Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Shafts for Golfers Over 50

One thing that you might not have known about club shafts is that you can actually purchase them and install them onto most clubs. Generally, you would do this in order to extend the life of a club or to fix a club that had the shaft break on it. If you’re in the market for shafts, then let us help you out! Or, click here to view the best selling golf shafts at Amazon.

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Best Shaft for Senior Golfers

Below you can get a better idea of what you might want to look for in a golf club shaft, but here is an example of a quality replacement shaft and an example of a shaft extender that is available for you to buy right now.

Pro Taylor Fit NANO Made PGA Tour 65 Gram Graphite Golf Iron Shafts Review

Pro Taylor Fit NANO Made PGA Tour 65 Gram Graphite Golf Iron ShaftsIf you want to get a brand new shaft for your club and are interested in picking up something that is a graphite design, you may like the looks of these shafts. The shafts are available in four different flex options to suit your needs and are designed to be light weight and easy to swing. The shafts are ideal for hitting the ball maximum distances, while still maintaining some very good ball control.


  • These shafts come in ladies, regular, senior as well as stiff flex options
  • The design is only 65 grams, which is much lighter than a stainless steel design
  • The unit has a mid-low bend point on the shaft, which offers an optimal ball launching angle and minimal ball spinning
  • The unit has swing speed recommendations so that you can figure out what flex is the best one for you
  • The butt of the shaft is extremely firm, which offers very good feel for where you are hitting the ball
  • The design is 40 inches in length, which is about the average size of shaft for a club
  • The design has quite a low price tag attached to it, which is awesome if you want to save some money and get a quality shaft
Where to buy:


  • The unit only comes in a 40 inch design, which may not be ideal if you are really tall or short
  • No options for shaft color are available and you are stuck with getting a graphite design


If you are interested in picking up a graphite design and want to get something for a low price tag, you are likely going to be pleased with one of these shafts. These shafts are very lightweight in design and it is awesome that they come in four different flex options to suit the needs of most golfers. It definitely is hard to find quality shafts such as this one on the market, but if the 40 inch design of this shaft is something that works for your height and preferences it is very likely that this is a product that could work for you if you are in need of some new golf shafts.

Hireko .600 Steel Shaft Extender Review

Hireko .600 Steel Shaft ExtenderIf you have a set of irons or any steel shaft clubs for that matter, that are a little too short for you, you may want to have a look at this product. Rather than replacing the entire shaft of the club for something longer, you can pick up one of these units and install it on the end of your club. The awesome thing about these shaft extenders is that they are such a low price tag and they aren’t too hard to install.


  • you can pick up one of these units with a butt size of .58 or .6 according to your needs
  • The unit fits underneath the grip so you hardly know that you have an extension on the end of your club once installed
  • The design is meant to be able to provide an exact fit for almost all steel shafts so that you have no issues putting the extender onto your clubs
  • The unit can be cut if you want to reduce the length of the extender
  • The design is very lightweight and you will hardly notice that the unit is on the end of your club
  • You can cut the device from both ends, which makes sizing the extender a breeze
  • The unit is around two inches in length, which provides quite a lengthy extension and a lot of room for your hands


Where to buy:


  • The golf club will have to be re-gripped if you decide to put on an extender, which could cost you a fair chunk of money
  • An extender does add to the weight of the club, which does technically slow down your swing and reduce your distance


As long as you don’t mind paying to have your clubs re-gripped, you are likely going to be a fan of this extender. Although the unit might not work on a graphite club, this is the ideal solution for someone who has outgrown a nice set of stainless steel shaft clubs. These shaft extenders are easy to cut and relatively easy to install, thanks to the precise sizing of these products. For such a cheap price tag, it can definitely be hard to not pick up a few of these extenders and try your hand at extending some old clubs. This product can definitely save you some money and help to improve your golf game by allowing you to use something that is actually the proper size for your body.

What To Consider

As we touched on before, there are generally two types of shafts available on the market. Graphite shafts and stainless steel shafts are the most common type of club shaft that you will come across and it is important to know all of the differences between these two types. We’ll cover that and everything else you need to know before shopping.


