Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Golf Balls for Golfers Over 50

Golf balls can actually play a huge role in how far you hit the ball, where your ball goes once it hits the ground and how high your ball goes into the air. Different golf balls are made with different purposes and are created to be able to perform different things when they are hit. It is important to know what kind of balls you are buying before you purchase them so that you can have the best chance to win out on the course.

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Best Golf Ball for Senior Golfers

Below we’ll breakdown everything there is to know about golf balls so that you can say that you know a thing or two about golf balls. But, if you prefer to just check out our recommendations, here are some examples of quality balls that you might want to use out on the course:

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls Review

Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsIf you want to pick up a set of balls made by one of the best and biggest manufacturers on the market, you should check out this design. These V1 golf balls are designed to have a soft compression, which is ideal if you have a bit of a lower swing speed, which most beginner, senior golfers do. The balls are available in different numbers at the checkout and you can even choose to pick up these balls in a limited pink number design, while they are available.


  • These golf balls are designed to deliver a very consistent shot each and every time
  • The core of these golf balls allow you to be able to hit the ball a longer distance on all shots as a result of lower spin on the ball
  • The soft feel of the ball will help you to be able to have maximum control over where you want your ball to land, no matter your distance away from the green
  • The design has 352 dimples in its design, which helps with consistency in your shots
  • This comes in a pack of a dozen balls, which means that you likely aren’t going to have to pick up a new pack of balls anytime soon
Where to buy:


  • This pack of balls is a little bit on the expensive side of things, which some people might not like if they are really new to the sport
  • If you have a faster swing speed, you likely are not going to want to go with this set of balls


If you are interested in picking up a set of low compression balls that have a lot of control, you will want to consider this design. These balls have a high number of dimples, which means you will shoot the ball relatively high, but consistently each and every time. The ball allows for you to be able to add some spin to your shots, but not so much that you can’t control where your ball is going to end up. This is definitely a nice ball design for beginner players if you can afford to pay the higher price tag that this set of balls possesses.

Callaway Chrome Soft 2017 Golf Balls Review

Callaway Chrome Soft 2017 Golf BallsThis is another great set of low compression balls that you may want to consider purchasing. This pack of balls comes in four different color options at the checkout, which is ideal for suiting a variety of personalities. The balls are designed for players who want low spin and fast launch speeds at the tee off and throughout the rest of the course. The balls offer great control even from close distances thanks to the four piece design.


  • The designs are quite colorful so that it is harder to lose your ball on the course and so that it is easier to line up your ball when you are ready to hit
  • The low compression ball helps you be able to hit long shots that actually fly straight, which is ideal as a beginner player
  • The ball has some very good feel to it, which will help you be able to increase your accuracy
  • You can subscribe to buying these balls if you desire so that you will always have fresh ones to hit with on the course
  • Very fast ball speeds and a pretty reasonable price tag for a dozen balls definitely makes this a good deal
  • This is a 2017 golf ball, which means that you can be sure you have the latest technology as far as golf balls go
Where to buy:


  • If you have a bit of a faster swing speed, you may not like this set of balls


So long as you are looking for a set of balls that is of a soft compression design, you are going to be a fan of these Callaway balls. These balls are more than capable of being able to perform quality long distance shots and short distance shots to suit your needs. The design is really easy to spot if you don’t get the white design and you are going to love the spin and control that this ball has to offer. Definitely a low compression ball set you will want to consider, especially due to the average price tag that this set has on it.

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What To Consider

To help you with this, we have rounded up the most common types of balls available and we have broken them down for you with pros and cons. It is our hope that this will assist you in being able to decide what kind of ball you need in order to have the most success on a given course or even on a given hole.


One thing you are going to notice if you look at a whole bunch of different golf balls is that they all have different labels on them. The label is a good way to be able to get an idea of what the ball is meant to be used for out on the course. Labels will come in handy most often when you happen to find a stray golf ball out on the course and are unsure of what the ball is meant to be used for. Here is a quick list of some of the things that you might find labeled onto a golf ball:

  • Long distance
  • Spin
  • Ladies Ball
  • Roll
  • Control
  • Slice Control
  • Compression

As you can see, there are a wide variety of labels that manufacturers will put onto their golf balls. There are a ton of variations of these labels that you are likely going to come across, but these are the general ones that you are likely to see. Definitely worth taking a look at if you don’t want to do proper research to see exactly the type of ball that you are getting.

