How Often Should You Replace Golf Shoes?

Perfecting your golf swing is more than just the right technique. While the ideal golf club and the perfect knee bend is great for hitting the ball just right, your golf shoes are just as important. Over time, your golf shoes can be worn and the spikes can be useless making it almost impossible to get in the right stance for the right putt.

Changing out your golf shoes for a new pair depends on a few different factors, so you might be ready for some new ones or you might not need them right now. Your golf shoes can have a relatively long life span depending on how often you wear them as well as the conditions and fields you play on. If you are more likely to play on a wet field often, that can definitely speed up the deterioration of your golf shoes. Aside from the condition of the field that you are playing on and how often you you use the same pair of golf shoes, how they are stored plays a role as well. If, after a long game, you simply toss your golf shoes in the back of your car or trunk without wiping them off or drying off the extra water, you can definitely age your shoes quicker than necessary.

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When it comes to replacing your shoes, it is important to pay attention to the signs your shoes are giving off that they need to be replaced. For starters, if water has seeped into the inside of your shoes, it is best that you move forward with replacing them. Water damage is hard to fix and can be a breading ground for bacteria. Depending on how much water has seeped inside of your golf shoes, you may be able to replace the insole and allow the outside to air dry. Another sign that it’s time to let go of your shoes is if you are noticing a loss of traction. Just like your regular, everyday shoes; traction is absolutely necessary. If you feel like you are slipping a lot or feel like your feet are sliding from underneath you, it is probably time to replace your golf shoes due to the loss of traction. Finally, if your shoes are no longer comfortable for any reason, it is certainly time to replace them. How can you play the perfect game when your feet hurt? Whether your shoes are too tight, too small, too big, or stretched out around the toes; if your feet feel uncomfortable at all, replace them with a more comfortable pair.

Another important factor when it comes to your golf shoes are the spikes. Spikes, like any other part of your golf shoes, can become worn down and effect your game. The good news, however, is that you won’t have to purchase a whole new pair of shoes because of your spikes. Many golfers make sure that they change the spikes on their shoes one to two times a year to make sure that their game is not effected.

Your golf shoes are as important to your game as your swing. If you don’t have the right shoes that are in a good, working condition; your game can definitely suffer. Always look out for extra wear and tear, moisture, and comfort. You golf shoes should last at least two seasons when they are taken care of properly. However, if any of those aspects are off, replace them and watch your game improve.

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