Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Chippers for Golfers Over 50

When you are up close and personal with the green, but not quite there yet, you may want to use a chipper to get yourself there. Chippers are not designed to be able to hit the ball a long distance and they tend not to allow the ball to roll a whole lot either, which means that you are going to have a harder time overshooting when using a chipper. Many people use nine irons to chip, but when you are this close, it is much safer to use than a nine iron so that you don’t risk rolling right off of the green.

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Best Chipper for Senior Golfers

Here we have our recommendations on the best chippers for older golfers who are new to the game. And below, you’ll find our guide on what to look for when shopping for a chipper.

Wilson Men’s Harmonized Golf Chipper – top men’s pick!

Wilson Men's Harmonized Golf ChipperIf you need a right handed chipper, you are going to have a tough time finding something this nice for this low of a price on the market. This design is made by a pretty big name golf manufacturer and you will notice that this chipper has a lot of features in its design, even though the price for the club is relatively inexpensive. The club is 35 inches in length and is designed to allow you to be able to hit from almost any lie that you desire around the green.


  • The design has no face insert, which ensures you get a clean hit each and every time
  • The chipper has an alignment aid on it, which will help you be able to line your shots up
  • The design is a little on the heavy side of things, which will give you good feel
  • The unit is a stainless steel design, which is good in terms of price
Where to buy:


  • Unfortunately, only a right handed option is available for this golf chipper
  • There are no size options available, you are stuck with a 35 inch club if you choose to pick this one up


If you are looking to grab a chipper for a low price tag without sacrificing quality, you should definitely make sure that you take a look at this one. The low price of this chipper truly does not reflect the quality of this product. The unit may be a bit heavy, but with practice this is an extremely accurate club. The main issue with this club is that it isn’t available in different sizes or orientations so that more golfers can pick up this chipper, as it is a great product that could definitely help to improve many golfer’s short games.

Intech EZ Roll Lady’s Right Hand Pink Chipper – top women’s pick!

Intech EZ Roll Lady's Right Hand Pink ChipperIf you are in need of a right handed chipper and want to grab something that offers a combination of accuracy and distance, you may like this design. The unit has an extremely large head shape on it, which will almost completely prevent you from duffing the ball. You will love the alignment assistance that this club head has to offer and the distance that this 35 degree loft chipper can manage.


  • The face of this club is extremely long, which is ideal for accuracy
  • The design is back weighted, which helps to increase your feel for the club
  • The unit has alignment lines on the head of the club, which will help you be able to chip straight
  • The unit has a stainless steel shaft, which helps to keep the price of the club down
  • The pink in this design is very eye appealing
Where to buy:


  • The unit is not available in different lofts
  • The design only comes in a right handed option, which may not work for some golfers


If a right handed design is something that you are looking for, you are likely going to be pleased if you grab this club. The chipper has a very cool pink design on it, but most importantly it is a deadly accurate club when used properly. This club is extremely hard to duff with, which is ideal for beginner golfers who are just learning to swing properly. With the low budget price of this club, you may definitely have a hard time turning this one down.

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What To Consider

Here is a breakdown of the things that you should look for in a chipper so that you can pick up something that suits your needs:

What Angle of Loft Should I Get?

The best way to choose the angle of loft for your chipper is not to pick a particular angle, but to actually look in your bag and see what you need. The point of buying any new club is to fill a gap in your own clubs. If you are finding that you cannot hit a particular distance short shot wise, you should check the two clubs that you are using to attempt to make that shot and try to find a chipper that has a loft in between these two clubs. Sometimes it is more beneficial to figure out and solve your own golfing needs rather than follow what someone else says to.

Should I Get a Stainless Steel or Graphite Shaft?

If there is one thing that you should know about chip shots, it’s that you don’t need the fanciest equipment to be able to hit the ball short distances. Sure, a graphite shaft might be lighter and it might flex when you swing, but do you really need that when hitting the ball short distances? The answer is, not really. If you like the feel of graphite designs then, by all means, a graphite design is probably the way to go. However, if you don’t mind the heavier stainless steel designs and want to save some money, you shouldn’t feel as though there is a need to go and get a graphite shaft.

How Important Is Alignment?

Alignment is definitely important when you are chipping, but you should not make it a deal breaker when choosing a chipper. Chipping is not when you are normally going to be able to sink the ball into the hole. As long as you are chipping the ball within 5-10 feet of the hold, your chipper has done its job. With that being said, you may struggle to line up the ball a bit when you are first starting out and you may not hit exactly to the location you were hoping each time. However, with practice you will definitely get better at lining yourself up, without even using your golf club for assistance.


If you want to hit the ball properly, it is extremely important that you pick up a club that is of a proper length for you. There are a ton of different lengths available on the market and not all lengths are bound to suit you. It is always a good plan to check out a sizing chart before purchasing any new club, regardless, of if it is a putter, chipper, iron or a driver. There are always recommendations for sizing and it is always a good idea to use them as a reference so that you can be pretty sure that a club will work for you, before you purchase it.


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