One Piece Ball:

This type of ball is one that you will hardly see on the course, but if you do see it, you may not want to use it. This is a very inexpensive ball, it is soft and does not allow you to be able to drive the ball a long distance when you hit it.  The ball has formed dimples in its design and it is mostly used for practicing purposes such as at driving ranges if you want to save some money on balls.

Two Piece Ball:

This type of ball is the most commonly used type of ball that you will find on the golf course. This type of ball is designed to be durable and to be able to travel as far of a distance as possible. Usually the ball has a single core of hard plastic, which is inside of the ball’s cover. The design is easy to control and has a high amount of roll, which is why it is the primary ball used by everyday golfers around the world.

Three Piece Ball:

If you want to have a ball that allows you to be able to put spin onto your ball, you may be interested in picking up a three piece ball design. Essentially, layers on a ball offer more control on the ball during flight. A three piece ball is not super common, but it is likely that you will see some of these types of balls during your search.

Four Piece Ball:

A four layer design is definitely an advanced golf ball. This type of ball can be expected to be a high price tag as a result of the amount of effort that it takes to design this many layers within a ball. The design’s layers consist of a first layer of solid rubber core, which helps to make the ball go a long distance. The second layer is the layer that helps the ball transfer as much power as possible to the core of the ball in order to improve distance. The third layer helps to increase both the feeling that you get from the ball, driver distance as well as ball spin. The outside layer of the ball is the layer that is visible, which is the shell of the golf ball. The shell is designed to be impact resistant and durable.

Five Piece Ball:

If you want one of the most expensive ball’s that money can buy, you may be interested in searching for a ball that is of a five piece design. A few years ago it was the five piece ball that had the most layers available on the market. These balls offer a ton of control, you will find that five piece balls are very easy to spin and hit to the location that you desire.

Six Piece Ball:

If you want the most advanced ball on the market, you may want to consider picking up a six piece ball design. The problem with this type of ball is that you are most certainly going to be paying a high budget price to pick one of these up.  There are not a huge amount of these balls on the market as they are relatively new technology. However, the design is supposed to allow for increased spin at the green, but less spin in your shot on the way to the hole, which results in straighter shots.


One thing that ranges from ball to ball, that you may notice during your search, is the compression number on the ball. This number is a measurement of how much the ball compresses against the face of your club at impact. The amount of compression is generally stated as being high, medium or low depending on what the number is. The best way to be able to tell if you need a high, medium or low compression ball is to test the speed of your swing. Here is a breakdown of when you should purchase each type of ball compression:

High Compression Ball:

If you are capable of being able to swing the ball at a fast rate of speed and somewhere around 105 mph and up, you may want to use a high compression ball. If you choose to use a mid to low compression ball, you may hit the ball harder, but your accuracy will go down.

Medium Compression Ball:

If you swing your club above 85 mph, but not quite 105 mph, you may want to use a medium compression ball. Using too low of ball compression will likely result in you having some accuracy issues with your shots. If you want a combination of distance and control, then a medium compression ball is likely your best bet.

Low Compression Ball:

If you swing your club with anything less than 85 mph, you are likely going to want to use a low compression ball. This type of ball is going to give you a lot of control, but you may want to try out a few different balls so that you can hit the ball as far as possible. It doesn’t hurt to try out mid compression balls if you are in this swinging speed range as well, which you may want to keep in mind if you are having issues with using low compression balls.


This is one aspect of a golf ball that is not often talked about. Dimples play a huge role in the aerodynamic aspects of a golf ball and help to increase your distance and accuracy out on the course. The amount of dimples per ball is not always the same and you will definitely come across some models with more dimples than others during your search for some new golf balls. The more dimples that a golf ball has in its design, the higher in the air the golf ball will go when it is struck. Unfortunately, too many dimples on a golf ball will cause the ball to slow down, which is why the number of dimples has to fit the rest of the elements of the ball. It is important to remember though, that if you aren’t hitting the ball at the height you desire, you may have an issue with dimples, which is important to keep in mind.


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