Nike Golf Balls Reviews

When you think of the brand Nike, you do not normally think of golf balls.

It may be for that very reason that Nike announced it was getting out of the golf equipment business back in 2016.

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However, you can still purchase Nike golf balls for the time being.

What Are Nike Golf Balls and How Do They Work?

That Nike is getting out of the equipment business is unfortunate. Nike golf balls actually get really good reviews from users, and the cost was reasonable.

For the foreseeable future, you can purchase new Nike golf balls online, just not from Nike’s own website. (You will see that they still have a category for golf balls in their online store, but there are zero (“0”) products available.

In addition to finding some new Nike golf balls still in the original packaging, you can find recycled Nike golf balls. These are not refurbished or packaged by Nike itself, but by third party golf ball recycling companies.

Eventually, unless the decision makers at Nike change their minds, you will not be able to find any new Nike golf balls or refurbished ones.

You could certainly write a letter to Nike letting them know how much you appreciated and enjoyed using their golf balls, in hopes they will change their mind.

However, the decision to stop manufacturing and selling golf equipment is now a few years old. It is not likely that they are going to revert back any time soon. The focus of Nike is now on apparel, for golf as well as other sports.

A Brief History of Nike Golf Balls

Here is a little history about Nike and its brief two-decade foray into the world of golf equipment and performance golf balls.

Nike was not known for its golf equipment business, which started in 1999 and got a boost from Tiger Woods. Woods had used Nike’s new Tour Accuracy Ball, which had a solid core, starting in May of 2000. He was using that ball when he won the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach in June of that year. Paul Azinger also used the Nike Tour Accuracy golf ball to win the Sony Open that year.

This really put Nike golf balls on the map.

Over the years, Nike introduced many new golf balls.

In 2001, Nike launched the Power Distance golf ball and Tiger Woods’s Tour Accuracy TW ball hit retail stores.

In 2002, David Duval’s Tour Accuracy DD golf ball was put on store shelves.

2003 saw the launched of Nike’s Mojo and TA2 Tour Accuracy golf balls.

In 2004, Nike introduced two more golf ball brands: One Black and One Gold golf balls.

The Nike One Platinum golf ball was introduced in 2005.

Nike also signed 16-year-old Michelle Wie while releasing the Nike Precision Power Distance – “Power Lady,” their first golf ball designed especially for women.

In 2011, the 20XI golf ball was launched, and then in 2014, Nike marketed their new RZN line of golf balls.

Then, on August 3, 2016, Nike announced their retirement from golf ball production.

Nike’s Announcement to Leave the Golf Equipment Business

2 men playing golf

Image Source: Unsplash

Nike never became a major, well-respected force in the golf equipment marketplace despite having endorsements with star golfers such as Tiger Woods.

Nike did offer reasonably priced golf clubs, golf balls, and golf bags (Tiger Woods carried one on tour). But they just never earned the level of golf cache that established brands such as Titlist and Callaway had.

Perhaps for this reason, Nike decided that it was not worth it to continue to pursue the golf equipment market. In 2016, the sporting company released a brief press release of only 141 words that announced their departure from the golf equipment manufacturing business.

“We’re committed to being the undisputed leader in golf footwear and apparel,” said Trevor Edwards, Nike brand president. “We will achieve this by investing in performance innovation for athletes and delivering sustainable profitable growth for Nike Golf.”

Some analysts blame the relationship scandals Tiger Woods went through in 2009 for Nike’s decision to leave the business. However, it was not just Nike that was hurt by Tiger Woods dropping out of the golf scene. The entire industry of golf ball manufacturing and sales lost around $10.2 million in revenue in 2009.

General interest in golf has been waning over the years, if Google Trends is any indication based on search volume on golf-related keywords. This is despite golf being a popular relaxing past time of both former President Barack Obama and current President Donald Trump.

Nike still sells golf apparel, which includes golf shirts, golf shoes, golf shorts, golf gloves, and golf hats for both men and women. Thus, you will still find Nike logos out on the golf course, just not on new golf bags, golf clubs, or golf balls.

What Makes Nike Golf Balls Unique?

Right now, what makes Nike golf balls truly unique is that they are an increasingly scarce commodity.

Eventually, the supply of new, unused Nike golf balls will be gone, and you will only be able to get refurbished or recycled Nike golf balls. And then some day, the supply of those golf balls will be exhausted and Nike golf balls will be a relic of that brief period of time Nike manufactured and sold them.

While standard Nike golf balls may not become collector’s items just because the company is no longer manufacturing them, if you had a signed Nike golf ball from a golf pro, especially Tiger Woods, that might be worth something.

Nike golf balls are otherwise now likely landing in bargain bins as they are now a few years old. Eventually the supplies will run out, and you will need to find another mid-range, reasonably priced golf ball to use in their place.


Right now, you can get the remaining new Nike golf balls for very reasonable prices. With some packages currently being sold on the retail giant Amazon, you can get 12 balls or 16 balls for a certain amount.

