Skechers Golf Shoes Reviews: What Makes These Shoes Unique?

Skechers Golf Shoes Reviews

Skechers is a name synonymous with shoes, but maybe not with golf shoes. You may not have even known that Skechers produced or sold golf shoes. The fact is, however, that Skechers has 39 models of golf shoes for men and 26 models of golf shoes for women.

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These shoes tend to be traditional but affordable. We’d also like to note that we were very pleasantly surprised with the feedback that Skechers golf shoes receive.

We hope to shed light on this and provide you with more information to help you make the best possible purchase decision.

What Are Skechers Golf Shoes?

Skechers Men's Go Golf Elite 3 Golf Shoe,White/Navy,8 M US
  • Leather deco-stitched upper
  • 2 year waterproof guarantee
  • Lightweight, responsive 5gen cushioning

Skechers releases a new line of golf shoes every year. Their 2018 offerings were revealed in February of this year. Skechers golf shoes are a part of their GO GOLF shoe range.

Though the shoes have actually been received quite well by amateurs and professionals alike in the past, 2018 was a very good year for Skechers’ GO GOLF range. The GO GOLF Elite V.3 was a part of the 2018 rollout of new golf shoes by Skechers.

The GO GOLF Elite V.3 was named the Best Men’s Golf Shoe of 2018 by Golf Digest and one of the Best Spikeless Shoe of 2018 by MyGolfSpy.

Skechers president Michael Greenberg shared the company’s excitement and recognized the future of golf shoes as a continued part of the Skechers brand.

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized as top performers in the golf industry. Our Skechers GO GOLF® collection outperformed amongst competitors because we use our unique innovations to deliver on both stability and comfort. And we’ve now made the Best Spikeless list with MyGolfSpy for two consecutive years further reflecting the credibility of the GO GOLF line both on and off the course.”

What Makes Skechers Golf Shoes Unique?

Skechers Men's GO Pro 4 Waterproof Golf Shoe, Gray/Blue, 8.5 M US
  • NOTE: For internal purpose the manufacturer states wide as EWW
  • Replaceable soft spikes and Waterproof
  • Official shoe of PGA Professional Matt Kuchar

You may still be a little bit wary about trusting Skechers to make quality golf shoes as the brand is typically associated with casual wear and occasionally with performance footwear. Let’s look at some of the various models of golf shoes offered by Skechers and outline some of the tech unique to the brand.

The current highest-tech offering in the GO GOLF range of Skechers golf shoes is the GO GOLF Pro V.3. This particular shoe was designed and developed by Matt Kuchar, a member of the Skechers golf team. Kuchar currently plays on the PGA Tour but has previously played on the Nationwide Tour. Kuchar is a very consistent player having won over $30 million in prize money and place in the top-ten around 80 times over the span of the last 12 years.

The GO GOLF Pro V.3 is equipped with Skechers Softspikes technology. This allows cleat spikes on the bottom of the show to be replaced very easily as they wear down over time using Softspikes’ Steal PIN system.

GO GOLF Pro V.3 shoes are also very comfortable. Each shoe comes standard with a cushioned insole, midfoot support technology, and lightweight cushioning. The shoes are quite impressive in terms of durability as well as the upper part is constructed of smooth leather.  The GO GOLF Pro V.3 is also waterproof.

Skechers does have other, more affordably priced golf shoes available as well.

For example, the Skechers GO GOLF Fairway shoe. They are fantastic golf shoes that are sold at a budget price. Features of the GO GOLF Fairway include

  • Cushioned insole
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Cushioned outsole
  • Breathable fabric upper construction
  • Lightweight construction

Because of how lightweight the shoe is and how much padding is included inside, this particular model of Skechers golf shoe has found quite the audience among those recovering from an injury.

If you’re a golfer who is conscious of animal rights, you will be happy to know that Skechers offers several full-vegan models of golf shoe. While many golf shoes on the market today must harm animals to be produced, the GO GOLF line from Skechers offers their Drive, Fairway, and Focus shoes in versions that are 100 percent free from animal products.

