How Often Should You Replace Golf Clubs?

A major part of golfing is having the right set of golf clubs to elevate your game. However, when your golf clubs, or irons, are outdated or in a general bad condition, your entire game can be ruined. Unlike many of the golfing accessories like your bag, shoes, and gloves; most golfers feel a strong connection to their clubs and don’t want to switch them out on a yearly basis. Once you become used to and comfortable swinging a set of clubs, they become a major part of your game. However, there comes a time in every golfer’s game where his clubs are hanging by a thread and their game is suffering immensely. When this happens, it is time to swap out your old irons for new ones.

But, how do you know when it’s time to replace your clubs?

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For starters, the best indication of you needed new golf clubs is a change in your game that can not be explained otherwise. If you notice that your score has drastically changed though your skills haven’t or that a change in your handicap index, it is likely time to change out your golf clubs for new ones. Another strong indicator is if you purchased your golf clubs over 3 years ago. Most golfing experts agree that you should not go more than three years with a single set of golf clubs. While it is definitely not an inexpensive hobby, purchasing new golf clubs every three years can keep you on your game. If you aren’t able to keep up with purchasing a new set as often, try taking your old set to a golf pro professional shop to have them take a look at them and asses where they are and how you can improve upon the set you already have.

Another indicator that it may be time to switch out your clubs is one that does not actually affect your actual clubs at all. When deciding on whether you need a new set of irons, consider your age. Many times, golfers are using clubs that are too stiff for them and their age or gender therefore, their swings and shots are not going as far as they could be. Golf clubs are available in extra stiff, stiff, senior and ladies. If you are approaching your senior years but you’re still swinging your clubs from your youthful age, it is likely that you need to switch them out for more appropriate ones.

Lastly, a sign that your golf clubs are not the right fit for you is that you aren’t improving in your game. If you are a novice player and have gone through lessons, instructions, and practice but still haven’t seen an improvement in your game, it may be the clubs that are holding you back from reaching your full golfing potential.

Golf clubs are are an essential part to your game and making sure that your’s are in good working condition and are either switched out or assessed every three years is the key to making sure your game stays on point.

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