Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Golf Push Carts for Golfers Over 50

Instead of carrying your golf bag around the course and injuring your back in the process, you may want to consider picking up a push cart to make the job easier. These units allow you to be able to strap your bag onto them and push your bag in front of you, which will allow you to be able to carry your clubs around the course without any strain. Golf is such a popular sport that there are all sorts of these push carts available on the marketplace.

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Best Push Carts for Senior Golfers

If you want to learn some more things about push carts and the things you should look for, then skip below to read our guide. But if you’re ready for some recommendations, here are a few of our favorites that are currently available for purchase:

Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Golf Push Cart Review

Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Golf Push CartIf you have a moderate budget for a cart and want to get something that has quite a few features, you should take a look at this cart. The cart comes in three color options at the checkout, which is awesome if you want to match your cart to the bag that you have. The design is capable of folding up to a pretty small size for storage purposes and you will also like the fact that this cart is light weight and has maintenance free tires that are capable of being able to go over top of most difficult terrain.


  • One really cool feature of this cart is that a golf bag can remain on the unit when it is folded
  • The design has a front wheel fold design in it, which makes it shorter length wise for storage purposes
  • The design is light weight, which is ideal if you don’t want to do heavy lifting
  • The design has a two-step folding process, which makes putting the cart away for storage a lot easier
  • The design comes in a matte black color, a silver/ black color as well as a white/ lime color
  • The design has an adjustable handle on it with four height options
  • You will find a lot of convenient features like a smart phone holder, a beverage holder as well as a scoreboard holder, pencil holder and even a storage compartment
  • A push on/ off break system is incorporated into the design of this cart so that the cart doesn’t roll away on you
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  • The design does not have a cooler, which means you may have to bring your own to keep food and drink cold


If you want a really nice bag for a low budget price and are willing to sacrifice having a cooler, you are going to be very pleased with this design. The push cart is a three wheel design that has a ton of convenience features to help out your game. With three different color options available and an awesome, easy-fold mechanism it truly is hard to beat this design. A golf cart that is definitely worth your consideration, even if you are looking for an expensive unit.

Spider 3 Wheel Golf Cart with Seat Review

Spider 3 Wheel Golf Cart with SeatThis is another great push cart that comes available for a moderate to low budget range. The cart is a three wheel design and comes available in three different color options. The cart has a ton of cool features in its design and the cart truly is built for maximum comfort. The design is extremely stable and if you are looking for convenience, not only can this push cart fold up, but it can also hold a lot of your golfing equipment leaving your golf bag free for storage of more personal items.


  • The design has a quality on/ off brake so that the cart can sit on rough terrain with ease
  • The design has a padded seat built into its design, which is ideal if you need a break while out on the course
  • The unit is compact in size, but can also fold down to an even more compact size for storage purposes
  • The long list of features that this bag possesses includes: Drink holder, ball marker, score counter, score card holder, a storage net, a handle console as well as an adjustable bag strap to keep your golf bag from moving around on the cart
  • The lower price tag that is attached to this unit makes it more affordable for the average golfer
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  • There is no cooler built into the design of this golf bag
  • Some golfers may not want a seat attached to their cart


If you are okay with having a seat available on your cart and can deal with the fact that this unit has no cooler, you are probably going to like this design. This cart is capable of holding a lot of golfing supplies, which is ideal in terms of accessing your golf equipment quickly while out on the course. This cart is extremely easy to move around and it will definitely stay where you parked it thanks to it’s on/ off braking design. A really awesome push cart that is packed with features all for a pretty fair price tag.

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What To Consider

If you want to be able to pick out something that is going to last you and that is going to do a good job of holding your golf equipment, you may want to take a look at our breakdown of the things you should look for in a quality golf push cart:

The Handle:

If you are looking to pick up a new push cart, you are definitely going to want to take a look at the handle on the cart. It is a good idea to make sure that the handle is going to be easy to push around. When you push on the handle, you want the cart to move easily. The cart should be fairly easy to turn, in fact, you shouldn’t have too hard of a time trying to turn the cart while pushing it with one hand. Another thing that you should expect out of a cart handle is that it is ergonomic and comfortable to hold onto. If you are willing to pay a high price tag to pick up a golf cart, you may find that the cart handle actually has the ability to be able to adjust to different lengths to suit people that are of different heights.

The Wheels:

Generally, you will almost always find that push carts have three or four wheels. A two wheel push cart is no good because it doesn’t allow you to be able to turn the wheels easily and change direction. When looking at the wheels on a cart, you should definitely look at the size in order to make sure that the cart is capable of traveling over any rough terrain on your local course. The larger the wheels are on your cart, the more likely it is that the cart won’t have problems travelling on rough terrain, which is something to remember.


One of the main features that you might want to look for in a cart does not really pertain to golfing. You might want to look for a cart that is capable of folding up so that it can compact down for storage purposes. Especially, if you have a small vehicle and take your clubs to and from the course on a regular basis, you may find that this feature is extremely important. In fact, you may even want to see if the manufacturer has specs for cart size so that you can be sure you have both enough room in your vehicle as well as enough room wherever you are going to be storing the cart.


One thing that ranges a lot from golf cart to golf cart is the fancy features that come attached to the golf cart. Here is a list of the most common features that are attached to golf push carts so that you can get a better idea of the things that you want on your own push cart:

  • Beverage holder/ cooler
  • Scorecard holder
  • Tee holder
  • Pencil/ pen holder
  • Phone holder
  • Seat
  • Umbrella holder
  • Storage compartment

What Materials Should I Look For In a Quality Golf Push Cart Design?

If you want to pick up a push cart that lasts you for a long time, you are definitely going to need to pay attention to the materials that the cart is made up of. The most important thing is that the cart is rust-proof and doesn’t contain breakable parts. Look for small pieces of plastic and vulnerable areas on the cart before you purchase. If you want something that is rust proof, see if you can find something that is at least painted and if you can, it also helps if you can find something that isn’t made of steel and is instead made out of something like aluminum.

Strapping In Mechanics:

One thing that could cause you troubles if you choose to get a cheap cart is the strapping in mechanics of the cart. Different manufacturers like to change how bags strap onto their carts. If you want to be able to put on and take off your golf bag in a matter of seconds, you may want to see if you can find some kind of a two strap design. Something like Velcro or even a buckle strap design is very quick to use and it is pretty effective at being able to keep your golf bag in one place.


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