How To Get Better At Golf Without Lessons

Many of us don’t have the willingness to attend regularly scheduled golf lessons. Although we want to improve our game, we wish to get better on our own terms. There is no reason to invest in overpriced gadgets or videos that promise to lower your score. With a few simple tips, you will be playing like the pros in no time.

Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More

It sounds silly, but practicing is the foundation of getting better at golf. Your expectations are unreal if you plan to see a major improvement without putting in the time on the course, or at home with a cheap golf practice net. Learning a new skill takes thousands of hours of repetition. This rule also applies to your golf game. Also, don’t be afraid to play by yourself. Not feeling the pressure of playing with others could be useful in improving your skill level.

Hit a Bucket of Balls

Although you may already visit a golf driving range from time to time, you need to have a deliberate method if you wish to get better shots. One method to consider is using three different buckets of balls to practice different swings. For the first bucket, use your driver only. With the second bucket, you should aim for the targets that are less than 100 yards. For the final bucket, only take out your iron and woods to hit the balls.

Be Your Own Harshest Critic

Of course we all want to shine while on the golf course. However, if we don’t critique our own game and figure out the areas we struggle, we’ll never see an improvement. You could also ask a trusted fellow golfer to evaluate you during each swing. If you have trouble with certain shots, take the time to work on them. Devise situations that challenge you and rise to the occasion.

Get Out of Your Head

Don’t take each game so seriously. Have fun and don’t be afraid to pull the trigger at the tee. Try to swing within a split second or two of your eyes leaving the ball. Softening your grip pressure can also make a difference to achieve the desired tempo. Taking a long exhale as you downswing can also help relax your muscles and improve your shot.

Work on Your Alignment

Golf alignment sticks are inexpensive and effective tools for correcting your alignment. Place one stick above your feet and the other above the ball. Using the sticks for guidance, make sure arms, feet and eyes are parallel to the left of your desired shot.

Perform Putting Drills

Not many golfers put a lot of energy into improving their short game. So grab that putter and practice your putts for at least a half an hour before starting your game.

Conduct an Inventory Check on Your Equipment

If you have had the same set of clubs for years, they may be hurting your game more than helping. Clubs can be fitted improperly, worn out, or poorly made. Get fitted for clubs when looking into a new set since proper fit can make a big difference on the green.

Don’t Be Afraid to Adjust Your Aim

Although you are trying your best to aim for a straight, long shot down the fairway, the ball may seem to have a mind of its own. If the shot is landing to the left or right of where you’re aiming, don’t be afraid to adjust your stance accordingly.

Bend From the Hips Not the Waist

The bend that most pros have may not feel natural at first, but tilting your body can do wonders for your swing. Always bend at the hips and lean forward at an approximate 30-degree angle.

The most important tip to remember is that seeing your handicap improve will take time. Regular practice and finding the positions that work best for you will make you a world-class golfer in no time.

Adam Jenkins

I’m certainly no expert on the game of golf, but I am someone who knows what it’s like to start out completely overwhelmed. From one beginner to the next, here's to a better golf game!

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