Use The Best Golf Tees For Beginners

Though it is not talked about much, the humble golf tee is an important part of your daily golfing gear. You might think that you can just grab any ole tee and have yourself an excellent game of golf.

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Well, you’d be wrong. You see, as with most things, there are some tees that are better than others, such as some being the best golf tees for distance while others are a good option for beginners. If you’re relatively new to the game, then let us help you find the best tees for your playing level.

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The Basics of a Golf Tee

This is an equipment golfers use to raise a golf ball off the ground for a player to strike. Teeing in professional golf is only allowed for every first strike of every hole in what is called a tee shot. This shot is taken from the teeing ground with the aid of tees, which help raise its projectile giving many golfers the range they need. However, in a windy course, a player can opt to strike without a tee for low trajectory. This golf tees buying guide will help you understand how to use one and the factors to consider to buy the right one.

Why You Need a Golf Tee

Golf tee is almost a must-have in golfing. Almost every pro golfer uses one and this golf tees buying guide will let you know why you need one. Golf tees aid in raising the projectile or your strike. They achieve this by ensuring that the contact point is low on the ball for an effective raise. In addition, tees will save you the embarrassment of miss-hits. Teeing raises the chances of effectively connecting with your ball far better than when not using one.

Factors to Consider When Buying

Tees are either wooded or plastic. Wooden tees are colorfully designed, hence can be easily seen by a player. They are strong and stay firm when pushing them down. Wooden tees rarely break save for a sunny and dry surface. They are also inexpensive hence, golfers prefer stocking them. Plastic tees are classy, can improvise design features on the top for good contact with greater support, they are rust free and are durable. However, these gems can bend easily when teeing. Ultimately, a suitable tee depends on your game and taste. Knowing which one suits your strike and play will be essential to raising your game.

Using a Golf Tee

Having bought your golf tee, you need to know how to use it effectively to have that drive on your strike. First, ensure you are at the teeing area. Push the tee downwards. Give an allowance above the grass level for an effective strike and higher trajectory. The longer the tee the higher the lift, and the shorter the tee the lower your trajectory. A pro golfer can ably adjust how he/she connects the ball but for efficiency, having a higher tee is crucial. This implies that if you push the tee further down closer to the grass, it will lower the chances of you getting a higher trajectory. Finally, place your ball on top of the tee, having ensured that it is stable and can hold your ball straight.

In most cases, the effectiveness of the strike is dependent on a number of factors. Yes you teed well but the type of club you are using also determines the correct height for a great strike. For a high raise, the club’s driver should be longer and have shorter wedges. The type of material used also plays a role. A good driver should hit the ball on the upswing. If you are using hybrids or fairway woods on your clubs, these will sweep into the ball while iron-made ones will hit it on a descending path. Having a greater trajectory for a driver, ensure the bottom of the ball is level with the top side of the driver. For long or mid-irons, ensure the tee is quarter an inch above the ground. For 3 wood, ensure the tee gives a third to a half of the ball’s section raised above the clubhead. This information is essential to beginners for them to be efficient and establish a regular rhythm for their strikes. For a good strike, you need a good tee. Assuming you have a club, with this golf tees buying guide you should be able to go around the teeing part.

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