Besides having more flex and helping to create a lighter club, there are other reasons why you may want to consider getting something that has a graphite shaft. These types of shafts are much better at absorbing impacts than that of steel shafts. If you hit the club deep into the ground and miss the ball, which is a common thing for beginners to do, you are going to hurt yourself a lot less if you buy a club that has a graphite shaft design. Another huge benefit for this type of club is that you can generally hit the ball around five yards further than if you were hitting with a stainless steel design. This can make a massive difference out on the course and can result in a pretty large decrease in strokes so long as you can hit the ball accurately.

Stainless Steel:

The main benefit of this type of shaft is the cheap price tag that comes with clubs that have this type of shaft. Some golfers also believe that a stainless steel shaft results in more club feedback for the user, which is why some people prefer this kind of shaft over a graphite shaft design. Generally, you will be more accurate with your shots if you have a stainless steel club. One thing to note is that if you have an improper swing, which you might have as a beginner golfer, a graphite shaft may make your problem worse. It is important to note that a stainless steel shaft can result in a lower swing speed and distance losses of as much as 10 yards, which is certainly something that you will want to consider when picking out a new club or set of clubs.


When you don’t actually break the club that you have and have instead outgrown the club, you may want to consider buying one of these devices. These products are designed to be able to fit into the butt of an existing shaft underneath the grip of a unit. The design slides in and extends the club length so that you can get something that is more suitable. This is an ideal product if you accidentally buy clubs that are too short for you. However, it is important to note that the grip will have to be removed from the club and put back on for the extender to be installed.


One of the main things that you will get to decide when picking up a club or a shaft on its own, is the flex that you want the club to be. There are a variety of flexes available, but generally, you will see flexes like ladies, regular, senior as well as a stiff flex option. To be able to choose an appropriate flex, you will need to know your swing speed. The faster you swing your club, the stiffer the flex you are going to want to have in order to drive the ball accurately and for a long distance. If you swing fast and buy a flexy club, you are likely going to be able to hit the ball a long distance, but it will be almost impossible to control the location of the ball. It does not hurt to go for a test to see how fast you swing and then look for the specs so that you can see what flex is the best option for you.

Bend Point:

This is a spec that is sort of like the flex of a club, but it is a little bit different. This is essentially the thin area of the shaft of the club that bends the most during a swing. Different bend points on a club will result in a variety of different things. Generally, you should look for something that bends towards the mid to low end of the shaft of a club as this will allow you to have a better launch angle on the ball. The lower the bend point is, you will notice that with your eyes, you will be able to see the club flex more when you swing. Almost all manufacturers will state the bend point of the shaft of their clubs and this is definitely something that you should look for if you want to get the maximum amount of speed and the most amount of ball contact when you swing your clubs.


The length of a club is extremely important and the shaft of a club is the main thing that makes a club longer or shorter. The best way to be able to figure out what size of shaft you need to purchase is to look at a sizing chart. However, you need to be able to understand what the sizing chart means in order to be able to properly choose what size of shaft you should get. Generally, sizing charts are made around the premise of a “standard” club size. This club size is generally the average human height on the chart and is likely marked. Normally this standard size will be in about the 5’7” to 6’ range. Once you have located the standard range, you need to look at the specs of those clubs and then if you are of a different height, you follow the chart and add or subtract length on the standard clubs based on your height. To measure your own height, you simply have to measure the length of your wrist to the floor and then you should have no problem finding the appropriate length of club to suit your needs.


This is one thing that can range from shaft to shaft and that can definitely have an impact on your golfing game. Although a graphite shaft may be a lighter weight than that of a stainless steel design, you are going to come across various different weights of graphite shafts. The heavier the shaft is, the slower you are going to swing the club, which may be a good thing if you have a fast swing. The opposite is true for a lighter shaft, which will allow you to be able to swing your club at a faster rate of speed, which is ideal if you swing fairly slowly. There are benefits to swinging at a slower pace as a beginner player as it allows you to build up some consistency and get proper habits down pat.

Butt Length/ Tip Diameter:

This is the most important thing to look at if you are switching out an old club shaft for something new. You have to make sure that the tip of the club will fit with the head of the club otherwise the new shaft is going to be pretty useless. Generally these measurements will be in inches so just make sure you take the time to see if everything will fit before you purchase.


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