Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Irons for Golfers Over 50

Picking out an iron has some of the same aspects as picking out a driver, but there are definitely some differences. The heads on irons are completely different than that of a driver and the shafts of an iron are much shorter in length. Generally, irons are designed to allow you to be able to hit the ball off of the grass rather than off of a tee, like you would if you were using a driver. For this reason, irons have larger angles of loft than that of drivers, which means that the metal on the bottom of the club gets under the ball more when you hit it.

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Best Irons For Senior Golfers

If you want to shop for your own irons, then we can teach you a few things about irons in our guide below. But if you’d prefer to hear about our recommendations, then we have top picks for the guys and ladies. Here are a couple of our picks for some quality beginner irons that are available in the marketplace that you might want to check out:

Callaway Men’s XR Iron Set – top men’s pick!

Callaway Men's XR Iron SetIf you have a relatively high budget for a set of irons and want a big name manufacturer with a bunch of options, you should have a look at what Callaway has to offer. This set of irons comes in a left as well as a right handed orientation design. The unit can come in graphite or steel and you can even choose between one of three different shaft flex options at the checkout to suit your needs. This is a very high quality iron set that is more than capable of helping out your golf game.


  • The design can come in a regular, senior as well as a stiff flex option
  • You can pick up this set in a variety of configurations depending on what you want your lowest iron to be
  • The club set is designed to have a low center of gravity, which results in a better impact and more ball speed
  • With the ability to be able to choose a left or right handed design, this set of irons can work for anyone
  • The design can come in a lightweight, flexible graphite design or a stiffer steel construction, which covers all sorts of different golfing styles
  • The irons are made from a big name manufacturer that you can definitely trust to give you a quality product
Where to buy:


  • These irons can have a pretty steep price tag depending on the kinds of options that you choose to incorporate at the checkout
  • Can be hard to choose what configuration of clubs you like the best without trying the clubs out first


As long as you are capable of being able to decide what clubs you want in your bag, you are going to love this set. You can customize your clubs to get any flex, shaft type and orientation that you desire. This set from Callaway is definitely one that will improve your golf game and it is the perfect set for a beginner golfer thanks to its forgiving cavity back design. Definitely a set of clubs that you should consider picking up.

Callaway Women’s XR OS Iron Set – top women’s pick!

Callaway Women's XR OS Iron SetIf you are a lady and interested in picking up a quality set of graphite clubs, you may be interested to see what Callaway has to offer. With this set of clubs you can choose a left or a right handed orientation to suit your needs. The unit comes in a wide variety of configurations of clubs, which is ideal if you prefer to use irons or if you prefer to use woods. This is a set that is capable of working for almost anyone so long as you can afford the price tag that comes with this set.


  • The unit comes in a graphite design, which is lightweight and allows you to be able to hit the ball a further distance
  • The unit comes in eight different club configurations when in stock, which is ideal when people prefer to use certain clubs
  • The design comes available in both hands of orientation, which means that these clubs work for almost anyone
  • The design has a low center of gravity, which is ideal for launching the ball further more often
  • The design has a wide bottom on it and a cavity back design which is more forgiving and allows for a larger sweet spot on the club face
  • Progressive lengths and lofts of the clubs feel natural and are perfect for learning for someone who is new to golf
  • Light “swing” weights on the club increase swing speed and driving distance
Where to buy:


  • The clubs can have a bit of a high price tag depending on what all you choose at the checkout
  • The design does not come in a stainless steel shaft design, which some players might not be a big fan of


If you are looking to pick up a quality set of irons that allows you to be able to drive the ball a long distance, you may want to consider picking up one of these sets of clubs. The unit has a lot of different options to choose from at the checkout so that you can get a set of irons that appeals to you. It is extremely important to make sure that you think about what configuration of clubs you want before purchasing as there are a lot to choose from at the checkout. Generally, a new golfer is going to have an easier time with a set of irons that starts at a 5 or a 6 iron as a result of longer irons being among the hardest clubs to learn how to hit with, but that choice is up to you.

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What To Consider

Getting into the details, here are the things you need to look for in order to be able to pick out a quality iron:

The Shaft of the Club:

There are two kinds of shafts that you will find incorporated into most irons. Different people like different types for different reasons, but it is important to know the differences between the two so that you can choose the one that is the best suited for you. Graphite is a common material used in the shaft of a golf club that you are going to want to learn about. This is a material that is often found in woods as well as irons. Graphite is the most flexible type of shaft and it will allow you to be able to swing faster and hit the ball further thanks to its lightweight design. The problem with graphite irons is that they are not as consistent as steel irons and are more expensive than steel as well. If you want a lighter club though, you may find that a graphite shaft can help out your golf game. Steel shafts are the most common type of shaft for irons. This is due to the fact that they are a little bit heavier, have less flex and produce a more consistent shot. The reduced price of this kind of club makes this type of shaft the most appealing for beginner golfers, especially ones that aren’t sure how much they are going to enjoy the sport.

Iron Configuration:

This is one of the most difficult decisions that you are going to be stuck with making when you buy a set of clubs. Different sets of clubs will start with different irons as the lowest irons in the set and will often have hybrid irons, which replace the longest irons that are available. Hybrid irons are easier to hit than long irons are, but it really depends on what you prefer to use. If you want a more difficult, but traditional set, you should attempt to look for a set that starts with a 3 or a four iron as the longest iron. Over time, you will definitely get used to using these longer irons and it is likely that you will find these clubs to be more accurate than that of hybrid clubs. However, hybrid clubs are good for inexperienced golfers as they have larger sweet spots on them and are more forgiving than a long iron. If you can’t decide what configuration of clubs you want in your bag, the best way to decide is probably to go out and try some clubs. Most golf stores have practice areas within and if you go there and shoot some balls it shouldn’t take long before you can decide what kind of a set you want to purchase.

The Number on the Iron:

Generally, you will find that irons are sold in sets and are numbered according to what angle they have on them. Irons range in number from as low as two to as high as a nine iron. The lower the number on the iron, the longer the club allows you to be able to hit the ball. Irons are generally broken down into one of three different categories and are sometimes sold within a particular category. 2, 3, 4 irons are considered to be long irons, 5, 6, 7 irons are considered to be mid-irons and short irons are considered to be 8 and 9. The higher the number, the shorter the club will generally be. If you want to have the most consistency in your shots, you may want to consider picking up a set of irons rather than buying them all separate. Buying them separate may result in some overlapping of angles as well as odd variances in club length. For best results it is definitely a good idea to buy a set of irons, especially if you are a beginner and need to get consistency down pat.

Iron head:

One thing that you are going to notice when looking at a variety of iron sets is that the backs of the heads of the irons does vary from set to set. Generally, you are going to find that there are three different types of club heads available. Here is a quick breakdown of the different iron club heads and why one of these types may be better for you:

Cavity Back:

This type of iron has a large hole on the back of the head of the club. This cavity is one that you might want to consider picking up since you are relatively new to the game. The design allows the club to be more forgiving and easier to hit. There are various grades of cavity back irons available and the smaller the cavity you pick up, the less forgiving the iron is going to be. Cavity back irons are the most popular type of iron on the market.

Cavity Muscle Back/ Blade:

This type of iron is generally used by very experienced golfers. Professionals use this type of club as they are less forgiving, but when they are hit properly they produce a better shot than that of a cavity back club. You will see these available on the market, but they likely will have a high price tag attached to them and unless you plan to golf all of the time, you may want to pick up a regular cavity back set of clubs as they will certainly be easier to use.

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