Country Club Membership Benefits for Golfers

There are several reasons you might want to join a country club that has a golf course. Learning new skills from other golfers, being part of a group, taking part in social events and charitable activities, and also playing for ‘free’ can all be part of membership. There are other benefits, too, and joining one club doesn’t mean you can’t play at another one when the mood strikes you. Being invited to play elsewhere, or making your own invitation to someone else is always a possibility.

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Less Expensive with a Bigger Return on Your Money Over the Year

If you join, you no longer have to pay greens fees. This frees up money somewhat, and can cost less if you play golf often enough. If the savings aren’t there, though, because you rarely play, a typical country club membership might not be the best thing. See if there are other options for players who only golf once or twice monthly.

Social Gatherings, Tournaments, and Business Networking

You’ll be able to open up your social network by meeting new people, and spend more time with familiar faces that you’ve been wanting to network with. This can help boost your career, too. Being able to post a photo of yourself with several others who helped contribute something to your local kids’ group or another charity is always good for your business.

Increase the Circle You Play With

The more often you show up to play golf, the more people you’ll meet. Playing golf with friends you’ve made on the course can help you with your game. Finding out their interests and hobbies, as well as their occupations, can also be beneficial to your personal and business life.

It’s Not Just Golf

Golf courses are often part of a country club, with membership for complete access often priced just slightly higher than only greens access is. The entire family would have access to swimming, exercise rooms, spa facilities, tennis courts, weight lifting equipment, golf lessons, and even lunch and dinner served in a fine dining restaurant, commonly with a discount compared to nearby restaurants.

Tracking Your Handicap, Learn the Greens like the Back of Your Hand

Being a member at a country club gives you the ability to better track and manage your game. Handicaps help you compete in the correct class during tournaments, and also helps you locate others who are at or around your skill level.

Visiting Guest Memberships in Other Locations

If the country club you join is a member of a network, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that you can play at other locations, as well, for a discounted fee, or even for free. It isn’t just limited to golf, either, but the entire country club you’ll be visiting. These other clubs might be in your town, or in other cities and states. This is a great option for when you go on vacation or are traveling for your work. Before signing up, ask if this is an option, and if so, get a copy of their list.

Priority Golfing Privileges

When you’re a member at a country club, you’ll often find that the times that the greens used to be closed no longer apply to you. This is because the club is there for the members, and the public is considered secondary. When you’re part of the club, your membership opens many doors, and also times, that used to be closed to you.

Finding the right country club is an excellent way to socialize, network, bond with your family, relax, make new friends, and also improve your game. It isn’t just about golf!

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