3 Best Golf Drills for Beginners

Golf is both a physical and mental sport, as most beginners come to realize in short time. Practice is all about improving these two aspects of your game. It is important for those just starting out to have a regular practice routine. This repetition will help you become more confident about choosing the right shot and angle during actual play. Following are three of the best drills for beginners. Use these routines to enhance your performance in a more rapid fashion than possible by just playing. Golf drills are to the game what stretching is to working out.

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1. Non-Contact Full Swing Practice

Get your clubs and go to the driving range. Practice the full swing over-and-over in sets of 10, until you reach 100. There is no need to make contact with a ball. Your focus here is on getting the body to handle itself and the club in a proper manner.

Visualize the swing you want. Then make it happen.

This drill will put you in the right mindset to then begin hitting the ball with strength and precision. Practicing the full swing is fundamental to golf success.

2. Virtual Course Drill

Go out to the driving range. Visualize a familiar course. Choose clubs that would be used for the drives.

Some golfers find the practice range a bit boring. They want to get out on the course and walk around. Visualization can spice things up. Just think about a familiar or popular course. Many use online course layout maps to memorize the location of holes of major tour events.

At the driving range, see yourself at Augusta or Pebble Beach. Just play each shot from the tee as if it was a drive on this course. Choose the right clubs and hit the balls with the appropriate strength. You can also visualize a more familiar spot, say the municipal course. Just be sure to play the full round of drives as if you were really there.

3. Contact Drill

Beginners often experience problems making contact with the ball. They try to push the ball rather than strike it correctly. Anxiety over getting sufficient drive length causes this problem. Years of watching the professionals on television does not help either. The tour players make it seem so easy.

Learning to make appropriate contact requires drilling. Set a ball in the grass. Near it, place a tee. Stand in front of the tee and take a full practice swing without making contact with anything. Then, approach the tee, swing and hit it. Last, stand before the actual ball and make a drive.

This drill helps by allowing you to make a contact swing prior to hitting the ball; consequently, your mind focuses on striking the ball rather than pushing it.

Time to Get Started

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus became superstar athletes by drilling every day they could. These men understood the necessity of drilling. You, too, can become the best golfer possible through regular practice.

True, not everybody will be able to earn a PGA Tour spot; nevertheless, the game will be more satisfying when you can play it well. These drills will certainly help.


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