Snell Golf Balls Reviews: Are They Worth It?

If you have never heard of Snell golf balls, you are not alone. However, you could be missing out on the best golf balls at the most reasonable prices, so read on to learn about this amazing golf ball.

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What Are Snell Golf Balls And How Do They Work?

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Snell Golf is a direct to consumer golf ball company. What does this mean?

A direct to consumer golf ball company is one that markets its golfing products directly to customers through the Internet.

They do not sell their original golf balls at local brick and mortar stores via distributors or at big box sporting goods retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods.

This allows these direct to consumer golf ball companies to offer high quality (sometimes professional level) golf balls for much lower prices than you would normally pay.

Many of the golf balls developed by these companies have original designs that you cannot get anywhere else.

Some of these companies with original golf ball designs include:


​This direct to consumer golf ball brand donates $3 of each dozen golf balls sold to golf-themed charities. They sell balls with a cover that provides more spin through a tacky texture. The “progressive core” compresses to support a variety of different swing speeds.


​A triple layer construction enables the ball to ride long off of the tee. With a cover made of urethane, the ball has a soft feel to achieve high spin.


​This brand offers excellent spin via lofted clubs with a durable tacky-like cover. The core is progressive to allow for consistency in the flight of the golf ball.


​These golf balls have been developed with the input of golf pro Jack Nicklaus. They offer a high-speed “gradient core” to increase distance and a urethane cover to improve control and consistency.


​These golf balls claim to have the best initial velocity and a true line while putting, along with superior backspin.

Snell Golf is a leader in this arena with superb, high quality golf balls that rival Titleist – and that is no surprise, as the man behind Snell, Dean Snell, used to design golf balls for Titleist.

Snell golf balls offer a durable but soft cover cast with urethane that is designed to promote spin for the short game, as well as consistency and precision. A “mantle layer” helps to control the spin and improve long and mid iron flight. The low compression core minimizes excess spin during drives while improving height to achieve maximum distance.

Snell Golf currently sells the following types of golf balls:

1. Snell MTB Black My Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

Snell MTB Black My Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
  • Tour caliber golf ball
  • Cast urethane cover
  • Great performance

This is Snell Golf’s premiere product, which is the next generation version of their original MTB golf ball. This tournament-legal ball achieves USGA standards.

Features of the MTB Black golf ball include 3-piece construction, a urethane cover, and a 7% lower compression core to maximize distance by reducing spin generated by the driver.

The ball is designed to also create control for the short game.

It is also the winner of the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List GOLD MEDAL Award.

2. Snell Golf MTB Red My Tour Ball

One of the things that distinguishes the MTB Red golf ball from the MTB Black is the “Dual-Feel Technology.” This is to create a firmer feel on the long shots with a softer feel for the short ones.

The inner mantle layer is designed to help with irons by increasing spin on those shots, while keeping the spin manageable for driver shots. A urethane cover also helps with the short game.

You can legally play with the MTB Red ball in tournaments, and they meet all USGA standards.

The MTB Red is also a 2018 Golf Digest Hot List GOLD MEDAL Award winner.

3. Titleist (TITLA) Snell Mix Golf Balls 12 Pack, White

Titleist (TITLA) Snell Mix Golf Balls 12 Pack, White
  • Snell Golf's my Tour ball and get sum golf balls are growing more popular. Try them out to see why
  • Please note: this Mix will contain my Tour ball and get sum models and will not contain a set percentage of each...
  • Free of cuts, but may have slight scuffs, blemishes, minor discoloration and smudged print. Player pen markings and...

The My Tour Golf Balls by Snell is sold in one dozen and developed to be durable and perform with high velocity. These balls will definitely up your game!

4. Snell Get Sum Balls

Snell get sum balls

The Get Sum golf ba​​lls are slightly “lower quality” balls (which is relative – these are still great golf balls). This ball is constructed of only two pieces instead of three (like MTB Black). There are

Thanks to the Surlyn cover, these golf balls have a soft feel and will go very straight, but do not provide a ton of spin on the shorter shots.

These are also USGA conforming golf balls that can be played in tournaments legally.

Yet again, we have a 2018 Golf Digest Hot List GOLD MEDAL Award winner here.

Snell Swag

Snell golf Bag

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In addition to selling quality golf balls, Snell Golf also sells hats, including beanies and baseball hats, gift cards, and a Snell branded golf bag.

What Makes Snell Golf Balls Unique

As mentioned above, Snell golf balls are designed by a long-time golf ball designer by the name of Dean Snell, who spent many years working for the premiere golf line Titleist on their golf ball development.

Among the golf balls that Snell designed before having his own name branded on a golf ball, he made the following for professional golfers:


Professional 90, Pro V1


​TP Red, TP Black, Penta TP, Penta TP5, Lethal, Tour Preferred, Tour Preferred X

​And here are golf balls Dean Snell created for non-professional, recreational golfers:


​HP2 Tour, HP2 Distance


​Burner, RocketBallz, RocketBallz Urethane, Project [a]

With 28 years under his belt working in golf ball research and development working for major golf companies such as Titleist and TaylorMade, Dean Snell has a whopping 40+ United States patents, including many for his unique golf ball designs. He was originally a plastic engineer, and took his engineering know-how and applied it to the physics and flight mechanics of golf balls.

