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mizuno golf bags

Mizuno is a Japanese brand that manufacturers various sporting equipment, though their origins are in golf equipment. The company was founded in 1906 around the premise of creating various pieces of equipment for western sports, primarily baseball. But, in 1933, the brand produced Japan’s first line of golf clubs. A mere two years later, the company boasted the world’s largest golf club showroom.

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In addition to the legacy factor, Mizuno also is substantiated through its history of use by professionals. Tiger Woods even used a Mizuno club prior to going pro in 1996 and won his first Master’s tournament using Mizuno clubs.

Today, the Mizuno corporation sells equipment for multiple sports including golf, tennis, baseball, volleyball, football, running, rugby, skiing, cycling, judo, table tennis, badminton, boxing, and athletics.

One of their most popular pieces of equipment are their various golf bags. In this guide, we hope to reveal some new information for you regarding Mizuno golf bags – whether you’re in the market for a new bag or simply interested in what this brand’s offering entail.

What are Mizuno Golf Bags?

Any golfer needs a golf bag out on the course, and a seasoned golfer will tell you how important a quality golf bag can be.

Mizuno golf bags, across the board, seem to be very quality bags that will meet your needs, though there are certainly different levels of quality. Golf bags by Mizuno range from $100 to $500, each offering a different level of features and functionality.

Mizuno golf bags are offered in several different categories.

  • Carry
  • Cart
  • Stand
  • Staff

Carry bags are bags that must be, you guessed it – carried. Carry bags are for the minimalist who carries only the essentials to the course and doesn’t mind carrying those things around.

1. Mizuno 2018 BR-D2 Carry Golf Bag

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Mizuno only offers one carry bag and it is their cheapest golf bag offered. The BR-D2 Carry Bag by Mizuno is sold for $100. The small bag has a half-stand that raise the bag just enough to keep club heads off of the ground. It also has a waterproof underbelly and detachable rain hood to take care of your clubs even further. The club has dual shoulder straps so it can be carried more easily, kind of like a backpack.

Cart bags are midrange bags that are easily attached to a trolley cart. These carts make carrying a slightly-larger amount of clubs easier and take the stress off of your back. Mizuno offers two golf bags in their cart category. These bags are specially designed with a channel for the cart straps, carrying handles near the bottom of the bag, and a specialized design on the bottom to ensure stability on most bag carts.

The first is the BR-D4C Cart Golf Bag. It is sold for $200. The bag has lots of pockets for your belongings including: a cooler pocket to keep drinks cold, a ball pocket, a waterproof pocket for valuables, a magnetic pocket, and two full-length apparel pockets.

2. Mizuno 2018 BR-D4C Cart Golf Bag

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Also in the cart bag category of Mizuno golf bags is the Pro Cart Golf Bag. This bag is sold for $280 and differs slightly from the BR-D4C Cart Golf Bag. The bag is the same, except the quality has been upgraded to meet tour quality. For example, drainage holes are added to the insulated cooler bag, there is a separate accessible insulated drink pouch, and other minor upgrades.

The stand category of Mizuno golf bags is next. These bags are, again, rather self-explanatory. They are bags meant to stand on their own. Sometimes, players value mobility around the course over the ease of using a car. In this instance, they may opt for a stand bag that can be carried anywhere and then dropped on its built in legs.

The first bag in this category is the BR-D3 Stand Bag. This bag has sturdy, dual shoulder straps so it can be easily carried. It is similar to the first carry bag we mentioned but does have built-in full-sized legs so it can be placed almost anywhere on the course. The BR-D3 bag is listed at $150.

3. Mizuno 2018 BR-D3 Stand Golf Bag

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Mizuno also offers the BR-D4 Stand Bag, a slight upgrade from the BR-D3 Stand Bag. Added to this model are two insulated pockets for keeping drinks and towels cool, cart compatibility, and a full-length apparel pocket. Though this bag is compatible with a cart, it still has built in dual straps so that it can be carried easily as well.

Last in the stand bag category of Mizuno golf bags is the Pro 4-Way Golf Stand Bag. This bag is a decent cross between a rookie-level bag with professional-level functionality. Mizuno touts it as, “Everything ‘Tour’ with the versatility of a stand bag.”

The Pro 4-Way Golf Stand Bag has mostly similar features to the BR-D3 Stand Bag but they are slightly upgraded in quality for the player looking for a “tour” feel to their bag. It is sold for $250 by Mizuno.

Lastly, is the Staff category of bags by Mizuno. As far as Mizuno golf bags go, this is the premier option.

Only one bag has been assigned to the staff category of Mizuno golf bags – the Pro Staff Golf Bag. This is the top of the line offering by Mizuno. The bag is the same model used by all Mizuno Tour Staff. The bag is made of very high-quality materials and has 13 pockets for storing your essentials. Additionally, the bag has two full-length apparel pockets and a matching rain hood to protect your clubs. The bag has a five-way divider to keep your clubs neat and organized.

The Pro Staff Golf Bag retails for $500.

3. Mizuno Golf Pro Cart Bag

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What makes Mizuno Golf Bags Unique?

Mizuno golf bags are often more bare-boned than other golf bags on the market today and can lack some of the “flashier” features found in many golf bags today. However, Mizuno golf bags are expertly crafted. The quality of these golf bags is meant to last.

