Callaway Golf Shoes Reviews

Callaway is perhaps the most distinguished brand in golf today. This is evidenced by their classic logo with their distinctive serifed font and V logo.

When you get Callaway golf shoes, you will be getting that iconic logo on your golf shoes. Are they worth it?

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What Are Callaway Golf Shoes and How Do They Work?

Callaway golf shoes are shoes designed to help support and improve your golf game. They come in both spikeless and cleated versions, usually with removable cleats.

This is what Callaway says about their line of golf shoes:

“Callaway Golf stands for good choices, good deeds, good play, and good technology. Callaway Golf footwear epitomizes those beliefs, bringing Callaway Golf´s mantra of "Out of the Box Comfort and Fit" to their entire footwear range.”

Why Do You Need Golf Shoes?

Sure, you can play golf and do just fine in a regular pair of athletic shoes. If you have shoes that you can walk in comfortably for an extended period of time, then they can work as golf shoes.

However, specialized golf shoes are preferred by serious golfers, whether amateur or professional, for a variety of reasons.

Real golf shoes designed for the game of golf can potentially help improve your swing by giving you more ground up control for your golf stance.

They can also help in navigating the terrain of the golf course.

This is why many golf shoes come with spikes or cleats.

Some golfers want to have spikes or cleats in your golf shoes because they add to the stability of the golf swing. They also make it easier to walk up and down hills and on hazards such as sand traps safely.

Having removable cleats is a good idea, in case a cleat breaks (you can then replace it) or you want to wear your golf shoes off the course without the cleats getting in the way.

Spikes in golf shoes used to be fairly simple and were straight metal spikes that came out of the bottom of shoes. Now, most modern golf shoes use specially designed cleats, that are less pointy (and therefore a bit less dangerous to other people) and often removable.

Golf shoe manufacturers are constantly trying to “up their game” with their shoe technology, just like they do with their golf club and golf ball technologies.

Part of this is just marketing. Companies need to have something new and “better” to sell to entice customers. But it is also about innovating and improving on what has come before.

In the case of golf shoes, the technologies include the cleats (removable, most likely), or in the case of spikeless shoes, the grip on the bottom; the insoles, the midsoles, and the uppers; and waterproofing or breathability.

Some of the New Technologies in Callaway Shoes

Let us take a look at the most expensive shoe in the Callaway golf shoe line, the men’s La Grange style of golf shoes. These are available in brown, white and black, white and lime, and white and navy. The features of this traditional looking golf shoe include:

  • Removable “Tornado” spikes (with a twist to them)
  • FusionLite TPU outsole to provide stability
  • Duo-Max midsole for comfort
  • POWERdrive molded insole for improved coordination and performance
  • Leather upper with Opti-dri waterproof protection
  • TPU heel stabilizer to help support the foot during a swing

These premium golf shoes come with a two year limited warranty for the waterproofing.

In contrast, the Men’s Callaway Balboa Vent 2.0 shoes are designed for breathability with a mesh upper made of “dura-weave.” This is a much lighter shoe than a leather shoe and designed to keep your feet cool in hot weather.

Callaway Men's Balboa Vent 2.0 Golf Shoe
Callaway Men's Balboa Vent 2.0 Golf Shoe
  • Dura-weave mesh upper with 3D stability cage for maximum support and breathability
  • Opti-soft EVA midsole for natural ground feel and comfort
  • Spike less dura-rubber outsole with multi-directional traction lugs

This is also done through what Callaway calls an “opti-vent” mesh liner “for breathability and heat management.”

This shoe comes with a spikeless sole that has “multi-directional traction lugs.” So, even if you do not have cleats with these shoes, you should still be able to get some good traction.

These shoes come in two color combinations: black, white, and red; and grey (with a white sole).

The women’s shoes offered by Callaway Apparel also come in cleated (removable) and spikeless versions.  

What Makes Callaway Golf Shoes Unique?

One of the best things about Callaway golf shoes is that they have tons of options (at least in men’s shoes) to please every type of golfer and meet every golfing situation.

If you need to walk a lot for your golf game, or you want a lot of stability for your swing, Callaway has the shoe for you. If you want waterproofed leather, or would prefer an aerated upper that allows for ventilation, Callaway has a lot of options.  

This is especially true for the men’s line of golf shoes, which includes nine different basic styles with various colors to choose from. The women’s line of Callaway golf shoes is a bit less expansive with two main styles, but the color options are at least extensive.

Of course, women with larger feet often end up buying men’s shoes simply by translating the size, so if you are a woman with a size 8 in women’s sizing, you would need a size 6 in a men’s shoe. Unfortunately, Callaway golf shoes for men start at size 8. But if you can fit into a man’s shoe, you are lucky. Sometimes you just need to buy the “men’s” shoe to get some of the better options.

(Why there aren’t more unisex shoes, especially for athletics, seems a bit odd, but that’s for another article.)


