What is a Flighted Golf Shaft?

When it comes to professional golf tours, there are two main shafts that are quite popular.  One is the dynamic shaft and the other is the flighted shaft.  These two types of shafts are also a couple of the most premium shafts available on the market.  Both of these types of shafts are geared towards those golfers who are competitive amateurs with a low handicap as well as towards professionals.  They are both seen in play by quite a few golfers on European, LPGA and PGA tours.  Because of the composition that these shafts are made from, they have additional stability and weighting that is tapered so that you get ball striking that is consistent and a performance that is enhanced when under pressure.

About Flighted Shafts

For those golfers who want a shaft that is both stable and consistent, this is the ideal choice.  Flighted shafts are designed with professional golfers in mind.  The shafts are available for both drivers and irons.  The new shaft for the driver has a bend profile that is akin to the flighted shafts for the irons.  On the driver shaft, there is a firm tip that is able to give the user a launch that is penetrating with a minimum of spin.  The low torque combined with the cross section that has been reinforced give the golfer a shaft performance that will be the most stable one on the tour.

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The flighted golf shaft has enhancements when compared to regular shafts.  The flighted shaft has a change in the kick point that is exaggerated and this is consistent with each one of the flighted shafts.  This assists with optimizing the flight if the ball.  This can be seen in the penetrating, flatter trajectory of the ball.  The long irons feature a kick point that is lower so that the ball flight will be higher as well as being easier to launch while also going a farther distance.  The short iron flighted shafts have a kick point that is higher so that the trajectory of the ball is lower, while giving you control and accuracy that is better.

All of this is in comparison to normal shafts that are not flighted.  Now, let’s take a quick peek at the features of a Dynamic shaft.

About Dynamic Shafts

These shafts are also quite frequently seen in use by amateur and professional golfers.  In fact, the Dynamic Gold is a shaft that holds the claim to being the top shaft used on tours.  It has a weighting that is meant for tours and a flex point that is high so that the distance the ball travels is increased and the shot dispersion is lower.  There are stiffer models as well and they give you a trajectory that is lower while still maintaining a ball flight that is penetrating.

If you are looking for a shaft that is different from the one you are using, the flighted shaft might have the features and benefits that you are looking for…while the dynamic shaft might be a step in between the shafts you currently use and the flighted shafts.

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