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The golfing enthusiast today has access to an array of choices to make as their go-to and all-time favorite golf magazines. The thrill is easily contagious, yet it’s best to slow down and truly consider the offerings. Even if you’re familiar with the variety, weaving in and out of the options can be a full-time task within itself.

An exhausting task at that when we only want to enjoy a good read in the first place. In this write-up, we’ve listed the best golf magazines to read worldwide, and you should read them all. Why have we done this? We not only enjoy the sport, but we really like you and think you deserved the favor. If you’re just getting into finding the perfect publication, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out the listings below, be ready to start reading and learn today.

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Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine is usually high on most people’s lists. Since its inception in 1960, it has become the favorite of golfers across age and skill levels, and it’s not hard to tell why.

Golf enthusiasts, regardless of age, sex and level of expertise like how Golf Magazine provides its readers with a comprehensive, up-to-date list of golf courses all over the world and ranks them according to their playability.

Besides the fact that the magazine gives surveys of the best courses worldwide and is available for any level of skill, it also often features the most outstanding takeaways from respected American teachers who know and are qualified to share their accumulative insights.

You can expect those insights to help you improve on your game, perfect your technique and give you an overall edge your friends and colleagues will be impressed with.

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Golfweek is another common favorite for the reader and golf aficionado. As its name implies, this publication gets sent out weekly and not at a bad cost either. Subscribers can expect to pay roughly $40 dollars a year and will get 52 copies of published work on golf and improving in the lifestyle sport.

It’s an option that’s hard to beat when considering the quality value you receive from its writers. The magazine uses an advanced approach to journalism that allows its unique voice and content matter to jump right out at you. For staying abreast of aspects in golf that change rapidly, this is your go-to source and a reliable one.

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Golf Digest

Golf Digest is another name hard to refute in the monthly or weekly golf publishing world. Digest it now because the material you’ll read in this magazine is full and hardy like a good meal at the right time. The magazine publishes exclusive instructions and golf tips from professionals around the world and presents their knowledge in full.

This is a monthly release that only costs subscribers less than $20 for a full year’s mailing of the magazine. Some feel that this publication is the cream of all crops, but you’ll have to find out for yourself. We also recommend that you do.

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What’s the Difference Between Golf Digest Magazine and Golf Magazine

Looking back on the list of golf magazines above, Golf Magazine has become popular for maintaining an informative, not to mention colorful and compelling, list of golfing destinations worldwide, and an updated schedule of the PGA Tour, making it one of the best — if not the best — golf course magazines globally.

Golf Magazine, whose primary mission is to give its readers the most enjoyable experience in the world of golf, makes available tips and techniques at small, bite-sized pieces, so even the youngest players get to enjoy flipping through the pages.

The magazine also provides thorough reviews of several pieces of equipment, clothing, and gear. Additionally, they regularly dish out in-depth interviews of celebrity golfers that keep fans engaged, entertained, and well-informed.

Golf Digest magazine, on the other hand, is preferred by many professional golfers who are looking to further develop their game. Although it also provides an up-to-date list of the leading golf courses worldwide, Golf Digest fans choose it for the thorough golf instruction provided exclusively by celebrity golfers like Tiger Woods. In fact, it has become known for getting the big names in to write for them or for interviews. Readers sometimes complain of too much information and instructions, but a majority of golf professionals and fans choose this for their golf guide.

Like Golf Magazine, Golf Digest also provides its readers with regular top-of-the-line equipment reviews as well as of the latest training aids, men and women’s golf clothing, and accessories. When coupled with private lessons, a consistent practice schedule, and the right training aids, the information and inspiration provided by this great golf magazine will make any golfer conquer the golf course.

What Magazine is Better to Subscribe To

There are several deciding factors to consider when choosing the best magazine to subscribe to, but the most important is perhaps the reader’s personal preference.

Readers who prefer short, concise information or simply the latest golf news, prefer Golfweek Magazine. Those who like flipping through colorful pages of picturesque golf courses and be entertained by the latest news about celebrity golfers opt for Golf Magazine. In fact, there are others who subscribe purely for the Golf Magazine course rankings and the unparalleled Golf Magazine subscription offers.

On the other hand, those who devour information and eat golf playing instructions for breakfast choose Golf Digest.

Others are also influenced by the golf magazine customer service and friendliness of their website, or by the celebrities and trusted professionals that write for them.

Ultimately, the choice of a magazine is personally identifiable with the subscriber’s personality. The annual subscription fee may not be that much, but it is still important for you to consider your personal preference when choosing the best golf magazine to subscribe to.

Final Review of Golf Magazines

So next time you’re surfing online for an excellent golf lifestyle magazine or passing a magazine stand, be sure to consider the magazine names you’ve just read about. Take a chance, learn more about the options and be sure you subscribe to one. In the long run, the names listed above WILL improve your game.

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