Mizuno golf bags include everything you need for a standard round of golf all within a product that is built for durability. If you’re looking for multiple cooler pockets, electric ports, or other superfluous features, there are other fantastic golf bags on the market that will meet your expectations more fully

Pricing of Mizuno Golf Bags

Mizuno golf bags are offered in many different styles. Starting at $100 and going all the way up to $500, the brand has a bag for every level of golfer – from beginning to the touring professional. But, you might be wondering how they stack up against competitors prices.

Let’s take a look at some comparable bags available on the market today and see how the pricing of Mizuno golf bags ranks.

A good comparable bag for the Mizuno Pro 4-Way Golf Stand Bag is the Callaway Golf 2018 Chev Stand Bag.  They both have easy-grab handles near the bottom of the bag, one full-length apparel pocket,  full-length dividers, and a lined valuables pocket.

Callaway Golf 2018 Chev Stand Bag

Mizuno Pro 4-Way Golf Stand Bag

callaway bag mizuno golf stand bag

Callaway Golf 2018 Chev Stand Bag

  • has five full-length dividers
  • The Callaway bag retails for $179.99
  • lightweight 4-way top with full length dividers

Mizuno Pro 4-Way Golf Stand Bag

  • has four full-length dividers, however, has additional pockets including an insulated drink pouch, ball pocket, and a magnetic pocket made specifically for a range finder or other electronics and waterproof
  • The Mizuno for $250

The Mizuno bag also comes with a matching rain hood, a specific channel for cart straps, and dual shoulder straps.

But, what about the pricing? The Callaway Golf 2018 Chev Stan Bag is a bit cheaper than the Mizuno Pro 4-Way Golf Stand Bag. The Callaway bag retails for $179.99 and the Mizuno for $250. For the savings of around $70, you may be content with the Callaway bag. However, the premium features of the Mizuno bag may be worth the $70 upcharge to you. It all depends on your specific needs on the course.

Let’s compare the higher end of Mizuno’s golf bags.

The top of the line bag from Mizuno, the Pro Staff Golf Bag, is easily compared to TaylorMade’s Tour Staff Bag. Both of these bags are prices incredible similarly and are touted as the “staff” bag for both brands.  The Mizuno bag retails for $500 and the TaylorMade bag retails for $499.99

But, how do the features compare? The TaylorMade bag is actually more feature-rich than the Mizuno bag.

TaylorMade Staff Golf Bag

  • TaylorMade bag retails for $499.99
  • TaylorMade Tour Staff Bag has a 6-way divider, two lined valuables pockets, two apparel pockets, two hard-shell pockets, two insulated cooler pockets, two accessories pockets, a ball pocket, a tee pocket, an umbrella sleeve, a hardware & towel clip, a 3-point shoulder strap, and a rain hood

     Mizuno ProStaff Golf Bag

  • The Mizuno bag retails for $500
  • Mizuno Pro Staff Golf Bag has a 5-way divider, two full-length apparel pockets, a mesh pocket for drinks and a color-matched rain hood

What Are Other Saying About Mizuno Golf Bags

Generally, reviews of Mizuno golf bags are positive. Searching across different platforms like Amazon, eBay, and the Mizuno site provide a plethora of feedback from those who have purchased a Mizuno golf bag.

One of the most common remarks on the quality of Mizuno golf bags is that they are built very well and are made to last but there is something left to be desired in terms of features available.

For example, this review left on Amazon.

I would have liked it if it had another accessory pocket or two. My stand bag (different model) has more pockets than this one. The accessory pockets that are available are a bit small as well. There is clearly room to add another accessory pocket but it seems like they were just lazy. I do like the magnetic pockets. I must say though, this is one of the best looking bags I’ve ever owned. Overall, I would have to say this bag is overpriced for what you get.


Brian, an Amazon user with a verified purchase of the Pro Cart bag, echoed similar sentiments in regards to the absence of luxury features.

My last Mizuno bag had a place that held 3 tees, very handy. Not a feature on this bag.There are double zippers (great). I like that the bag stands upright. The blue color is very vibrant, had many compliments. The lined beverage pocket is on the side, while the front magnetic pockets are nice they are 2-3 inches too small.


Pete from Sports Consumer ranked the Mizuno BR-D4 as one of the top seven golf bags for 2018 noting the flexibility offered by that particular golf bag.

It looks like Mizuno has not only hit this one out of the ballpark so to speak (they do make baseball gloves after all), but it’s arguably the best bag they’ve made to date!  The BR-D4 is best suited to anyone who divides their course visits between walking with a pushcart, carrying over the shoulder and using a ride-on cart.


What We Think About Mizuno Golf Bags

colorful mizuno golf bags

Mizuno golf bags are great bags. We think, however, that the mid to mid-high tier bags are a better deal than the premier bags from Mizuno.

The staff bags from Mizuno, however, are the same price if not more expensive as bags from bigger-name brands that offer much more. If you need an extremely high-quality, tour ready golf bag that without anything unnecessary, Mizuno’s staff bag will indeed be for you.

However, for the prices of the more mid-range golf bags, you’d be wrong not to at least consider a Mizuno golf bag.

Mizuno is historically a very good company. They have been pleasing golf aficionados since the early 90’s. We hope this guide highlighted some of their better golf bags and helped give you a better understanding on what each bag offers and whether or not they’d be right for you.

The market for golf bags is not shallow, so if a Mizuno golf bag turned out to not suit your specific needs, don’t give up. We can certainly help you find exactly what you’re looking for to make your performance on the course shine.

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