The Drive shoe in the Skechers GO GOLF line is a very attractive golf shoe as well. As we mentioned, it is fully-vegan, but what else does the shoe offer?

The Skechers GO GOLF Drive 3 shoes is equipped with a moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet dry throughout a round of golf. The textile and synthetic material construction is very durable and does not harm any animals in production. Lastly, the shoe is equipped with a high-rebound insole for extra cushioning.

Comfortability and durability are one area where Skechers golf shoes seem to shine, which is ironic considering that many major providers of golf equipment have trouble nailing comfortability even in their most luxurious model of shoes.

How Skechers Golf Shoes Compare

In the grand scheme of things, Skechers golf shoes measure up to their competitors.

We mentioned earlier that some specific models of Skechers golf shoes had received accolades this year from MyGolfSpy.

In a press release found on Nasdaq’s website, an explanation is provided that reveals that MyGolfSpy does real, quantifiable side-by-side testing to synthesize their rankings.

“MyGolfSpy compiles top products from each golf shoe category, which are put through rigorous side-by-side testing and scored across a range of weighted categories. Their findings are based on factors including stability provided by the shoe throughout the round as well as comfort of the shoe that a golfer gets straight from the box and during the swing. Golf Digest’s studies are pulled by Golf Datatech—a research firm providing the golf industry with specialized market research.”

The testing process was further outlined by MyGolfSpy. Players were asked to shoot eight shots while wearing each pair of shoes that was to be tested. Players rated each shoe on a number of factors both during the testing process and after it was completed. Additionally, members of the publication inspected the shoes after each test without the knowledge of the players – looking at the  insoles, midsoles, and outsoles for anything that could limit functionality or comfort.

“This year we approached spikeless shoe testing with more critical scoring and improved protocols. This was based on an intensive look at the market and feedback from consumers just like you. Several key findings from that research influenced the shoe testing process for 2018.

Through this head-to-head testing method, players determined that the Skechers GO GOLF Elite V.3 is

  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Great shoe for walking
  • Very stable during swinging
  • Low to the ground with great traction
  • Good stability
  • Simply a great golf shoe

The only recorded “con” of this shoe is, “Skechers style is not for everyone.”

Overall, in the head-to-head test, the shoe received a score of 88.25/100.

What We Think About Skechers Golf Shoes

Skechers Men's GO Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoe, Black/red, 10.5 W US
  • Gripflex spikeless outsole
  • Waterproof
  • Resamax cushioned insole

We have no shame in saying that we were pleasantly surprised by the offerings in Skechers’ GO GOLF collection. From a name that is not traditionally associated with golf equipment comes a line of shoes that meet nearly all reasonable expectations a golfer could have.

At the prices that Skechers golf shoes are offered at, it would be somewhere between difficult and impossible to find a better shoe endorsed by a professional golfer. Not only are many Skechers golf shoes endorsed by professional golfers, some were even developed by a professional directly.

Some players take issue with the Skechers style. And, while they aren’t “out-of-this-world” and over the top fashionable, there is nothing wrong with the design of most Skechers golf shoes. They are fairly traditional but have been shown to be quality shoes that last.

Skechers shoes are available very widely. Chances are you could find multiple pair of Skechers shoes at any standard shoe supplier in your town. This can be a huge plus in a mainly-online marketplace. Whereas other brands require you to take a shot in the dark at sizing, fit, and style from their online catalog, Skechers shoes can be purchased in more place.

If you haven’t given them a chance – like we hadn’t – check out Skechers for your next pair of golf shoes. Regardless of your price range, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. Most specifications on the shoes line up with each other. Even if you take as small of a step as heading down to your local athletic equipment supply store and trying on a pair or two of in-stock Skechers golf shoes – there is no harm in that.

Skechers Men's Torque Brogan Relaxed Fit Winter Golf Boots Shoe,...
  • 2 year Waterproof
  • Replaceable Soft spikes
  • Lightweight and responsive Ultra Flight midsole

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