression differences between layers, soften the outer casing, and provide an overall better golf ball to players.

In addition to adding graphene, Callaway has gone with a seamless outer layer for stronger construction and more control around the green.It’s pretty clear that Callaway is initiating a bit of an arms race in the golf ball market. They are hoping to make the Chrome Soft balls the most technologically advanced balls on the market. It will be some time before the Chrome Soft surpasses the Pro-V1 in terms of notoriety. However, the new kid on the block has definitely made some strides over the past 2 seasons.

Our Final Thoughts about Callaway Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Balls Chrome Soft

Callaway has an entire lineup of great golf balls for all players and budgets. However, as this article has shown, the Chrome Soft tends to stand out the most. After all, it’s not often that a golf ball is spoken seriously in the same breath as the likes of the Titleist Pro-V1.

The price of the Chrome Soft has reached a very similar level to the Pro-V1. It means there is not much to differentiate between these balls beyond the technology packed into them. For some players of a lower skill level, a golf ball is pretty much a golf ball. However, for those making use of the features of tour quality golf ball, the Chrome Soft is sure to please.

At mid-range, the Superhot golf balls are an impressive offering meant to compete for a notch below the Chrome Soft. For players who want performance at a lower price, this 3-piece ball should do the trick.

Finally, the Supersoft and Warbird balls are targeted at specific golfers. While there are cheaper balls on the market, you would be hard-pressed to find something with more quality at this price point.Overall, Callaway’s golf ball lineup is impressive. Their Chrome Soft balls are arguably the best in the game. Also, the offerings for players who don’t need tour performance still deliver a lot of quality in an affordable package.

Haven’t tried Callaway golf balls lately? You should definitely make plans to buy a sleeve and give them a test during your next round.

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