Ecco Golf Shoes Reviews: What Makes Them Unique?

A rarity in the modern day, ECCO is a family-owned business. The company began in Denmark in 1963. ECCO was founded by a man named Karl Toosbuy and his wife Birte along with their five-year-old daughter, Hanni. They moved from Copenhagen to a small, rural farming town to pursue their dream of implementing Danish design into beautiful shoes.

Ecco Founder

The Toosbuys rented an apartment in this small town and took over a factory. Community members in the small town of Bredebro had previously built the factory in hopes of stimulating the local economy in the increasingly industrial world.

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The current chairman of the Supervisory Board for ECCO is Karl’s daughter, Hanni. Karl oversaw the company as CEO until the late 80’s when the responsibilities exceeded his abilities and he delegated the role to a more qualified individual.

One of the areas the company has found the most success in the modern era is in the manufacturing and distribution of golf shoes.

What Makes ECCO Golf Shoes Unique?

ECCO manufactures their shoes in a variety of plants across the globe. Factories for ECCO golf shoes are located in Thailand, Slovakia, Vietnam, Portugal, Indonesia, and China.

The company also tans all of their luxury leathers themselves. Tanneries for ECCO are located in China, The Netherlands, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Offerings for ECCO golf shoes are extensive. The company has lots of different options depending on what features the player desires and what their budget is. We’d like to highlight a few of the special features that ECCO offers for their golf shoes. These technologies are not available in all shoes and do not apply to all ECCO golf shoes but can greatly improve your play regardless.

ECCO Men's Cage Pro Golf Shoe

ECCO Men's Cage Pro Golf Shoe
  • One piece direct-injected pu stability cage that wraps from the heel, through the midsole across the toe box
  • New performance outsole featuring spider-grip an organic design for improved traction on the course
  • Hydromax leather upper is water resistant which provides excellent breathability and durability

One such feature is the “cage” feature that is implemented into many ECCO shoes. This technology was first introduced in 2016, and once the results were reported and very noticeable, ECCO took on the responsibility of even further improving it. This is why some ECCO golf shoes will be labelled as “cage” equipped while others are marked as “cage pro.”

The first generation of cage shoes from ECCO implemented a hard, external structure to provide superior stability for players. The “cage” is constructed of polyurethane – a stable yet flexible material. This allowed for the needed stability during swinging but also left room for comfort while not swinging.

ecco shoes

The second generation of cage shoes by ECCO, the Cage Plus edition, implemented the same technology as the first model but extended and exaggerated the outsole for even more support and stability. ECCO is calling this over-exaggerated outsole the “SPYDR-GRIP” and according to the Key Account Manager for ECCO, “is ECCO taking hybrids to a new level of performance.”

Spider Grips Peak Grips (RED)
  • The new Spider Peak Grip is designed for performance road and sport touring riders.
  • The goal was to design a performance grip that is more than just a replacement for stock O.E.
  • grips.

The SPYDR-GRIP sole is constructed of thermoplastic polyurethane, an extremely durable material. You’ll also be happy to know that the exaggerated sole does not seem to damage greens at all. In an interview with The Golf Warehouse a +2 handicap golfer reported that he did not notice any damage at all.

“The Cage Pro shoes left little or no marks on the greens, but at the same time even though they’re spikeless they are surprisingly stable,” he said.

Many ECCO golf shoes are equipped with GORE-TEX technology. GORE-TEX is a leader in the durable and resistant fabrics. ECCO has integrated a layer of their fabric into many of their shoes.

ECCO golf shoes that are GORE-TEX equipped are ensured to be 100 percent waterproof, windproof and breathable. It’s imperative that golfers be prepared for wet-weather conditions and a GORE-TEX equipped shoe makes that quite simple.

ECCO Men's Biom Fjuel Train, Black, 47 EU/13-13.5 M US

ECCO Men's Biom Fjuel Train, Black, 47 EU/13-13.5 M US
  • Soft collar padding to provide a comfortable instep that protect the ankles
  • Flexible T.PU sole with rubber inserts for lightweight and optimal grip

GORE-TEX shoes by ECCO are multi-use. In cold weather, they keep you protected from chilling winds. In warm weather, they allow for breathability. In wet weather of either nature, they keep you dry.

In both leather and textile application, ECCO integrates the layer of GORE-TEX fabric fully to ensure that it lasts as long as the shoes do. In leather applications, the layer is placed before fully sealing. In textile applications, the layer is laminated to the upper layer. This construction ensures the longest life of the waterproof layer possible.

GORE-TEX waterproof, windproof, and breathable fabric is available in a number of men’s, women’s, and children’s ECCO golf shoes.

One of the newest technologies introduced by ECCO is their TRI-FI-GRIP technology. Shoes equipped with this technology utilize ECCO’s advanced research on foot anatomy and the anatomy of a good golf swing to optimize the outsole for prime performance.

Each outsole that is labelled as a TRI-FI-GRIP outsole is equipped with three distinct zones, each contributing something specific to the player’s swing.

The first zone is the outside region of the forefoot. This area of the sole is constructed of very firm thermoplastic polyurethane, the same durable material we mentioned earlier. This region is in place to deliver stability during the swing. This is also the area of the sole that receives the most pressure during gameplay, so the reinforced polyurethane contributes to a longer-lasting shoe.

