How Often Should You Replace Golf Gloves?

Golf equipment is a big part of the sport. You need quality products to help you play your best game. Caring for your equipment from the clubs to your shoes and gloves is important. It’s not always clear how often you should replace certain items in order to get the best results and performance, but it’s a good idea to know.

One frequently-used item you should know more about is golf gloves. Gloves are not necessary but many golfers wear them to improve grip. You use them each time you play, and comfortable, well-fitting and quality gloves are important. How often should you replace them? How should you best care for them?

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Preference Is A Big Factor

Some people wear their gloves until they get holes in them. This may be a comfort issue, or perhaps they feel their gloves are lucky! Gloves can range in price from just a few dollars to much more, depending on materials and brand. For some, it’s just not economically feasible to replace gloves each game. Other people prefer to replace gloves frequently and even keep a few pairs on hand to switch out every few holes. Some people don’t wear their gloves more than once or twice.

Signs You Just Need New Gloves

  • Holes or tears in the material — it can happen after one round.
  • Worn grip — this defeats the purpose, time for a new pair.
  • Stains — obviously this doesn’t affect performance, but why not look your best.
  • Moldy or smelly — avoid this by not stuffing damp, sweaty gloves in your bag. Let them air dry.
  • Poor fit — gloves can stretch out over time.
  • The material stiffens — this is a result of dirt, sweat and moisture build-up. Time to get a new pair.

Your golf gloves basically need to be replaced when you feel they are no longer useful. Again, this often comes down to preference.  Bottom line, don’t get too attached to your gloves, they are made to be used and replaced often.

Caring For Your Gloves

It’s important to keep your gloves dry. If you are in a warm or humid climate, or are playing in wet conditions, you will need to replace gloves more often. You will also want to keep extra gloves to change out if the ones you are wearing become wet. Damp gloves can impact your grip and affect your game. Keeping your gloves dry will help them to last longer. One reason some people go through golf gloves more frequently is grip. If you are gripping the club too tightly, you may end up with holes before you know it.

Gloves may be made of leather, synthetic material or a combination of the two. Glove material will play a large role in how long the gloves last and how often they need to be replaced. Gloves that are higher-quality will last longer. Synthetic materials tend to last longer than leather, but they don’t breath as well and many golfers prefer leather.

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