Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Drivers for Golfers Over 50

The first thing that we are going to touch on in terms of golfing equipment is the largest club in a golf bag; the driver. The driver is the longest club in any set and it also is the club that has the largest head on it. This club will allow you to be able to hit the ball the farthest of all the clubs that are in your golf bag. If you want to play a long par four or even a par five, then having a quality driver is essential for keeping your score as low as possible. Below we’ll share our top driver picks for golfers over 50 and give you some tips on what to look for when shopping.

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Best Driver For Senior Golfers

Now that you know a few things about driver’s here are a couple quality drivers we found that sport the characteristics that you should be looking for:

TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Driver – top pick for men!

TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner DriverIf you are looking to get a quality club made by a big name brand in golf to allow you to be able to hit the ball a long distance, you should check out this driver. The club comes in three different flex options as well as three different degrees of loft to suit your personal preferences. The club is designed in a very eye appealing black, red and white color design that will definitely stand out among other clubs in your golf bag.


  • The design comes in a regular, senior as well as a stiff flex option at the checkout
  • The unit comes in a 10.5 degree, 12 degree as well as 9.5 degree loft option
  • The design has a large sweet spot, which reduces the spin on the ball and will result in you being able to hit the ball straighter and further
  • The design has something called speed grip, which allows you to be able to grab the club in a position that feels comfortable without much rearrangement needed
  • There is a linear crown on the head of the unit, which helps to allow you to be able to align the ball properly to the face of your club
  • The design has a lightweight shaft allowing you to be able to swing the club faster and hit the ball further
  • When you purchase the driver, you do get a head cover with your purchase, which is ideal for keeping the driver in good condition




  • If you have a slow swing speed, you may find that this club a little difficult to hit with
  • The design does have a bit of a higher price tag attached to it, which might be out of budget for some people


If you can afford the higher price of this driver and want to get something that comes in a variety of flex and loft options, you may definitely like this club. The driver is great for golfers with an average to fast swing speed and will allow you to be able to drive the ball straight more often than not. The design is very easy to swing and it is made by a big name manufacturer in the golfing world that you can trust. Definitely a club that will help to improve your long distance game as a beginner golfer.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver – top pick for women!

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion DriverIf you want to get a quality women’s driver made by a big name golf manufacturer, you will certainly love this club. Unlike a lot of clubs on the market, this unit comes in different weights and shaft lengths at the checkout to suit your needs. The club is available in a right as well as a left handed orientation, which makes this a club that is capable of suiting the needs of almost any golfer. The club comes in varying loft degrees and even has a variety of flex options for the shaft so that you can get a completely personalized club.


  • The design comes in a regular, senior, ladies, as well as a stiff flex option
  • The unit has varying degrees of loft available including 10.5 degrees, 13.5 degrees and 9 degrees
  • The design allows you to reposition weight so that you can increase your swing speed and distance
  • The unit has advanced aerodynamic technology allowing the club to have more head speed, which results in a harder impact with the ball and a longer overall hit
  • The driver comes in various weighted shaft options so that you can pick up something you are comfortable swinging




  • This club does have a high price tag, which might be out of reach for some golfers
  • The design has a lot of options at the checkout, which may be confusing at first, especially for a beginner


So long as you have read over our guide for picking out a driver, you should be able to choose a custom Big Bertha capable of allowing you to hit the ball extremely long distances. This is one of the nicest drivers on the market as it has one of the largest amounts of customization available. If you can afford the price of the unit and want to make sure that you get something that is of a high quality, you should definitely make sure that you consider picking up one of these awesome clubs.

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What To Consider

There are certain things that you need to look at in order to make sure that you are picking up yourself a quality driver. Here is a quick overview of the things that you are going to take a look at when making your purchase:

Shaft and Shaft Flex: Generally, you will find that driver shafts are made out of graphite material. Older drivers or cheaper drivers were sometimes made out of wood and stainless steel, but the best drivers today avoid the use of these materials. A graphite shaft is definitely what you will want to search for in a quality driver. The other thing that you will want to take a look at in regards to the shaft of a club is the amount of flexibility in the shaft. Generally, the manufacturer will state the flexibility of the shaft in their description for the product. The most common flexes you will see are senior, stiff and regular flex. To get the best distance out of your club, you should make sure to choose senior as this will allow the club to flex more when you shoot and allow you to be able to hit the ball a further distance.

Shaft Weight and Shaft Length: One thing that you should always pay attention to when picking out a driver is the length and the weight of the shaft of a club. The length of the club that you purchase should reflect how tall you are in person. Generally, the best way to be able to choose what size of club you need is to look up a sizing chart and see what is recommended for your height. The taller you are, the larger the clubs you are going to need. As far as shaft weight goes, you may or may not want to get a shaft that is heavy. If you swing your club at a really fast speed it may not be a good idea to get a really lightweight club as this will likely have a negative impact on your accuracy. On the other hand, if you swing the club slower, your speed will pick up with a lighter club, which is when you may want to try and find a lightweight shaft. If you are unsure how fast you swing, it doesn’t hurt to go to a golfing store and test out a few clubs before purchasing so that you can make sure you get something that suits your golfing style and speed.

Head: The head of the club is extremely important in terms of the quality of the driver. You will want to find a driver that has a relatively large face on it and a large “sweet spot” on it to allow you to hit the ball straight. Especially for beginners, having a large sweet spot is essential as it will allow you to duff the ball less often and hit the ball longer distances. The main thing that you should look for in terms of the head design is the angle of the face of the club as this will have a large impact on the distance that you will be able to hit the ball as well. The lower the angle of the club, the further you should be able to hit the ball. Generally, you will find that drivers range from about seven degrees to as high as 20 degrees. Your swing speed plays a huge role in the degree of loft that you should pick up. If you have a low swing speed, you are going to have a very tough time trying to pick up a club with a seven degree loft on it and be able to hit the ball a long distance.  The faster you swing your club, the lower degree of loft that you should pick out so that you can hit the ball as far as possible. Generally, for an average senior golfer you should aim to pick up something that is from 10 to 20 degrees loft to get best results.

Grip: Grip plays a huge role in how far you are able to hit the ball. If your club has poor grip on it, it can cause your hands to rotate, which can result in a lost stroke out on the course as a result of your ball going off the course and into difficult terrain. To maintain maximum grip and have the best chance at shooting a straight shot, you should look for a grip that has some good ridges in its design and lots of support for your wrists.

Head Cover: This is one item that you may definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for when you are a beginner golfer. A head cover is something that often comes with a driver and it is essentially a cloth cover that goes over the head of a club. Although drivers are relatively durable, if you want to keep your driver in good condition and not have to worry about it banging against other clubs in your bag, you should see if you can find a head cover that comes with your purchase. This will help to stop your clubs from banging into one another, which can cause damage to the paint on your driver as well as other clubs in your bag. A good head cover can even help to protect your clubs from dents as a result of your clubs falling over or bashing into one another over time.

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