Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Hats for Golfers Over 50

If you are out on the course without a hat on, it is very likely that you are going to end up with the sun beaming in your eyes, potentially disrupting your shots. There is a reason that almost all professional golfers wear hats and it isn’t just because they are sponsored. Wearing sunglasses alone isn’t going to fully protect you from the light of the sun, which is why a hat is an essential thing to have when you are out on the course.

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Best Hat for Senior Golfers

If you know more about golf hats and some of the most important aspects of them that you should look for, then skip down below to read our buying tips. But if you want our recommendations, here are a few of our picks for some awesome golf hats:

TaylorMade Golf 2017 Tour New Era 9fifty SnapBack Hat – top men’s pick!

TaylorMade Golf 2017 Tour New Era 9fifty HatIf you want to pick up a hat that has one of the biggest names in golf on it, you may want to consider getting one of these ones. The design comes in six different color options and has a pretty average price tag that most golfers should be able to afford. The design is a snapback design, which will allow you to easily be able to adjust the hat to cover your eyes as needed.


  • The hat comes available in a white color, as well as several other options, if you want to stay as cool as possible while out on the course
  • The hat is made by a big name brand in Era 9fifty, which means that you can expect to get a quality product that will last
  • The design has a dark under bill, which helps to reduce glare from the sun allowing you to have better view at all times
  • The hat has a very breathable design, which will help to keep you cool
  • The curved peak of the hat will help to keep sunlight out of your eyes, even when the sun is coming in on an angle


  • Even though the design is a snapback, it only comes in a one size fits all option, which may not be ideal if you have a really large or small head


As long as you think a one size fits all option is something that would work for you head, you are likely going to be a big fan of this design. Having one of the biggest names in golf proudly displayed on your head in large font offers you the ability to create a big statement out on the course. With the ability to be able to pick this hat up in both light and dark colors to suit your personal taste, it is hard not to find an option that you don’t like. The design is simple, yet capable of protecting you from the sun as well as helping you be able to look more professional out on the course, even if you are not.

NIKE Women’s Perf Adjustable Golf Cap – top women’s pick!

NIKE Women's Perf Adjustable Golf CapIf you want to save some money and get a cool golf cap, you may like this design. This hat comes in two different color options and comes in a one size fits all design. The hat has a very breathable top on it, which is ideal for hot weather conditions. This hat is capable of a lot of adjustment thanks to its snapback design.  This is a hat that is capable of protecting you from the sun, but that will also help to keep you comfortable and dry out on the course.


  • A simple logo on the front of this hat makes a statement
  • The design comes in both blue as well as black to suit people who have different color preferences
  • The design has a pretty cheap price tag for an adjustable hat, which is ideal if you are on a budget
  • The hat uses DRI-FIT fabric, which will help to keep your hat dry even when you are sweating
  • The curved peak design of the hat will help to keep the sun out of your eyes regardless of where it is in the sky
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  • The design only comes in a one size fits all option, which might not be ideal for some people who don’t have a head of an average size


If a one size fits all hat is something that works for you and you want to wear a big name brand in golf, you should check out this design. This is a simple hat, but it is designed to help keep you nice and dry and comfortable out on the course. The hat has a pretty reasonable price tag on it and it is definitely hard to beat that the design comes in two different color options. If you are on a low budget and still want to be able to grab something that has a big name brand proudly displayed on it, you may definitely want to think about grabbing this nice hat.

What To Consider

Here is an overview of the things that you should look for in a good quality golf hat:

Should I Get a Fitted Hat?

If you want to get a fitted hat, you are going to need to know the size of your head before you purchase. The problem with this, is that you basically need to try on some hats to see what size you need. The nice thing about a fitted hat is that you don’t have a gap on the back where the adjustment is located. A fitted hat is likely going to be a little bit on the pricier side of things, which is something that you might want to consider as well. With this type of hat, you are going to have less room to move the hat down to cover your eyes when the sun is bad, as with this type, the hat will slide right off your head if it is too far forwards.

Should I look for a hat that has adjustment and what type?

The main reason you should pick up a golf hat is so that you are protected from the sun when taking your shots. All it takes is a moment of sunlight to lose perception of where your ball is, which could potentially ruin your shot. A hat is one of the best ways to avoid getting the sun in your eyes, but you want the hat to sit on your head properly in order to be able to offer optimal protection. You should look for a hat that has adjustment on the rear of the hat so that you can pull the hat downwards over your face if the sun is bad. Generally, you are going to find two main types of adjustment, which have their own benefits. Here are the two types:


This type of hat incorporates the use of one strap of holes and the other of studs. When the studs and holes are put together it creates a very secure fit and allows you to be able to wear your hat as tight or loose as you like. This hat is more expensive than that of a Velcro hat, but it is the nicer of the two options if you don’t mind having plastic sitting against your hair.

This design is the cheapest type that you can find that is still capable of adjustment. The main benefit of this design over the snapback design is that you can adjust the hat while it is still on your head quite easily. If you try to adjust a snapback on your head, it is much more difficult.

What Brand of Hat Should I get?

There are all sorts of adjustable golf hats available on the market and choosing a brand name is something that you alone are going to have to decide. If you choose to get a big name brand, you are likely going to find that other people look at you as though you are a serious golfer. Whereas, if you get a brand no one has ever heard of, you might not have people stop to talk to you about golf. It is our recommendation that you get a quality brand name hat not only to protect you from the sun’s rays, but to stimulate golf conversation with others and help to teach you the game of golf as quickly and effectively as possible. You never know what kinds of tips and offers you might get from people until you leave yourself open to it.

What Color of Hat Should I Get?

As you may already know, but probably haven’t considered. Colors make a huge difference in how warm an object gets when it is left outside and in the sun. If an object is black or some other kind of dark color, it is going to get a lot hotter than something that is a lighter color. If you live in a hot climate and want to get a quality hat to golf with, you may want to try to find something that is a light color such as white. On the other hand, if you live in a cold climate, you should consider a darker hat and maybe a hat that covers the entire portion of your head so that you can be as warm as possible.


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