Sun Mountain Golf Bags Review: Comfort Meets Style

The golf industry is competitive, even when compared to other sporting goods markets. With so many brands competing for interest from players, spending researching and development money, and signing major stars to sponsorship agreements; it’s no wonder big brands like Sun Mountain golf bags and Nike have stepped away from the golf equipment business.

Sun Mountain is an interesting name in the golf world. Unlike a lot of popular golf brands, Sun Mountain does not produce golf clubs or golf balls. Instead, this brand focuses on golf bags and apparel.

Step foot onto any golf course or into any golf retailer and you will see a number of Sun Mountain golf bags. The brand has a reputation for quality and style.

From stand bags for men and women, to cart bags, to travel cases; Sun Mountain golf bags are built to meet the needs of every golfer.

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However, with so many options available, is Sun Mountain the brand you want to go with for your next golf bag? Let’s take a closer look to see what sets Sun Mountain apart from the competition and if their golf bags are worth your hard earned money.

What Makes Sun Mountain Golf Bags Unique?

 Unique Sun Mountain Golf Bags

A non-golfer might look at a range of golf bags from various brands and conclude that all golf bags are, more or less, exactly the same. Some may be bigger, some have different colors, but a golf bag is a golf bag.

Of course, golfers know better and Sun Mountain knows golfers.

Golf brands all spend a lot of money on research and development. Some brands focus on building a new driver that helps players hit the ball further. Sun Mountain focuses on making high-quality, high-tech golf bags.


  • Waterproof
  • Full length dividers
  • Plenty of storage, yet small enough that it fits in a hard travel case without smashing it


  • Expensive compared with other brands

Sun Mountain is so serious about innovation in golf bags they have an entire page dedicated to their work regarding innovation on their website.

On that page, you will find what differentiates Sun Mountain golf bags from the competition. Sun Mountain boasts more use able club space, the easiest and most comfortably shoulder strap, a zero-gravity weight management system that helps their bag feel lighter, exceptional waterproofing, and more effectively-designed travel cases.



Our Rating


All of that adds up to make the best golf bag in the game according to the Golf Datatech information provided on Sun Mountain’s website.

Of course, the question now becomes whether Sun Mountain’s golf bag features actually make a difference for golfers or if they are simply nice marketing terms that don’t mean much at all.

What Do Players Think of Sun Mountain Golf Bags?

Sun Mountain Golf Bags Cx1 Cart Bag

We know that Sun Mountain believes they make the best golf bags on the market. Frankly, we would be a little concerned if a brand didn’t have that kind of confidence in its own product. But does Sun Mountain actually make the best golf bag money can buy? The only way to answer that question is to gauge the public perception of Sun Mountain golf bags.

Search the internet for golf forums and you will find countless discussions about Sun Mountain golf bags. Players want to know if a Sun Mountain bag is worth buying over other competitors like Ogio, Ping, Taylormade, and Titleist.

The first thing you will notice from actual player reviews are comments about the style. Of course, style doesn’t make a bag good or bad, but if you’re going to spend good, hard-earned money on a Sun Mountain bag, then you better look good while you make your way around the course.

Style for every player

This is one of the areas where Sun Mountain really shines. It truly feels like there is a style for every player. Want a subdued, black and white golf bag that doesn’t make a big statement? Sun Mountain has the bag for you. Want a bright, eye-catching golf bag that will stand out anywhere on the golf course? Sun Mountain has you covered as well.

The appearance of Sun Mountain golf bags often earns high marks from reviewers. Is it the most important part of a golf bag? Probably not – but it’s nice to look good while you play.


Another thought that commonly comes up when players discuss Sun Mountain golf bags is how the bags feel expertly-designed. Not only do the bags look great, but players often comment that the pockets and features were designed thoughtfully to make it easier for golfers to access what they need while walking their round.

The other small details like padded areas, a small handle for loading and unloading into vehicles, and a quality large handle for carrying or strapping onto a cart show that this bag is truly a premium product. Some bags look great on the shelf but lack actual real-world performance. Sun Mountain has managed to cover both areas.

Sun Mountain Golf Bags Sync Cart Bag

Above all, however, is the weight and weight distribution of the bag. Find any review online about a Sun Mountain golf bag and chances are the reviewer is raving about the feel and carry weight of the bag. Simply put, Sun Mountain is a clear leader when it comes to weight distribution and design.


The Sun Mountain straps make it easy to comfortably carry a loaded bag. In addition to making carrying easy on the shoulders, Sun Mountain bags distribute weight in a way that makes it feel like the bag is almost weightless. This is their zero-gravity technology at work.