Pricing for Callaway golf shoes is surprisingly reasonable. You can find some Callaway golf shoes on Amazon for as little as $. Here is the pricing for the latest Callaway shoe styles on the Callaway Apparel website (as of this writing):

1. Callaway Men’s Golf Shoes

Callaway Men's Coronado Golf Shoe
Callaway Men's Coronado Golf Shoe
  • 2 year waterproof microfiber leather upper
  • TPU Fusion-Lite outsole for maximum stability and control
  • Opti-soft EVA midsole for natural ground feel and comfort
  • Men’s Highland Golf Shoes - $
  • Men’s Swami 2.0 Golf Shoes - $
  • Men’s La Grange Golf Shoes -$$
  • Men’s Balboa Bent 2.0 Golf Shoes - $

2. Callaway Women’s Golf Shoes

Callaway Women's Solaire Golf Shoe
Callaway Women's Solaire Golf Shoe
  • Built on Callaway's best-selling lightweight ethylene vinyl acetate spike less outsole
  • Callaway comfort insert for lightweight comfort right out of the box
  • Engineered traction spike for outstanding spike less grip and performance
  • Women’s Solaire Golf Shoes (Spikeless) - $
  • Women’s Halo Golf Shoes (With Removeable Cleats) - $

Shipping and Returns

If you order their shoes online, Callaway will charge $ for standard shipping, $ for FedEx Ground, $ for FedEx 2nd Day, and $ for FedEx Overnight. Deliveries are not available on Saturday or Sunday.

Refunds are provided minus the shipping and handling fees within 30 days of purchase. You need to return the shoes in the original packaging, so don’t throw out the shoe box until you are sure you want to keep the shoes.

Public Perception (Other Callaway Golf Shoes Reviews)

Callaway golf shoes generally get very positive reviews. People cite their comfort and decent grip, among other good attributes.

Here is a positive review on Amazon from someone who bought Callaway golf shoes at a tournament and wore them that day:

“Played some great golf that day and never even thought about how my feet were feeling. Brand new but so comfortable that they were not ever drawing attention away from playing the game to the fact that I was wearing brand new golf shoes.

That is truly remarkable... and never once did I feel like I was sliding around on the grass or in the shoes. I believe that these are good for anyone even though my feet are narrow I don’t feel like I need to put shoe inserts into them. Really good value for the money because they are very wearable right out of the box. Now to see how durable they are.

They don’t make that clicking clack sound which is another thing that makes you forget about the shoes and focus on being present within the moment. Amazing!”

Two of the complaints you might see about Callaway golf shoes is that they did not last and that they tend towards being narrow. Even the wide sizes still tend towards being a bit more narrow than other brands.

(New Balance does have some wider golf shoes, but their selection is not as extensive, and they are far more expensive generally.) Some people recommend sizing up if you are ordering online. (When in doubt, go to your local retailer.)

Some reviewers have complained that the waterproofing is inconsistent. However, this brings up an issue which has been a problem for many manufacturers – are the shoes being sold on websites such as Ebay or Amazon’s marketplace actually authentic?

How It Compares

We recently wrote a review of New Balance golf shoes for this website.

Not only did New Balance have a smaller selection of women’s golf shoes (with only three styles), two-thirds of their golf shoes for women featured the color pink, and they were a lot more expensive than Callaway golf shoes. New Balance’s golf shoes for women were cutesy to the point of being insulting, and one of the pink and grey shoes actually featured sparkled shoelaces. Seriously!

Callaway does not have a huge line of golf shoes for women, and they still offer fewer choices than their men’s golf shoe selection. However, at least you are not bombarded with pink with Callaway’s women’s golf shoes, they are actually quite affordable, starting at $$ each.

Unfortunately, some of the Callaway shoes for women have some of the same issues with too much childish “cuteness” thrown in, such as one variation that has glitter going on in the heel. As one woman wrote on Zappos:

“This is my favorite golf shoe of all time. However, it’s important to note that the light gray pair has a full on glitter heel. I was not expecting this. Unfortunately I will have to return because I can’t do glitter and golf at the same time. The other colors are amazing and I highly recommend the shoe.”

Overall, Callaway offers a decent selection of golf shoes at extremely reasonable prices, especially compared with other brands. They also offer a variety of options with their shoes.

What We Think

We think Callaway Apparel offers some really golf shoes at decent prices. They are high quality and generally should last a while.

We do have a similar criticism of Callaway that we did for New Balance. They need a wider selection for women golfers. At least Callaway has a lot more color options, with some neutrals, and does not rely so much on pink like New Balance.

However, with at least one shoe sporting “glitter” in the bottom of the shoe, Callaway needs to remember that women are serious golfers too.

Coupons and Deals

The Callaway Apparel website regularly has rebates, discounts, and deals. For example, at the time of this writing, they are offering a free Callaway hat with the purchase of any Callaway footwear.

Amazon also has tons of styles of Callaway golf shoes, often for really low prices. You have to be careful. Some of the sellers on Amazon are less than reputable. One customer reported getting used shoes sold as brand new, shoes that had dirt (as in dirt from the outdoors) on the bottom!

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get free shipping on the Callaway golf shoes, and returns are generally no hassle.

The online shoe store Zappos also sells Callaway shoes, and it is a great way to try out shoes at home without having to worry about paying for return shipping if they don’t fit properly.

You should also check your local golf store or golf course. They may have some Callaway golf shoes on sale or in the clearance section. It is a good idea to support your local golf community with your dollars, instead of doing all your purchasing online. This helps keep local golf shops and golf courses open.

Callaway Golf Shoes Review
  • Assembly Time
  • Build Quality
  • Design
  • Warranty


Callaway Apparel offers great golf shoes at decent prices. They are of high quality and generally last a while. However, they should have a wider selection of shoes for women golfers. Nonetheless, they have plenty of color options. Overall, we are giving Callaway golf shoes 4.3 out of 5 stars.

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