Five Reasons to Involve Your Kids in Golf

Golf is a great game for kids. Sure, it doesn’t have the same popularity among kids as sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer, but there is a lot to like about what golf can do for a young person. As you think about which sports you will sign your kids up for in the year ahead, be sure to keep junior golf programs on your list.

Many golf courses – both public and private – have junior golf programs available. Although golf has a reputation for being an expensive game, many junior golf programs are rather affordable. These programs give kids something to do in the summer, and they give them a chance to meet other children of a similar age. With a small investment in some used clubs and a few pieces of golf gear, your child can be ready for a fun summer out on the links.

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Need additional motivation for involving your kids in junior golf activities? Review the list below for five benefits of introducing your child to this great game at a young age.

#1 – It’s a Challenge

Golf is known for being difficult, and that is true for kids just as it is for adults. However, unlike some adults, kids tend to be ready to embrace a challenge. It is unlikely that your child will naturally hit great shots during his or her first lessons, but with a little encouragement, they can make progress throughout the summer. Learning how to take on a challenge rather than running in the other direction is a great life lesson.

Throughout their adolescence, your child is going to need to learn a variety of new skills. Just as he or she will need to learn to read and write, there are physical skills to learn in life as well. While golf might not fall into the category of ‘life skill’, it certainly is a talent which can offer feelings of pride and confidence. Once your child sees how successfully they can be on the course, that feeling just may translate to many other parts of life.

#2 – It’s a Game of Integrity

One of the unique aspects of golf is the fact that players are expected to police themselves. There are no referees or umpires to make the calls – players keep their own score, and call penalties on themselves when necessary. It is hard to imagine a better lesson for a young person to learn than the lesson of being accountable, honest, and trustworthy. Once they see that this is the kind of behavior expected on the course, it is likely that similar behavior will carry over away from the links.

#3 – Fresh Air and Exercise

In a world which has become more and more sedentary, getting your kids outside to be active is always desirable. So many of us – kids and adults alike – spend the majority of our days sitting in front of one form of screen or another. This is not only an unhealthy way to live from a physical perspective, but it is also potentially harmful to mental health. By introducing your child to the game of golf, you will be giving them a reason to get outside and have fun under the sun.

In addition to wonderful fresh air, the exercise which comes along with golf should not be overlooked. Will you child get the same kind of workout from golf that they receive when playing soccer or basketball? No – of course not. However, spending time walking the golf course and carrying a bag is still exercise, and it is far better than sitting on the couch all day long. If your child has not shown interest in other, more physical sports, golf may be the perfect way to get them outside doing something they can enjoy.

#4 – It’s a Game for a Lifetime

Among the most compelling reasons to involve your kids in golf at a young age is the fact that this is a game they can play for a lifetime. Most sports which are played in childhood are given up for good when a child turns into an adult. How many adults still play baseball or football, for example? Very few, to say the least. On the other hand, golf is a game that can go with you for a lifetime.

Even if you child is not a competitive golfer at a high level, he or she can continue to play the game for as long as they would like. Golf is a great way to make friends, to form business connections, and to stay active as an adult. However, it is hard to pick up this difficult game in your adult years, as you will be well behind the curve in terms of learning all of the necessary skills. By starting kids young, they can develop their skills and they will be ready to go when the time comes for them to pay their own greens fees.

#5 – It’s Fun!

More than everything else, you should consider involving your children in the game of golf because it is fun. Kids love to hit the ball as far as they can down the fairway, and there is nothing quite like the excitement of sinking a long putt. They get to compete against their friends, they get to explore big, beautiful golf courses, and they will likely be recognized for their accomplishments somewhere along the way. Kids love to have fun, and golf is fun – it’s a perfect match.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to be rich in order to involve your kids in this game. There are junior golf programs which will fit the budget of nearly every family, so look around in your area and find a facility with a program that meets your needs. Once they get a taste of what golf is like, it is likely your kids will be asking to go back to the course time after time.

Matt Ristine

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