As a result, it’s not uncommon to see people say that Sun Mountain bags are the reason they can walk an entire round of golf with their bag on their shoulders.

The weight distribution technology helps players avoid pain and fatigue so that they can play the best round of golf possible. Who says a golf bag doesn’t matter when playing?


Finally, another very popular feature of Sun Mountain golf bags is the waterproofing measures. Every regular golfer has found themselves out on the course in the middle of a rain storm at some point. While the dedication to the game is nice, finding a bag full of wet items is not.

Sun Mountain has waterproofing built into their golf bags that is rated for mountain climbers and campers. Players can be confident that toughing out a little rain storm won’t damage the belongings they carry with them including wallets and cell phones.

Overall, the perception from golfers about Sun Mountain golf bags is overwhelmingly positive. You will find many more people raving about these bags than complaints.

In fact, if you were to search for complaints about Sun Mountain golf bags you would be hard-pressed to find much. Most complaints are simply complaints about the higher cost of the bags when compared with other bags. That is a topic we will expand on later.

How Sun Mountain Golf Bags Compare With the Competition

Having nice features and reviews is one thing but standing out among the competition is something entirely different. Does the attention to detail put into Sun Mountain bags make them the right choice for golfers?

There are a number of brands that are directly comparable to Sun Mountain, but perhaps the most appropriate comparison is Ogio.

Sun Mountain and Ogio have a similar presence in the sport. Both brands are known for bags and apparel, plus both brands also make products for other spots as well.

Sun Mountain Golf Bags Phantom Cart Bag

Sun Mountain vs Ogio

Comparing Sun Mountain and Ogio is like comparing two sports cars. Each option looks great and each option has its own unique features. In many cases, picking one over the other may simply come down to personal preference.

A few of the finer details are what sets Sun Mountain apart from Ogio and other golf bag brands. First, there are very few brands with the waterproofing experience and technology found in Sun Mountain products. If you are the type of golfer who likes to tough it out in the rain, then you may find Sun Mountain has better options.

While Ogio does offer very nice shoulder straps and weight distribution, there is a prevailing opinion that Sun Mountain does this better than any other brand. However, with all of that said, there is one area where Sun Mountain loses to the competition: price.

A Sun Mountain bag is almost always going to cost more than a competitor’s similarly styled bag. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

When you choose a Sun Mountain golf bag, you are choosing quality above all else. You are paying for a bag that has been expertly designed to help you navigate a golf course as comfortably as possible.

Budget shoppers may find that Sun Mountain doesn’t meet their needs when it comes to price. To be fair, Sun Mountain is not targeting budget golfers. Sun Mountain is aimed at people who want to pay for the best quality product available.

Our Final Thoughts on Sun Mountain Golf Bags

Quite simply, there is no arguing the quality, design, and craftsmanship of a Sun Mountain golf bag. There is a reason why Sun Mountain is the number one golf bag brand in the industry. They have taken everything learned from years of working in golf, apparel, camping, and mountain climbing to offer the best golf bags available.

Of course, that kind of quality comes at a price. That price is the only reason this article wasn’t one sentence long, all-caps, ordering you to go buy a Sun Mountain golf bag.

Not everyone is ready or willing to spend to the higher end of their budget for a Sun Mountain golf bag. There is nothing wrong with that. Just like with any hobby or sport, golf has a wide range of people that enjoy taking part. Some people are hardcore, avid golfers that will play three or four rounds per week in any type of weather. Those people will get great use out of Sun Mountain golf bags.

Sun Mountain Golf Bags Is Available in Different Colors

However, there is a subset of people who simply want something to hold their clubs, balls, and sunscreen for their regular weekend round of golf. These people don’t want to spend a lot of money and, for their needs, a Sun Mountain golf bag may not be right.

Of course, there is the potential of finding a used golf bag online at a reasonable price. Or, if you are the type of person who wants to buy new and save money at the same time, then there may be other brands that better suit your needs.

Despite the higher price tag, Sun Mountain golf bags offer a lot of value for golfers. The quality, cutting-edge technology, and expert design make these golf bags one of the best golf related purchases you can make.

We can’t promise a Sun Mountain golf bag will lower your score, but you can count on looking pretty darn good and feeling very comfortable on the course no matter how well you play.

If a Sun Mountain golf bag fits into your budget, you will be hard-pressed to find a better golf bag. It’s as simple as that.

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