Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Hybrid Clubs for Golfers Over 50

Unlike a driver or a wood, a hybrid club allows you to be able to hit the ball off of the grass like an iron. The main benefit of this type of club is that it has a large head on it, which makes this club easier to use than that of a long iron. Hybrids are ideal for beginner golfers as they definitely provide long shots when you aren’t at the tee off any longer.

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Best Hybrids for Senior Golfers

If you want to learn more about this type of club, you can skip below and go through our hybrid club information. But if you’re ready to check out some of the best options we found on the market, here are our reviews on the top hybrid clubs for men and women over 50:

Cobra Men’s KING F6 Hybrid Golf Club – top men’s pick!

Cobra Men's KING F6 Hybrid Golf ClubIf you are looking to pick up a quality hybrid from a big name manufacturer, this might just be it. This hybrid comes in three different loft variations and comes in a left and a right handed option to suit your orientation needs. The club is available in three different flex options and you will love the fact that this club has adjustable loft settings in its design, which will allow you to be able to manage your shots more closely.


  • The club comes available in a regular flex a senior flex as well as a stiff flex design
  • The club comes available in a 2/3 hybrid a 3/4 hybrid as well as a 4/5 hybrid, which covers all of the long irons in the average golf bag
  • The design has a 13 gram weight, which provides more forgiveness when you miss the “sweet spot” on the club, which is ideal for beginners
  • The club has eight adjustable loft settings, which is quite a lot for this low of a price tag
  • The design has a high launch speed, but is just as accurate as a long iron, which is awesome
  • The shaft is made out of graphite so that you can swing faster and hit the ball harder
  • The low price tag and the fact that this is available in a left and a right handed design makes this club appeal to a wide range of golfers
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  • With eight different adjustable lofts it can take a fair chunk of time to fine tune this club


If you want a club that allows you to be able to hit the ball a long distance without sacrificing accuracy, you will want to look at this club further. This is a very forgiving hybrid, which is not something you often find for this low of a price tag. The unit comes in a wide variety of flex options and it is ideal that you can pick up this hybrid in all of the regular long iron sizes to suit your personal needs. This is definitely a hybrid that is worth some consideration.

Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrid – top women’s pick!

Callaway Steelhead XR HybridIf you have a higher budget for a hybrid and are interested in picking up a really nice one, you should check out this design. The club comes in both a left as well as a right handed orientation, which means that this club can suit almost all golfers. The design is available in four different flex options and you can choose to pick up this hybrid design in any of four different lofts to suit your needs.


  • The club comes in a ladies, regular, senior as well as a stiff flex option at the checkout
  • You can grab this club in any of the four loft sizes including a 3 hybrid, a 4 hybrid a 5 hybrid and a 6 hybrid design
  • The club has a large face on it, which helps to promote a fast ball speed and long distance hits
  • The design allows for a larger “sweet spot” and will allow your shot to travel further distances when you miss hitting the center of the face of the club
  • The club has a deep body and a low blade length, which makes this hybrid easier to hit when you are on a really uneven lie
  • The shaft design is made out of graphite, which means you can swing faster and hit the ball further
  • The club comes with a head cover, which is ideal for taking care of the club over the long term
  • If you want peace of mind with your purchase of this pricey club, you can pick up a two year equipment protection warranty at some retailers, if you desire
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  • The club does have a bit of a high price tag on it, which some people may not have the budget for


If you can afford the price of this hybrid, it is likely that you are going to be a big fan of this club. This is a very forgiving hybrid and the fact that it comes in four different loft options means that it is capable of fitting into most bags. The design will almost definitely add some distance to your shots and it is unlikely that you will lose accuracy as a result of using this hybrid club. This is definitely a very nice Callaway design and if you want your ball to travel further on off center hits and just hit the ball further in general, you should consider this club.

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What To Consider

If you want to be able to pick up a quality hybrid, here is a breakdown of what you should look for:

What loft of Hybrid should I Get?

The nice thing about hybrids is that they are available in practically every size so that you can replace any iron that you are having a hard time with. Often times an iron will actually have a number on it to state which iron it is supposed to replace in your bag, which is something that you might want to look for in terms of convenience purposes. If, however, the hybrid only says the angle of loft that it is, you are going to need to know what that means in terms of which iron the hybrid replaces in your bag. Here is a quick list of common iron angles so that you know approximately the hybrid angle that will replace the irons in your bag:

  • 1 Iron: 14-18 degrees
  • 2 Iron: 18-20 degrees
  • 3 Iron: 20-24 degrees
  • 4 Iron: 24-28 degrees
  • 5 Iron: 28-32 degrees
  • 6 Iron: 32-36 degrees
  • 7 Iron: 36-40 degrees
  • 8 Iron: 40-44 degrees
  • 9 Iron: 44-48 degrees

What Flex of Hybrid should I Get?

Generally, you are going to have to choose your shaft flex at the checkout. Flex for a club can range a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer, but generally you will find that they label them the same. You will normally come across flexes such as regular, senior and stiff. The faster you swing your club the less flex you are going to want to have in your club in order to be able to hit the ball accurately. Flex adds distance to your hits, but it definitely reduces control if you are swinging too fast. It is a good idea to try a few clubs before deciding on a flex and you may even want to do a swing speed test before making a final decision as to what flex you want on your clubs.  Just because you are a senior player, doesn’t mean that you necessarily need a senior flex, which is something you are going to want to remember when searching for a new hybrid.

Should I look for a Hybrid with Adjustable Settings?

If you are looking to spend a bit of money and pick up a quality hybrid golf club to save you from having to use a long iron, you should definitely consider trying to find something with adjustable settings. Adjustability will help you be able to match your swing with that of the weight of your club in order to help maximize distance. It certainly is going to take some practice and some trial and error to adjust a club to suit the conditions of a course, but it is well worth the time and effort. You may end up paying a bit of a higher price tag to grab something that is adjustable, but you are going to love the edge that it brings to your game.

What kind of a Shaft should I Look for in a Hybrid Golf Club?

Generally, you are going to have a hard time finding a hybrid that has anything other than a graphite shaft. These clubs are meant to allow you to be able to have an easier time hitting long distance shots, which is why they are almost always made out of graphite. Graphite will allow you to be able to swing the club faster and it will flex more at impact, which will help the ball be able to travel longer distances.


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