The second zone in the trifecta of the TRI-FI-GRIP outsole is made of thermoplastic polyurethane but is still a less compressed and softer version of the material. This material is the one on the heel area of the sole. This region adds an element of comfort to the shoe during normal activities like walking between holes or for wear prior to teeing off initially. The softer material also allows for the regular impact levels the heel of your foot experiences while you walk.

The last zone in the three-part sole is made up of rounded lugs underneath the toe. These rounded parts allow for advanced stability during the natural rotation of your body during a swing.

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe


ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe
  • GORE-TEX Waterproof technology combines optimized breathability & protection against the elements
  • BIOM NATURAL MOTION technology brings the player closer to the ground using an anatomical last
  • YAK leather uppers, extremely strong & lightweight for increased breathability and durability increased breathability...

The premier example of integration of this technology in an ECCO golf shoe is in the ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 shoe. ECCO showcases this particular shoe as being quite technologically advanced and beneficial to your golf game.

“[The shoe] encourages a more natural motion for enhanced power, comfort, and stability. The result is a shoe that feels great at tee-off, and just as great several hours later. Utilizing innovative zone technology, the all-new ECCO TRI-FI-GRIP™ outsole is engineered to support every aspect of your golf game, with three zones: one for stability, another for durability and the third for rotational support.”

The ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 is also equipped with a layer of GORE-TEX fabric and the upper is made of luxurious yak leather.

If comfort is one of your primary concerns, ECCO has taken steps to make sure they have options available for those even with the most severe walking issues. ECCO’s Receptor technology is equipped in several ECCO golf shoes. Receptor technology is a specific layout of a reinforced sole that is a result of a two-year study on the bare, human foot.

Lastly, we need to mention the Boa closure system that ECCO has implemented into many of their golf shoes. The Boa closure system replaces traditional laces with a mechanical system that keeps your shoes fitting uniformly and snug through an entire round – or two – of golf.

Pricing of ECCO Golf Shoes

ECCO golf shoes are not the most affordable golf shoes on the market in 2018, but that is not what they are marketed as. ECCO shoes are technologically advanced and luxurious. Considering those factors, we’d like to break down the average pricing of ECCO golf shoes for you.

The ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 shoes that we mentioned earlier as the premier shoe currently being offered by ECCO retails for $$$. If you would like the inclusion of the Boa closure system, the price increases to $$$.



Star Rating

$125.95 - $199.99

A similar shoe by Nike offers waterproof construction and an easy-close system as well but does not have the same science behind it that the ECCO shoes do. The Nike shoe, the Nike Golf Tour Premiere Men's Golf Shoe, retails for $$$.

A more affordable offering by ECCO is the ECCO Cage Evo. This shoe ECCO’s cage technology and is also water-resistant. The current price of the ECCO Cage Evo is $$$.

Whether or not you need to spring for the luxury offered by ECCO will depend on your specific needs. ECCO will most likely not be a starter shoe. However, if you already have a pair of golf shoes and understand the areas in which they fail you, it might make financial sense for you to supplement your game with a pair of ECCO golf shoes.

What Are Other Saying About ECCO Golf Shoes

ECCO is becoming an increasingly prominent brand in the world of golf shoes. As a result, reviews on their products are easy to find.

Let’s take a look at some of the feedback that has already been provided by those who have bought shoes from ECCO.

On the ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 shoes, one of ECCO’s most popular golf shoes, a long-time golfer acknowledged that he was very happy with the shoe.

It took me many years to finally leave the golf shoe brand I was dedicated to for over 25 years...But since I have started to wear ECCO's I can tell you there is no comparison. ECCO's are the number #1 shoe in golf!


A similar review was left for the ECCO Cage shoe equipped with Boa technology.

Very comfortable from first time I put them on and the BOA tightening system is perfect for even tightening and adjustments during a round. Location on top is a bit harder to use than a heel mount.


Similarly, one customer remarked on the ability of the GORE-TEX layer on the ECCO Men’s Biom G 2 GTX shoe to maintain water-fastness.

I have ordered a number of pairs of these golf shoes and they are comfortable from the first day of wear. I primarily play early in the morning when the ground is wet. I find these shoes are indestructible. A little maintenance after each round and they look like new.


What We Think About ECCO Golf Shoes

ecco logo

ECCO is a company with an impressive track record. As the Dutch are known the value the mantra “form follows function” in their design, and ECCO’s roots certainly show in that regard. The company truly seems to value the functionality of their shoes quite highly.

With all of the research that goes into developing advanced footwear technologies, it is not doubt that ECCO golf shoes are known to perform very well. If you want to examine how proper footwear can improve your golf game, ECCO is a great starting point.

We’d like to mention, however, that a great golf shoe will not improve nonexistent golfing abilities. If you’re an amateur player, you may be wasting your money by thinking that a luxury shoe will help noticeably just because you slipped them on.

But, if you’re an advanced player that has plateaued in your progress as a golfer or you’re just looking for a quality golf shoe for regular use, check out ECCO golf shoes.

Take a look at ECCO’s golf shoe offerings, you may just be convinced to pick up a new pair of shoes. Whether you’re looking for stability, comfort, durability or some combination of factors, ECCO has a shoe for you. 

Ecco Golf Shoes Review
  • Ease of Use
  • Design Quality
  • Assembly Time
  • Price


Ecco golf shoes are known for designing and manufacturing durable shoes. These golf shoes offer comfort and traction, perfect for any game. They also offer these durable golf shoes at a reasonable price. Indeed, you can never go wrong with Ecco golf shoes. Overall, we are giving this 4.7 out of 5 stars!

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