Nike Golf Clubs Review: Will These Clubs Step Up Your Game?

Nothing can take your golf game from mediocre to phenomenal like a quality set of clubs. But, with so many different clubs out there, which ones should you ultimately go with?

In this piece, we will look at several different Nike golf clubs and see how they measure up against the competition.

Disclosure: We receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

It is important to note that all the specifications of the clubs mentioned in this piece were provided by the manufacturer and have not been verified by us. Unless otherwise mentioned, all the clubs in this review are for right handers. 

1. LH Nike 20-10B IC Putter

LH Nike 20-10B IC Putter
  • Nike IC Putter with cover
  • Milled face, easy eye sight, face balanced
  • Stainless steel with Tungsten weights behind the heel and toe

Specially designed by Nike with metals meant to enhance aerodynamics, the Machspeed fairway wood seriously delivers when it comes to speed and distance. Not to mention that the special square technology provides more stability on the majority of fairway shots.  

Additionally, the 455 Ultra Thin Face offers longer shots and a hotter response, while the Ultra Light Wide Body 70-gram shaft design features UST’s Patented AXIVCore Technology that improves impact and makes it simpler to swing the club head faster.

Costing around $$$, this club received mostly positive reviews from customers.

2. Left Handed Nike IC 20-15A

Left Handed Nike IC 20-15A Putter
  • Stainless steel
  • Nike IC Milled face

When it comes to have a solid set of golf clubs, a quality putter is an absolute must, and Nike attempts to deliver that with its IC Putter RH 20-20A.

Thanks to the optically crafted alignment aid, you will be able to more easily focus your eyes on the putter face. The club also has a high MOI (moment of inertia), which allows you to stabilize the putter head throughout the stroke for improved accuracy and increased confidence.

The milled putter face is also crafted to improve distance control, accuracy, and predictability across your swing.

With a price tag of $$, this putter received mostly positive reviews from customers.

3. Nike Victory Red 3 Hybrid Rescue 21

Nike Victory Red 3 Hybrid Rescue 21 (Aldila Voodoo Regular) 3r Golf...
  • Nike Victory Red
  • CG has been shifted to help optimize workability and distance
  • 455 ultra thin face delivers hotter response and longer shots

With a shaft constructed out of carbon fiber, this fairway wood is equipped with a split compression channel coupled with a 455 Ultra Thin face meant to deliver longer shots and better club response.

The Tour-inspired physics and design also gives the club an ideal center of gravity along with an open face angle that helps you to achieve top performance levels. There is also the special crossline grip, which is perfect for top-notch driver positioning.  

Available for around $$$, the Victory Red Hybrid received mostly positive reviews from customers.

4. New Nike VR Pro Combo

New Nike VR Pro Combo Iron Set 8-PW Uniflex Steel RH
  • Nike VR Pro Combo
  • Shaft Flex: Uniflex
  • Shaft Material: Steel

While buying golf clubs individually is the way to go for some people, other players enjoy the convenience of buying a set of clubs.

With this VR Pro Combo Iron set, you get an 8-iron, and 9-iron, and a pitching wedge. Each of the clubs comes equipped with a steel, True Temper shaft that is also uniflex. The velvet style grip is also a massive plus.

Available for $$, this set received high marks from customers.

5. Nike Golf Victory Red Pro Men's STR8

Nike Golf Victory Red Pro Men's STR8-FIT Tour Driver (Right Hand, 6...
  • Shot-shaping distance
  • STR8-FIT technology
  • Personalize your club face angle

Breaking Down the Nike Vapor Fly Pro 6-Iron. At a price tag of $$, this club is equipped with a Dynamic Golf Pro S300 steel shaft. With a standard lie, length, and loft, the club also comes with a gray Tour Wrap grip designed for an ideal short game.

Customer reviews for the Vapor Fly Pro were mostly positive.

4 Other Clubs on the Market

To give you an idea of how some of the Nike golf clubs stack up against the competition, we also looked at four other golf clubs on the market.

  1. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set (12-Piece)
  • IRONS/WEDGESPerimeter weighting and progressive sole width technology for improved control
  • HYBRIDSDesigned for versatility and forgiveness on shots where you would usually hit a difficult long iron; (Headcovers...

Complete with 12 clubs, the Strata golf set can be purchased for right-handed as well as left-handed golfers.

With a massive sweet spot, the 460cc forged driver offers a prime off-the-tee experience, while the 3-wood offers a more aerodynamic approach for high and long shots. The versatile hybrids that come with the set also offer a decent alternative to the irons.

When it comes to the irons and wedges, these stainless steel bad boys are great for offering a healthy dose of control as well as forgiveness.

Finally, the putter comes with T-Style alignment, which is ideal for achieving the greatest amount of accuracy on your short game.

The set also comes equipped with a durable and lightweight stand bag that includes five pockets, an extra cooler pocket, a backpack strap system, and a rain hood.

