Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Rangefinders for Golfers Over 50

If you are out on the course and hitting the ball, but misjudging the distance of your shots, you should consider picking up yourself a rangefinder. A rangefinder is essentially a tool that you can look at, which will allow you to be able to accurately see how far you are away from the pin on a given course. After you have more experience golfing, you will notice that you consistently hit clubs certain distances, which is why a rangefinder is so important. It can help you to choose which club is the best to use in a given situation and it can also give you a good idea of how hard you should swing.

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Best Rangefinder for Senior Golfers

Now that you have learned a bit about rangefinders, here are a couple of our favorites:

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Review                            

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf RangefinderIf you have an average budget and want a rangefinder capable of being able to accurately read long distances, you are going to be a fan of this unit. The rangefinder provides very fast measurement and is extremely accurate. The design is ready to go right out of the box and it will easily allow you to be able to read a course and determine which club you should use to have the best shot possible.


  • The design is light weight and portable with a weight of just 185 grams
  • The unit comes with a battery so that it is ready to go right out of the box
  • The design is accurate to a distance of one yard, which is great for the price tag
  • The laser rangefinder can measure up to 540 yards, which is quite a long distance
  • The design is water resistant, which is good for peace of mind
  • The unit is capable of being able to measure hazards and can measure in yards or meters
  • The design comes with lifetime customer support and a two year satisfaction guarantee
  • Multi-layered optics allow for easy reading of distance in seconds
  • The design has a battery meter so that you never show up at the course with a dead rangefinder
  • The product comes in a nice carrying pouch, which will help to protect the product from damage
Where to buy:


  • Although the unit is about an average price tag for a rangefinder, it’s still relatively expensive and some golfers may not want to pay that much


If you are looking to pick up a design that offers long distance accuracy and an easy to use design, you will definitely appreciate this device. The rangefinder has extremely nice lenses and it is hard to find a device that has a battery meter on it for your own convenience. If you are looking to grab a lightweight design that is not only durable, but that is built to last you for a long time, you should definitely think about picking up one of these products.

Suaoki Digital Laser Rangefinder Review

Suaoki Digital Laser RangefinderIf you want a low budget rangefinder that still offers the accuracy of a laser, you should have a look at this awesome rangefinder. The device is capable of measuring accurately up to an extremely long distance away. The device allows you to be able to change between different modes to suit your needs out on the course. This is an extremely portable design that comes with a convenient bag and lanyard to help protect the device from damage and make it easier to bring around with you.


  • The device weighs just 152 grams, which is extremely light weight
  • The unit is capable of measuring up to 656 yards or 600 meters away
  • The laser rangefinder is extremely accurate and can actually measure within a meter of accuracy
  • The design has 6 times magnification so that you can see what you are up against
  • Modes on the device allow you to lock in the flagpole, adjust for fog, see horizontal distance, height, speed etc.
  • The device allows you to be able to hide measurements that you don’t want or need so that you can use the product how you desire
  • The design is rainproof, which can give you some peace of mind
  • Low price tag of the rangefinder is definitely appealing
Where to buy:


  • The design does not let you know when it is low on battery
  • The smaller design of the product can make it a little hard to keep steady to take a measurement


If you have steady hands, it is hard to find a rangefinder this accurate for this low of a price. If you are okay with the rangefinder not having a low battery indicator and want to save some money, you should definitely think about grabbing one of these. The rangefinders rainproof design is built to last and when combined with the amazing distance this unit can read and all of the mode options that it has, it certainly is hard to beat.

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What To Consider

To help you pick out a rangefinder, here are the things that you should look for:

Total Range:

As we get older, vision is one thing that often goes. Fortunately rangefinders have some amazing magnification that can allow you to be able to see what lies ahead. Rangefinders, especially laser designs are able to magnify long distances extremely well. You will find that you will be able to accurately see how far away the flag is, even on long par five holes. The best way to make sure that you have enough range in a rangefinder is to take a look at the length of the holes on your local course, find the longest hole and makes sure that the rangefinder is capable of seeing the end of the hole.


Depending on the rangefinder that you pick up, you may notice that there are different modes built into the design. Having different modes can be useful as they often allow you  to be able to adjust for weather such as fog and rain so that you can have an accurate reading every time. One other thing to consider when looking at rangefinders is if the rangefinder is capable of being able to read hazards. It is definitely nice to know how large a bunker is and where it is on the course so that you can avoid hitting into it at all costs. A quality rangefinder can definitely help improve your game in multiple ways.


If you want a good rangefinder, you definitely need to consider portability. Rangefinders are fairly expensive devices so you should make sure that the unit you are buying comes with some kind of a case to make it more portable. Lenses on rangefinders are easy to scratch, but a case can stop this from happening. You may also want to consider the size of the unit you are buying and buy something that can easily fit into your pocket or golf bag according to your needs.


If you want your rangefinder to last you, you might want to consider looking for a waterproof or at least some kind of a water resistant design. Most rangefinders will be one of the two, but you will likely have to pay a bit more money to get something that is completely waterproof. Something like a rainproof design is likely all you need, as that is the worst weather you will likely encounter when you are out on the course.


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