Especially if you are new to golf, and not very good yet, you absolutely do not need to be spending $4 per ball on Titlist golf balls. While these unused Nike golf balls aren’t the absolute cheapest – you can certainly find super cheap golf balls that run you about 50 cents per ball – they are good quality for the price.

When you use really cheap, bad golf balls, it can hurt your golf game. Of course, when you are first starting out, you do not want to spend a lot of money on golf balls that you will easily lose in the side bushes or water hazards.

At the same time, if your golf balls are making your bad golf game even worse, this can be discouraging. So, having a mid-range ball like a Nike golf ball can be a good “best of both worlds” scenario. And with the prices lower now that Nike is out of the golf ball business, you might want to stock up.

Public Perception (Other Nike Golf Balls Reviews)

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Generally, Nike golf balls have gotten quite favorable reviews and good ratings on ecommerce shopping websites such as Amazon. Some people, aware that Nike will no longer be selling new golf balls, have lamented that Nike made this decision.

Other people do not seem to be aware that Nike is getting out of the golf ball business.

The balls are generally reviewed positively for being good for carrying the ball for a long distance. Some folks have complained that Nike golf balls made their game worse...though they could just be using that as an excuse, couldn’t they?Some say the balls are just “okay” given the price.

Beware of Counterfeit Nike Golf Balls

Could some of the Nike golf balls still on sale be counterfeits? This would make sense given the fact that Nike is out of the golf ball business.

One reviewer of Nike Golf PD Long golf balls purchased in 2017 online reported that the golf balls he received came in a battered box and the balls had small marks on them. A few of the balls had dimples that were inconsistent with the rest of the golf ball set.

He wrote:

“My guess would be that these are refurbished balls, re-coated and then put into old Nike boxed, maybe one counterfeit ball found its way into the mix. I hope that's the case rather than a whole box of counterfeit balls or even better I may be completely wrong. I could be being very unfair, but something feels out of place here so I would recommend proceeding with caution.”

If the box you get does not seem new, and the balls are not consistent, you should consider writing a complaint. Reputable online retailers such as Amazon do not want counterfeits messing up their marketplace. In the least, if you decide not to return the balls, you might get a partial refund.

How Nike Golf Balls Compare

At this point, there is really no point in doing a deep comparison between Nike and other brands of golf balls. You will be limited to what you can find that is still available in Nike golf balls. There simply are not that many options left. Here are some of the types of golf balls by Nike you might still be able to find:

1. Nike Golf Hyperflight

Nike Golf GL0716-101 Hyperflight Ball, White
  • Launch it off the tee and stop it on the green
  • 3-piece construction
  • Delivers versatile performance tuned for maximum distance off the tee

These golf balls are advertised to fly for a long time and stop on the green. They include a three piece construction, with “ultra soft compression” in the core of the ball to help with achieving distance. The cover is supposed to be softer to make the ball “responsive for hyper feel around the green.”

2. Nike Golf Crush Extreme

Nike Golf GL0708-101 Crush Extreme 16 Bi-Ling White Ball
  • Softer, faster core
  • Thin, ionomer cover
  • Extreme dimple design

This ball is marketed as being “longer, softer, and straighter” with the following characteristics:

  • Softer, faster core
  • Thin, ionomer cover
  • Extreme dimple design
  • White color shell
  • Longer, softer, straighter

3. Nike Golf PD Long

Nike Golf PD Long Power Distance Golf Balls, White
  • High-velocity core
  • Durable incomer cover
  • 314 dimple aerodynamics

This golf ball from Nike boasts a “high velocity core and softened ionomer cover.” The dimples are designed to be especially aerodynamic. These are said to have good spin while achieving some distance.

What We Think

man playing golf

Image Source: Pexels

Nike offered a great balance between performance and affordability when it came to golf balls.

We think it is a shame that Nike is leaving the golf ball and golf club business. They offered a lot of reasonably priced golfing supplies that worked pretty well. You got a good bang for your buck, as it were.

Golf could use some more mid-range equipment companies. We can’t all afford spending premium dollars on expensive golf balls and clubs.

This is especially true for new golfers who are just as likely to hit it out into the woods than onto the fairway. Spending $3 or more per golf ball when you are likely to lose a few golf balls per game adds up over time.

Given the increasing costs of going to play golf, having affordable performance golf balls could mean the difference between playing once a week or twice a week...or even once a month versus three times per year.

And of course, the more often you play golf, the better you will get at it. So, use some cheap golf balls to get started and spend more time out on the green. If you can find some affordable Nike golf balls before they go away completely, even better!

Coupons and Deals

Since Nike has shut down its production of new golf balls, you are likely to find some of them available at sporting good stores in special sales or close out sections.

Check online at places such as Amazon,, and Ebay for the remaining new packages of Nike golf balls. You might not find the top of the line golf balls by Nike, but you may very well find some decent, affordable golf balls that can help you as you improve your golf game.

Nike Golf Balls Review
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Warranty


Nike golf balls are a great addition to your golf gear, especially for beginners. Carrying Nike golf balls for a long distance isn’t much of a problem. They are durable and are great for their price. Overall, we are giving this 4 stars out of 5!

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