Costing around $$$, the Strata set received predominantly positive reviews from customers.

  1. TaylorMade Spider Putter

TaylorMade Golf 2018 Spider Putters
  • Spider Arc geometry provides the high-MOI Spider design with better stability, improved alignment, and greater forward...
  • Lightweight aluminum body combined with a heavy stainless steel ring for higher MOI to keep the face square to the path
  • Soft surlyn Pure Roll insert increase forward roll and distance control in a softer-feeling putter face

Available in Tour Black, Tour Platinum, Tour Red, and Tour Red with Sightline, the TaylorMade Spider Putter is one of the best on the market.

With its modern mallet head design, lightweight feel, and long alignment line, this putter is designed to serve up the best shots possible.

Offered in length options of 33”, 34”, and 35” as well as for right handers and left handers, the Spider Putter does not come without its fair share of options. With a head weight of 360 grams, a loft of 2.5 degrees, a lie angle of 70 degrees, and a face balanced toe hang, the putter is equipped to deliver top-notch on-the-green performance.

But that is not all. Thanks to perimeter weighting, performance on mis-hits is designed to drastically improve, while the patented Pure Roll combines soft polymer and 45-degree groves to create fantastic topspin and feel.

Available for between $$$ and $$$ (depending on what style and size you get), the Spider Putter received glowing reviews from customers.

  1. Cobra King F7 Driver

Cobra 2017 Golf Men's King F7 Driver Connect
  • TeXtreme Carbon Fiber yields a 20% lighter crown allowing more weight to be redistributed lower and deeper into the club...
  • Re-engineered Forged 8-11 Titanium E9 face is a variable thickness structure that is designed to be lighter, thinner,...
  • Tune your trajectory with 8 different loft/lie combinations while maintaining a square face at address. Cobra's MyFly8...

The name Cobra King pretty much screams amazing design quality, and that is exactly what you get with the Cobra King F7 Driver.

Offered in a variety of colors, perfect for both right and left handers, and available in regular, senior, and stiff flex, this club is customizable to basically fit your every need.

When it comes to high-quality features, this club has got them in spades. The Textreme Carbon Fiber Crown allows for greater weight distribution, leading to longer off-the-tee distance. Also, thanks to the alterable CG settings in the front, back, and heel positions, you are basically getting three drivers in one with this club.

Additionally, the forged Ti-811 E9 face creates a larger sweet spot and allows for faster ball speeds, while the MYFLY8 with SMARTPAD offers adjustable loft settings.

With a price tag of $$$, the Cobra King F7 Driver received fantastic customer reviews.

  1. Wilson Harmonized Black Chrome Golf Wedge

Available in loft of 52 degrees, 56 degrees, or 60 degrees, Wilson’s Harmonized Black Chrome Golf Wedge is constructed with a unique sole grind, which allows you to open up the club face for optimal performance.

With a durable anti-glare finish, this wedge offers pique around-the-green efficiency, whether you are looking to take a long bunker shot, a quick and easy greenside chip, or a high-trajectory precision shot onto the green.

Costing around $33, this club received mostly high praise from customers.

What to Consider When Deciding on the Right Golf Clubs for You

Whether you are thinking of going with Nike golf clubs or a different brand, there are a variety of things you should consider when deciding on the right golf clubs for you.

For one, you should consider your immediate needs. Do you need a whole set of clubs or just a new driver, 3-wood, iron, wedge, or putter? Once you determine your club needs, you should then focus on the specifications of the club or clubs you are looking to get.

Especially these days, most clubs, for the most part, offer similar sorts of features. Nevertheless, you will want to pay special attention to club specifications, depending on the club or clubs you are in the market for.

Does the driver have a large enough sweet spot? Does each iron have a good feel, a stable grip, and a solid stroke to it? Is the putter equipped to offer the greatest amount of accuracy possible? These are important questions to keep in mind before purchasing a golf club.

Now, the manufacturer of a particular golf club can be an important thing to look at as well, as this will give you an idea of brand reliability. But don’t be tempted to buy yourself a club solely because you saw Tiger Woods swinging it in a commercial.

The club’s manufacturer may be a vital facet to consider, but it should not be the largest deciding factor. You will want to also consider you own personal taste and style of play to figure out which clubs will best benefit your game.

Finally, you should look at cost.

The Bottom Line on Nike Golf Clubs

While there are other equally impressive golf clubs on the market, Nike offers a wide assortment of golf clubs that are used by both PGA Tour pros and fresh-on-the-course beginners alike.

If you are looking for quality clubs that also will not put a dent in your wallet, it is hard to go wrong with Nike.

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Nike Golf Clubs Review
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Nike offers a myriad of golf clubs that are utilized by both PGA Tour pros and beginners alike. Nike golf clubs are durable, feature an ergonomic design and are sold at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for quality golf clubs, you can never go wrong with Nike. Overall, we are giving this 4.6 out of 5 stars!

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