Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Putters for Golfers Over 50

Putting is a place in golf where many people struggle, especially when they are pretty new to the game. This is an area that can take a lot of practice, especially if you are golfing on some difficult greens. However, a good quality putter is something that can definitely have a large impact on your golf game and it can definitely improve your scores.

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Best Putter For Senior Golfers

Below we’ll let you know about some of the things that a quality putter possesses, but first, here are some examples of quality putters available on the market today:

Callaway Golf 2018 O-Works – top men’s pick!

If you have a higher budget for a putter and want something that can give you quality putts time after time, you may be interested in picking up this mallet design. This putter is available in a left as well as a right handed orientation to suit your needs. The putter comes in two different shaft lengths and it has some great alignment technology in its design, which is sure to help improve your game.


  • The design comes in a 35 inch length as well as a 38 inch length
  • The stainless steel plate on this putter will give you a very nice feel of the ball, which will help to increase the accuracy of your shots
  • The design has a high contrast alignment line, which allows you to be able to line up your ball to any angle that you desire
  • The design is made by a big name manufacturer and has been tweaked and used by many professional players
  • The advanced Micro-hinge design from Callaway will help you to have a better ball roll at impact, which is great for long distance shots
  • The heaviness of this club will help you to have a more consistent swinging path and therefore better putts more often
  • With your purchase, you do get a head cover with this putter, which is ideal for long term durability
  • At some retailers, you can choose to pick up a two year equipment protection warranty, which can give you some peace of mind with your purchase
  • Some of the weight in this putter is adjustable so that you can find a weight that suits your putting style




  • This putter does have a bit of a high price tag, which could definitely be a bit out of budget for some beginner golfers
  • The design is heavier than a lot of putters, which could take some getting used to


As long as you don’t mind taking some time to get used to using a putter that is a little heavier than most, you are likely going to love how much this putter improves your game. This design will help to make your putts nice and consistent and you will definitely find it a whole lot easier to line up your ball with this putter’s advanced alignment design. This putter may be a bit of a high price tag, but it will almost definitely give you a bit of an edge over a traditional putter and potentially your competition. Definitely a putter that is worth some consideration if you are in the market for one.

Odyssey Women’s White Hot RX Vline Fang Putter – top women’s pick!

Odyssey Women's White Hot RX Vline Fang PutterIf you are a woman and want to improve your putting game with a quality mallet putter, you may be interested in this design. The putter comes in both a left as well as a right handed orientation to suit your preferences. The design is available in three different lengths and the putter has a moderate to high price tag attached to it, which makes it more affordable to the average golfer.


  • The design comes in a 32 inch, 33 inch as well as a 34 inch design
  • A soft core face on this putter will help you to get more feel when putting without sacrificing speed, which is great for learning
  • The design has an advanced face on it, which increases friction and striking surface so that your ball will come off of the club at a faster rate of speed
  • The V Line fang shape of the head of this putter helps with alignment and accuracy
  • The design comes with a head cover, which is ideal for long term use and durability
  • The shaft of the putter has a bend in it, which will help to improve the feeling of the putter and give you more feedback on your shots
  • Textured clear coating on the putter helps to protect the surface and increase overall ball speed




  • The moderate to high price of the club could still be out of reach for some golfers
  • The design doesn’t come in any tall options, which may not be preferable for some people
  • The grip on this putter is a standard design, which means you may have to watch wrist movement when using the putter


As long as you don’t mind a shorter putter and can afford the price tag that is attached to this one, you are going to love this design. The putter offers a soft core, which will help you to be able to get a very good feel of the ball and a more accurate shot. The design comes in a variety of smaller sizes to suit your personal tastes and it is capable of working for a wide variety of golfers due to there being a left and right handed orientation available. This is definitely a quality design and one that you might want to think about picking up if you want to improve your ball alignment and your overall golf game.

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What To Consider

To help you be able to pick out a putter, we will go over the various types available and some of the things that you might want to search for in a putter so that you can putt more accurately and sink more shots out on the course.

