Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Swing Analyzers for Golfers Over 50

If you are just starting out and are having a hard time swinging your club in a proper fashion, you should definitely think about grabbing a swing analyzer. These devices are great for helping to improve your golf game as they will pick up on your bad habits and you will get to see first-hand where you have gone wrong. There are a lot of different swing analyzers available on the market that you will likely come across, which is why it is important to know what makes up a quality swing analyzer.

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Best Swing Analyzers for Senior Golfers

Now that you know a few things about swing analysis, here are some of our picks for the best swing analyzers on the market:

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer Review

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing AnalyzerIf you have a moderate to high budget and are interested in seeing your swing in 3D, you should consider having a look at this swing analyzer. This analyzer will allow you to be able measure a ton of different aspects in your swing, which will help you be able to improve your game. The best thing about this swing analyzer is that it allows you to be able to see your stats on an android device or on an IOS device according to your preferences.


  • The device allows you to view your swing from virtually any angle, which is ideal for learning
  • The unit is capable of taking a look at your club speed, hand speed, club plane, tempo, and backswing length
  • A video recording of your swing will show you first hand where you went wrong
  • The design will give you an instant evaluation after a few swings that will tell you where you should focus your swing training
  • Use this swing analyzer for multiple people, track their progress and view their improvements over time, all on the Zepp app
  • The device works by means of a small clip and a connection to your mobile phone over a Bluetooth connection, which is accurate and easy to use




  • The battery life on the unit only lasts for a few hours


If you can deal with a short battery life on a swing analyzer and are willing to charge this unit on a consistent basis, it can definitely help to improve your game. As a beginner player, you are likely going to have a lot of different areas in your swing that are a little off. Hiring a professional to analyze your swing can be pretty expensive and you will likely need repeat sessions to perfect everything. The best thing about a swing analyzer is that it will last you for a long time and only cost you a one-time purchase. Definitely a great unit for helping to improve your all around golf game.

M-Tracer MT500G2 Golf Swing Analyzer Review

If you are looking for a moderate to low priced swing analyzer, you may like the looks of this design. This is an analyzer that is built to allow you to be able to view your swing on a mobile device. The unit is capable of measuring a wide variety of aspects of your swing and will show you visuals on your mobile so that you can see where you went wrong.


  • The device has an app available for both Android and IOS, which is great for all mobile users
  • The design has a 9 axis system to give you an all-around view of your swing
  • The unit is capable of measuring your attacking angle, club path, the angle of the face of your club and your club head speed
  • The design can be charged with a USB cable, which is ideal in terms of convenience
  • You can get a 360 degree view of your swing on your mobile, which is great if you are a visual learner
  • Mounts directly onto your club for more accurate readings
  • Light weight design means you will hardly notice that the device is on your club shaft
  • Review and compare current results with old data so you can see where you have improved or gotten worse over time
  • You don’t need to swing with a ball in order to be able to get swing analysis data




  • The unit has a low battery life and will need charged regularly


If you are okay with charging this device on a regular basis in order to be able to use it regularly, you will like the convenience of this unit. The device may be small, but it allows you to easily train wherever you like. With the free compatible app for this product, you should have no problem reviewing old data and analyzing your current data to improve your game. Definitely an analyzer that you can use to help choose new clubs and fix any kinks that you have in your golf swing.

What To Consider

Here is a breakdown of the things you should be on the lookout for in a good swing analyzer:

Swing Analysis:

Since you are a beginner golfer it is likely that you are going to have a fair few aspects to your swing that can be improved. Luckily, there are a variety of swing analyzers on the market that can help you be able to determine areas in your swing that need improvement. Different swing analyzers are capable of being able to measure and analyze different parts of your swing. Generally, you should expect to be able to learn the following things about your swing from a quality swing analyzer:

The speed at which you swing:
This is a very important aspect of swing analysis that can help you learn what type of ball you should use as well as what type of club you should purchase. If you are a fast swinger, remember that this is an indication that you should be using a ball with a high compression rating or the opposite if you discover that you swing relatively slow. As for club recommendations, you can also use your swing speed to decide if a graphite shaft would be worth purchasing for you. Graphite shafts are light weight and flex, which can result in a longer hit if you swing slower. If you are a fast swinger, you may find that a graphite shaft improves your distance, but lowers your accuracy.

Your club plane:

If you want to stop duffing the ball, which is something that a lot of beginners do, you should try to find a swing analyzer that looks at your club plane. Your club plane is essentially going to tell you if you are turning over the head of your club during your swing. The nice thing about realizing your club plane is that you can see which way you are rotating your wrists and attempt to stop the movement in its tracks. This is a very common issue that beginner players have, which is why this is such an essential thing to look for in a swing analyzer.


If you want to be able to hit the ball in a consistent manner, you may definitely want to look at your swinging tempo. A tempo analyzer can show you where you are lacking in consistency. If you are swinging at different speeds every time in particular areas it will become apparent. You should definitely look for a tempo analysis as a beginner player as it is extremely important to get a consistent swing if you want to improve your game.

Backswing Length:

One aspect of golf that a lot of people overlook, especially beginner golfers, is your back swing. If you want to have a consistent swing, you should attempt to bring each club up to the same level on your backswing. It can definitely take some practice to get a proper back swing, but if you want to get the maximum amount of distance in your shots, you need to have a large back swing. A back swing is where you build up momentum to hit the ball and it is definitely an area of the game that can be improved by using a quality swing analyzer.

Reviewing Your Shot:

In order to be able to prove that the swing analyzer has done its job, you need to be able to see or hear what you need to do to improve. Most swing analyzers have some kind of a coach built into them, which will help to train you to improve your swing. One thing that you might want to look for is the ability to look at your shot on a screen and physically see where you went wrong. Especially when you are a visual learner or just starting to play the game, seeing your mistakes first hand is a great way to learn.

Data Analysis:

The best swing analyzers on the market will keep track of your data over time and show you your improvements. When you are just starting out, you may not be getting the shots that you desire so it is always nice to have some encouragement and proof that you are doing well. Golf is a sport that takes a lot of practice and dedication and if you want to see how you are doing and stop bad habits from starting up, you may definitely want to look for something with data analysis built into its design.


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