Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Golf Gloves for Golfers Over 50

If you are having some slipping issues or even wrist turning issues during your swing, which is commonplace for beginners, you may want to consider picking up a golf glove. There are certainly a lot of golf gloves available in the marketplace and some golf gloves are definitely better than others.

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Best Gloves for Senior Golfers

If you’re interested in our recommendations, here we share our top picks for men and women. Or, skip below to read our guide on what to look for when shopping.

Bionic Men’s RelaxGrip Golf Glove – top men’s pick!

Bionic Men's RelaxGrip Golf GloveIf you are looking to get a quality glove for a cheap price tag and want something that is available in a broad range of sizes, you should make sure that you have a look at this glove. This design comes in both a left as well as a right handed orientation to suit your grip needs. The glove is very durable thanks to a leather palm and lots of stitching throughout the product.


  • The design has a synthetic back and leather palm, which helps make the glove more comfortable to wear
  • The design allows for a more relaxed grip thanks to very good padding incorporated into the leather design
  • The design allows for some space between fingers, which allows you to be able to have more range of motion
  • There are pads within the glove, which help to increase durability in areas of the glove that are prone to wear over long term use
  • The glove has a pretty low price tag, which is ideal for someone who is on a tight budget or brand new to the game
  • The glove has a Velcro adjustment design, which allows it to be able to fit most golfers hands and is nice for people who buy the glove before trying it on
  • When in stock the glove is available in small, cadet medium, medium, medium large, cadet large, extra-large, large, X-large and XX-large
Where to buy:


  • The glove only comes in one color option, which some people might not be a huge fan of


As long as you like the color design that this glove comes in, you are likely going to be a fan of this design. This is an extremely comfortable glove, especially thanks to all of the padding that is located within this design. This glove will give you a lot of movement options thanks to the large amount of webbing that is located between the fingers in this glove design. It is awesome that this glove comes in so many size options and that it is also available in a left and a right handed orientation. Definitely a glove that could work for a lot of people and it is one that you should make sure that you consider.

Bionic Glove Ladies Stablegrip with Natural Fit – top women’s pick!

Bionic Glove Ladies Stablegrip With Natural Fit Golf GloveIf you are looking to pick up a ladies glove and want something for a moderate price tag, you should make sure that you have a look at this product. This is a glove that is available in both a left as well as a right handed design, which is ideal in terms of being able to work for the majority of golfers. The design comes in four different sizes at the checkout and this glove has Velcro adjustment, which makes this a big market competitor.


  • The design comes in a small, medium, medium/ large as well as a large design
  • The glove has a tapered finger design, which conforms to the shape of your fingers for a more natural fit
  • The glove is extremely easy to remove thanks to a “grab tab” located on the glove, which you simply pull to remove the glove
  • The design is said to have up to 2 times the durability of a regular leather glove, which is quite impressive
  • There are pads on the inside of this glove, which help in terms of glove comfort and durability
  • The moderate budget price of this glove is affordable for most golfers, which is always a good thing
  • The Velcro adjustment design is ideal for making the glove nice and snug on your hand
Where to buy:


  • The design does not come in kids sizes
  • Only a white color option of this glove is available, which is not ideal if you don’t like white


If you like white and this glove comes in a size that you want/ need, you are likely going to want to further investigate this glove. This is a design that has a lot of comfortable padding and that allows for a good deal of movement. The glove is quite breathable, which is ideal in hot weather and it is also available for a very reasonable price. Definitely a glove that you will want to think about if you are looking to save some money on a glove and not get something of a poor quality.

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What To Consider

Here are some tips to help you be able to better pick out a quality golf glove so that you can have the best chance out on the course:

What Hand do I Need to Get?

Luckily for you the answer to this question is a lot easier than you might think. Generally, if you are a left handed golfer, you will get a golfing glove for your right hand. If you are a right handed golfer, you will get a golfing glove for your left hand. Some golfers like to wear gloves on both hands, but most golfers wear one glove at a time as it is more than sufficient to be able to provide enough grip to shoot properly. This method also leaves your other hand free to get a better feel of the club and your shot.

What Size do I Get?

Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to find a one size fits all glove available on the market. Sure, most gloves on the market do have some degree of adjustment, but you still need to purchase the right size. Luckily, it isn’t all that hard to get the right size. It doesn’t hurt to try on different sizes, but gloves are typically sold as men’s, kid’s and women’s sizes. You will likely find that there are the regular sizes of: extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large are available when searching and you will probably find some gloves that are a combination of two different sizes. To get the right size of glove, the best way is to measure your hand circumference and reference a sizing chart. To measure hand circumference simply wrap a measuring tape around the knuckles of your hand including your thumb and record the measurement to compare with the chart.

What Material should I get?

If you want to get a quality golf glove, you may want to pick up something that is of a leather design. Leather is the ideal type of material for a golf glove to be made of, largely due to the durability of leather and the extra grip that leather offers. The good thing about a leather design is that it is moisture resistant and even if a leather glove gets wet, the glove will return back to its original grip and strength once it is properly dried off. Synthetic is the other type of material that you are likely to come across in a golfing glove. Unlike that of shoes, there is no real downfall to picking up a synthetic glove. Synthetic gloves are durable, breathable, light weight and they are more than capable of offering you good grip and movement when worn.

Adjustment Method:

Almost all golf gloves on the market have some kind of adjustment built into their design. If you want to have maximum grip on your clubs, you should always check to see what kind of adjustment method a glove uses before you purchase it. It is important to have a glove that fits snuggly and that doesn’t allow your hand to slide around when worn. Generally, you will find that buttons and Velcro are the most secure adjustment methods available. Buttons are great if you have tried on the glove, but if you haven’t, then you might not want to go with one of these designs. A button only design allows you to be able to adjust to just one location, which is definitely not ideal if you haven’t tried on the gloves before. Rather than pick up a button glove, you should aim to get a glove that has Velcro adjustment. This will allow you to easily tighten and untighten the glove as you see fit and it is one of the easiest gloves to take off and put on.

What Type of Glove Should I Get?

Beyond gloves being made out of different materials, you can also pick up a variety of different types of gloves. One such type of glove is an all-weather glove design. This type of glove is ideal for people who play in wet and humid conditions as it is extremely water resistant. In fact this is likely the most water resistant type of glove on the market. The nice thing about this design is that it grips better as it gets wet since the design attempts to fight back against the water. Another type of glove that you should be aware of is a thermal golf glove. This type of glove is ideal for golfers who have cold hands or who golf in cold conditions. This design is thick and it is often knitted. Usually the design is dark in color to help absorb the sun’s rays and keep the gloves as warm as possible. Ideal for golfers who want to get out early in the season or who just like to be warm.


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