He founded Snell Golf in 2015, and it quickly became a hit among golfers looking for a premium golf ball at a reasonable price.


Snell golf balls are a great deal for their high quality. Comparable golf balls from major golf companies such as Titleist can cost $ for a dozen (Titleist Pro V1X), whereas Snell golf’s premiere golf balls sell for $ per dozen.

Remember, Snell golf balls are sold by a direct to consumer company. Their golf balls are sold directly on their website and not through distributors.

Therefore, you have to be careful when purchasing Snell golf balls on the Internet from websites other than the official Snell Golf website. Sometimes the prices are inflated, even on websites like Amazon where discounts are more typically the norm.

For example, Snell My Tour Golf Balls have been sold on Amazon for $$ for one dozen golf balls, which comes out to $ per ball. This is an incredibly high price for a golf ball, and not a necessary price to spend when cheaper options are out there.

(They may be higher price due to being an older model that is no longer sold on the Snell official website, but wouldn’t you want the newest golf technology anyway?)

In comparison, Snell Golf MTB Red My Tour Ball sells for $$ for 12 golf balls on Amazon. Not only is this a newer model, it works out to be $ per golf ball. These golf balls are actually a dollar cheaper on the Snell Golf website at $.

A value pack of the same type of Snell golf ball is $$ for six dozen, which works out to a cost of $ per golf ball. This value pack is available at the Snell Golf website.

Thus, it pays to buy in bulk, and you should check the Snell Golf website first, instead of assuming that prices at online big box stores like Amazon would be better.

Public Perception (Other Snell Golf Balls Reviews)

Diffirent kinds of snell golf balls

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Snell golf balls get excellent reviews overall, averaging around a 4.5 to 5 star rating on various online stores (including their own website).

The general verdict is that Snell golf balls are just as good if not better than the most expensive performance golf balls on the market. People absolutely love them. Words like “amazing” and “beyond expectations” are frequently used by customers.

Here is a prototypical review by a very happy customer of Snell MTB Black, titled “Blown Away”:

“Over the last few months, I’ve been testing different “tour caliber” balls to find what’s best for me, yet isn’t $/dozen. Took these out today for the first round since I got them. Fired a 74! What’s even more amazing is I’ve never even broke 80 before. These feel great off the tee and offer great distance. Irons flew straight and true with amazing bite on the green and very soft around the greens I missed. Can’t believe the performance. I’ve tested a lot of balls owning a golf publication, but I’m done. This is my ball!”

If you do find a bad review on a website (such as Amazon), it is usually because the seller (not Snell Golf) has priced the golf balls too high. The bad review doesn’t have anything to do with the ball itself, just the inflated pricing.

How Snell Golf Balls Compare

Snell golf balls are comparable with the expensive professional golf balls sold by companies such as Titleist. Only, Snell golf balls are much more affordable due to the direct to consumer business model.

Given that Dean Snell used to design the best in golf balls for Titleist, you can expect that Snell golf balls will continue in that tradition. This means you can enjoy some truly innovative and high quality golf balls from Snell without totally breaking your bank.

Pro V1 Golf Ball

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This is a great option in particular for up and coming golfers who are not at that level where they can justify the high expense of the premium golf balls by Titleist and the like.

If you are still losing a few golf balls per game because they are landing in the woods or worse in the water hazard, Snell golf balls are a way to get high performance without totally blowing your budget on lost golf balls.

What We Think

We think Snell golf balls are absolutely fantastic and well worth the cost, which is a lot less than you might pay for comparable high performance professional golf balls.

When you purchase Snell golf balls directly from the company’s website, you are also supporting an independent business that is a lot smaller than the big golf companies. Supporting direct to customer golf ball companies is a great way to help grow the game of golf. It helps promote innovation and diversity in the business.

In general, we think the direct to consumer model for golf ball manufacturing is an extremely positive trend. You, as the consumer, will get the benefit of the latest golf ball technologies along with creative idea generation from golf ball gurus like Dean Snell. This is ultimately really good and healthy for the golf equipment industry as a whole.

Coupons And Deals

If you want to get the best deals on Snell golf balls, the best place to go is the Snell Golf website. Snell Golf offers value packs for all their lines of golf balls. When you purchase Snell golf balls in bulk, you will get the absolute best price along with a nice set of truly performing golf balls.

Additionally, Snell often sells the last year’s golf ball models on their website as close-out deals. As of this writing, the 2017 MTB closeout golf balls are sold out, but check back at their website. Snell Golf is sure to have other deals and closeouts as they launch their newest and latest lines of professional quality golf balls.

Snell Golf Balls Review
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  • Build Quality
  • Design
  • Warranty


Snell golf balls are absolutely incredible and are well worth the cost. They are a lot less than you might pay for comparable high-performance professional golf balls. All their products are the best deals you can get. These golf balls are durable and perform at high velocity to ensure a quality golf experience. Further, their direct to consumer model for golf ball manufacturing is an extremely positive trend. Overall, we give this product 4.5 stars out of 5!

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