Keep Your Feet Dry & Comfortable With The Best Golf Socks

Socks for golf might seem like a bit of an afterthought to you, if you’re a casual golfer. But if you’re not wearing golf socks, then you’re doing yourself a great disservice.

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While wearing a pair of these when you’re out on the course isn’t exactly necessary, they do give your your feet a drier and more comfortable time as you walk around in your golf shoes. Still not convinced they’re for you? Let us share some of the benefits of golfing socks, as well as some of our favorites when it comes to the top golf socks on the market.

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Our Picks: Top 5 Best Golf Socks for the Money

ratings based on value, quality, and performance
Kentwool Men's Tour Profile Gameday Ankle Socks4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Amazon, Walmart,
Kentwool Men's Tour Standard Sock4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Amazon,
Oakley Men's Golf Low Cut Socks4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)Amazon
Ogio Golf Crew Cut Socks4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Rock Bottom Golf, Amazon
Kentwool Women's Tour Profile Sock4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Amazon

Golf Socks vs Regular Socks

So, you’ve been wearing regular socks to the course and you don’t really think you need a pair designed specifically for golfers. So, let’s look at some of the benefits you get from wearing a pair that is designed for golfers instead of your regular daily pair.

Good Blister Protection

It can be hot outside when you’re golfing, which means that your feet can get a bit sweaty. When that sort of friction happens in the shoe, it can lead to blisters on your toes and other parts of your feet. And if you have a blister while you’re playing a round or two, then it will probably affect your game as you walk from hole to hole in pain. Fortunately golfing socks are often thinner than your everyday pair and help your foot move in the shoe without causing friction that leads to blisters.

Climate Control

Some golf socks are high performance models that come with a built-in fabric control directly it the fabric. This means that your feet shouldn’t get too hot in the warmer summer playing months, or two cold in the cooler fall and winter months. This feature is actually ideal for the year-round golfer who plays in all seasons.

Bacteria and Odor Protection

As you probably already know, sweaty feet can lead to not only stinky feet, but spreading of the bacteria that causes athlete’s foot. Some socks for golfers have moisture-wicking fabric to prevent this from happening and some are made of wool, which is awesome for eliminating odor and bacteria.

And, if you’re already wearing other things designed for golfers (like your shoes), then it only makes good sense to upgrade to a pair of these as well.

Kentwool Men’s Tour Profile Gameday Socks Review

kentwool ankle golf socks

image via Walmart

If you’re looking for a low profile model that will keep you cool in the hot summer temps, then definitely consider these Kentwool socks.

As the name suggests, these ankle golf socks are made of wool instead of cotton, so do avoid them if you are allergic to wool. Otherwise, we think you’ll love these since the wool fabric keeps your feet dry and odor free. It even helps protect your feet from bacteria, which is great if you suffer from athlete’s foot flare-ups.

Overall, we find that the Kentwool Men’s Tour Profile Gameday socks are some of the most comfortable golf socks on the market since they keep your feet dry and free of blisters. They offer a great fit and feel comfortable for hours out on the course. They will keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the colder months.

Hands down these get our vote for the best golf socks for walking in the warm summer weather (and the best golf socks for sweaty feet).

And depending on where you buy them from, you can choose from several different color options (if that matters to you, though you’ll likely be the only person who really sees them).

Kentwool Men’s Tour Standard Socks Review

kentwool tall golf socks

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If you prefer a taller sock, or just want something with more coverage in the cooler months, then we wholeheartedly recommend the Kentwool Men’s Tour Standard Socks.

What you get with these is basically everything that the shorter Game Day ankle socks offer, except these are taller.

You don’t have to worry about have really sweaty or stinky feet from a day of golfing when you wear these. And, Kentwool sells them with a “No Blister Guarantee” so you don’t have worry about getting any painful blisters when you walk from hole to hole. This is thanks to the fabric Kentwool socks are made of – 66% Super fine Merino Wool, 24% Nylon, 8% Polyester, and 2% Spandex.

This is a thin, lightweight sock that keeps your feet warm in the winter and other cool months – but if you want to wear these in the warmer months, the fabric is designed to also keep your feet cool!

That being said, these get our vote for the best golf socks for cold weather. So, if you’ve been looking for warm golf socks that won’t give you sweaty feet, then definitely consider trying out a pair of these from Kentwool.

And like the ankle socks, these come in a variety of different colors, though availability varies depending on where you buy them.


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