Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Socks for Golfers Over 50

When you are out and about on the course for an entire day, you are going to want to have a pair of socks that is comfortable, lightweight and that doesn’t leave blisters on your feet. Golf socks are the perfect solution and are an essential piece of clothing to wear out on the course to ensure that you leave the course pain free. Unfortunately, not all golf socks are made with quality and it is important to know a few things about good pairs of golf socks so that you will be able to pick yourself up a pair.

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Best Golf Socks for Seniors

If you want to know the basics of golf socks, then skip down below to read our guide on what to look for in a new pair. And if you’re ready for our recommendations, here are a couple nice pairs we found that you might want to check out:

Swiftwick – Maxus ZERO, No-Show Socks for Running and Golf – top men’s pick!

Swiftwick - Maxus ZERO, No-Show Socks for Running and GolfIf you want to get a relatively thin pair of socks, but one that provides a ton of comfort for your feet, you may be interested in this sock design. The sock comes in a total of eight different design options and you can choose to pick up this sock in one of four different size options available. This is a sock that will help to keep your feet nice and dry, while providing you a large amount of comfort and blister protection.


  • The socks come available in a small, medium, large and an X-large size option
  • The design has a ton of padding in it, which goes all the way from the back of the heel of the sock to the top of the toe area of the sock
  • The design is contoured to help reduce wrinkles, which could cause blisters
  • The yarn used in the design is said to be up to 42 percent better at moisture lifting
  • The sock is an ankle sock design, which is likely the type you want in order to stay nice and cool out on the course
Where to buy:


  • This is just a package of one pair of socks, which some people may not like depending on how much you golf


If you are interested in picking up a pair of socks for a pretty reasonable price tag, you will likely want to have a look at this option. These socks are designed to help keep you cool in a hot climate, but they are also designed to provide long term maximum comfort. These socks have a ton of padding in their design and it is hard to beat the advanced moisture relief yarn that is incorporated into the design. Definitely a very nice pair of golfing socks that you should consider.

Swiftwick – Performance ZERO, No-Show Athletic Compression Socks for Golf and Running – top women’s pick!

Swiftwick - Performance ZERO, No-Show Athletic Socks for Golf and RunningIf you are looking to grab a very comfortable pair of socks for a pretty average price, you should definitely look at this design. These socks are available in two different color options to match your personal tastes. The socks are designed to be used in relatively hot weather as a result of their thin design.


  • The design is said to have a moderate level of cushion, which can keep you comfortable throughout the entire course
  • The design has a high degree of moisture prevention and it sports a blister free design
  • The design is an ankle sock, which is cooler than that of a full size sock design
  • The heel and the toe of this sock are made with Nylon, which helps to make the sock more durable over the long term
  • You can pick up these socks in a small, medium, large and an X-large design
Where to buy:


  • This is just a single pair of socks, which may not be enough if you plan to go golfing often


If you are planning to grab a single quality pair of golfing socks, you may definitely want to have a look at this pair. This is a very nice pair of socks that comes available in pretty much any size that you could need. The design is very good at blister prevention, which is great if you want to have a really long game on the course or if you want to walk the course instead of carting it. Although this pair of socks may have a bit of a steep price tag for just one pair of socks, you are definitely not going to be disappointed with the anti-moisture and comfort that these socks can offer.

–> View more socks in our guide on the best dry and comfortable golf socks

What To Consider

If you want to shop on your own, below you’ll find our tips on what to look for in a quality pair of golf socks for seniors.


If you want to be comfortable while wearing a pair of golf socks, one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a pair of socks is the built in cushion. A quality pair of socks will have a thicker bottom on them so that they are more comfortable to walk around in. The most comfortable pairs will extend cushion all the way to the toe of the sock, which will allow your whole foot to step and feel support throughout.

Moisture Prevention:

One thing that can make you a lot more comfortable when you are out and about on the course is having dry socks. Wearing a regular pair of socks out onto a golf course is likely going to result in a lot of sweating and not a very nice overall experience. Instead of suffering, you should look for a design that is anti-moisture and that is nice and thin so that your feet can be as cool as possible and as comfortable as possible while roaming the course.


Having the right size of sock is almost as important as wearing the sock itself. If you wear a sock that is too thick, you are going to sweat so much that you are probably going to end up with blisters on your feet. On the other hand, you also want to make sure that the sock isn’t too big as this will result in crinkling, which can also cause blisters and a lack of comfortability. If you happen to pick up too small of socks, you may also run into issues. Wearing too small of socks can cause your socks to slowly slide down your foot, eventually coming off of your heel altogether.


A thin sock is definitely not the perfect sock for everyone. It is important to take into consideration how warm of an environment you are in as well as what shoes you are wearing. If your shoes are naturally too large for you, you may actually find that wearing thicker socks is more comfortable as it will make your shoe conform to your feet better. Ordering the right thickness is a one-time deal, which means you are really going to have to think hard about your climate, shoes and preferences before making a final decision. Luckily socks aren’t super expensive so the worst case scenario is ordering another pair.


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