Putter Face:

There are all sorts of different materials that are used in the faces of putters. You will comes across plenty of designs that use materials such as rubber, nickel, aluminum, stainless steel and even copper. Different golfers like the feel of different materials, but it really is a personal preference as to how hard of a face you want to have on your putter. It is important to keep in mind that a soft face is generally the best kind of face for a fast green, while a hard face is something that you will likely want for a slow green. It is a good idea to try out a variety of different faces to see what you like as it is always the most important to choose what feels the best for you.

Putter Length:

This is one of the main decisions that you are going to have to make when choosing a putter. There are a wide variety of different lengths of putters that you can choose from in the marketplace and choosing the right length of putter is nothing like choosing the rest of your clubs. There are even putter designs that come up as high as your chest in order to help you be able to align your shot and keep it as smooth as possible. Here are the types of putter lengths that you will come across and the advantages that they have:

Belly Putter:

This type of putter is designed to help minimize the amount of movement in your wrist when you putt the ball. Generally this type of putter is around 40-45 inches long. With this type of putter, you can push the putter against your stomach in order to create an effect called anchoring. The advantage of anchoring is that you can push the club against your stomach in order to provide extra stability. Anchoring is banned in professional golf, but belly putters themselves are not. If you want an advantage and don’t plan to become a professional golfer, you may definitely want to consider one of these designs.

Chest Putter:

This type of putter is the type of putter that you may want to go with if you have a sore back. This type of putter rests on your chest and creates a smooth swing, which removes wrist movement just like a belly putter. This design is generally between 45 and 50 inches in length. The main issue you may have with this type of putter is over shooting or under shooting your ball. This type of putter is accurate, but you may have a bit of a hard time gauging the distance of your shots.

Traditional Putter:

This type of putter is the type that you likely think of when you think of a regular putter. This design is generally 35 inches long, but you can easily pick up a design that is a few inches shorter if you desire. These types of putters are generally the cheaper ones available in the marketplace, but they definitely are capable of putting the ball into the hole. Wrist movement may appear when using this type of putter, but if you are careful and practice, you likely aren’t going to run into many issues with this traditional design.

Putter Head Types:

If you want to pick up a quality putter, one thing that you may want to learn is the difference between the three main types of putter heads. These types have different benefits and it can definitely be hard to choose between the three designs if you don’t know the advantages. Here is a breakdown of the three major putter types so that you will be able to have a better idea as to what kind of putter you may be interested in purchasing:


This type of putter is an older style of putter that is still fairly popular as a result of the low price tag. This design is basically a flat, thin piece of metal attached to the shaft, which is not very forgiving if you accidentally miss hitting the ball on the center of the face of the putter. If you are on a budget, this just might be the type of putter to look for.

Half Mallet/ Mid Mallet:

This type of putter is designed to offer a relatively affordable price tag with some alignment aids to help you be able to line up your ball with the hole. The main advantage of this type of putter compared to that of the blade, is that this type of putter is more forgiving if you happen to hit the ball off center. The putter is relatively lightweight and the alignment aids in this design does tend to help you be able to sink the ball into the hole faster in most cases.


This type of putter is the largest type of putter and is often more expensive than that of the other two types of putters as a result of having some pretty advanced, technical designs. This type of putter has a large head on it and comes in a wide variety of shapes such as a half circle or a square. The design has most of the weight in the face of the putter, while the shape at the back end helps to stabilize the putter throughout your stroke. This type of putter has a lot of feel to it and it is generally fairly forgiving, which is why it is almost always the recommended type of putter for a beginner or an inexperienced golfer.


If you choose to pick up a mallet or a half mallet type of putter, you are likely going to find that the club has some kind of an alignment assist built into its design. Different manufacturers incorporate this differently than others, you will notice that some manufacturers have a line on the top of the putter to help you line up your shot, while others will have the whole back end of the putter designed to help you aim. Especially when you are a beginner player, putting is one of the most difficult parts of the game. If you want to have the easiest possible time putting, you may want to consider picking up a club that has alignment built into its design. Generally, the larger the head is on the putter the easier it is going to be to see the face of your putter and align your shot, which you may want to keep in mind.


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