Practice On The Best Golf Mat For Backyard and Home Use

If you want to practice your golf game without ruining your lawn, you are going to want to pick up a golf mat. This product will allow you to swing over and over and hit ball after ball without having to worry about things like duffing ruining your nice grass.

Golf mats will always give you a nice, flat surface to hit off of and these products can really help to improve your golfing game when they are used often. If you want to get a quality golf mat, you will definitely need to know what to look for as some mats are definitely better quality than others.

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​Buyer’s Guide: Golf Mats for Beginners

To help you, we have rounded up our picks for the top golf mats on the market above so that you can see what is available, and we’ve reviewed our favorites below. We also decided to create a buyer’s guide for golf mats to inform you about the most important aspects of a golf mat so that you can choose the proper mat to suit your needs.

​What kind of a budget do I need to be able to pick up a quality golf mat?

The nice thing about picking up a golf mat is that you don’t have to break the bank to purchase one if you don’t want to. Sure, you may be able to pick up a high budget price golf mat for up to almost $200, however, there are plenty of nice golf mats available for a lower price range that pack in some pretty nice features. You can definitely set yourself a budget for a golf mat so that you don’t go overboard as it is definitely possible to do so for some of the fanciest golf mats that are available on the market.

​Is size something that is important for a golf mat?

Size is definitely something that you should pay attention to when you are making your purchase. The thing about buying a small size golf mat is that over time even fake golf terrain does tend to wear out. The larger the size of golf mat you purchase, the longer you can expect that your golf mat is going to last you. Another thing that you may want to think about in terms of size is whether or not you want to be able to stand on top of the unit. Some people like to be on the same terrain as their ball so that the ground is even, which is something that you might want to consider when you are deciding which mat you want to purchase.

​What should I look for in terms of terrain for a golf mat?

The main thing that you need to look for in terms of the terrain on a golf mat is something that you can hit off of and actually improve your real life golf game. Generally, this means that you are going to want to look for something that has fake grass on it that is about the same length as a regular fairway. This will allow you to be able to golf on a terrain similar to that of what you are normally hitting off of, which is what you want to do in order to have the best chance for improvement. Depending on the unit that you are looking at, you may find that a golf mat has more than one thickness of terrain in its design. The thicker the terrain is, the harder it is going to be to hit the ball. However, it can be good practice for when you actually hit the ball into the rough on a regular course, which is something to consider.

​What sort of materials are the best golf mats made out of?

You will generally find that most golf mats are made out of synthetic green material. Generally, the grass is made out of nylon, which helps to make the unit waterproof and durable. If you want to get one of the nicest golf mats on the market, you also don’t want the unit sliding around on you when you are hitting off of it. To avoid this, you should try to look for a unit that has a rubber backing on it so that the mat stays in one spot.

​Is a built in tee holder something that I should look for?

The one thing all golfers know about practicing golf is that you are going to go through a lot of wooden tees. The nice thing about golf mats is that you are often going to find a rubber tee built into the design of a unit. These tees do feel a bit different than that of a traditional tee, however, you will get used to this design over time. A rubber tee is much less likely to snap on impact and it should allow you to be able to get plenty of practicing in without having to blow a whole bunch of money buying new wooden tees all of the time. For this reason, alone it is definitely worth considering picking up a design that has at least one rubber tee in it. If you really want to practice your golfing game and want to be able to drive golf balls as well as practice with your irons, you may even want to be on the lookout for a golf mat that has two tees of varying heights allowing you to be able to practice hitting with any club that you desire.

​Is a ball holder something that is of importance?

If you do a lot of practice, especially with long distance shots, you may want to try and find something that is capable of holding golf balls for you. There are some golf mats on the market that have some kind of a try attached to them, which allows you to be able to get golf balls off of the unit as you need them, without having to move out of your golfing stance. When you are hitting balls a really long distance it can make a huge distance towards becoming more accurate as you will be able to hit a lot more golf balls before having to go gather everything up.

​Our Golf Mat Reviews

​Rukket Mat Attack Tri-Turf Portable Golf Hitting Mat Review

image courtesy of

If you are looking to pick up an all in one practice mat for a good price tag, you should make sure that you take a look at this design. This golf mat has three different lengths of turf in its design allowing you to practice hitting a ball off of almost any terrain that you would encounter on the course. The unit isn’t huge in size, but the price and variety of turf built into the design of this product make this a huge competitor in the marketplace.


  • ​The unit has flat terrain of different lengths throughout the unit so that you can get a clean shot each and every time
  • ​The design is meant to be just about shoulder width apart making it a lot easier to line yourself up with the ball
  • ​This unit works great for both right handed and left handed golfers since no tees are built into the design
  • ​Imitates fairway and the rough so that you can use a wood or an iron to practice as you please
  • ​The mat has a pretty moderate price tag, which will be affordable for most


  • ​The unit doesn’t have a tee in its design, which means you will break a lot of tees when practicing
  • ​There is no ball holder built into this unit, which you might not like if you want to get the most practice in

Where to buy:


If you are looking for a mat that allows you to be able to shoot off of a bunch of different lengths of turf, you are going to love this design. You may have to use your own tees to practice with this mat, but the nice thing is, you will have no problem using the unit whether you are a left or a right handed golfer. This is a mat that is available for a pretty reasonable price tag and one that allows you to be able to get a nice clean hit each and every time. A favorite among golfers who like to practice on different terrain and definitely a mat that you might want to think about.

​Callaway Launch Zone Hitting Mat Review

image courtesy of Rock Bottom Golf

If you want to go for a big name in golf so that you can be sure that the terrain on the mat is up to par, you may like this Callaway design. This may not be the largest mat, but it will allow you to be able to hit off of the unit regardless of your location and hand orientation. This unit is small, which makes it easy to carry around allowing you to be able to practice wherever you please. The unit has a relatively steep price tag for its size, but you can definitely trust that the product is of a good quality coming from this big brand name.


  • ​The design comes in a 1’ by 2’ as well as a 8 inch by 16-inch design
  • ​The unit has a tee holder in it so that you don’t mark up and ruin the turf on the mat
  • ​You don’t have to worry about your tee tipping over thanks to the tee holder design
  • ​Lightweight, small design is ideal in terms of portability
  • ​The unit has some very thick turf in its design, which will be quite durable over time
  • ​The unit is designed so that is won’t shift around on you regardless of the club that you are using to hit the ball


  • ​The unit does not come in a large enough size to be able to stand on top of the mat when shooting
  • ​The higher price tag of this product may be out of reach for some golfers
  • ​There is no rubber tee in this design, which means you are going to break a lot of tees when practicing on this unit
  • ​There is only one length of turf in this design that imitates that of a fairway


As long as you are interested in picking up a mat that imitates the feeling of a fairway and you don’t care if the unit comes with a rubber tee, you are going to like the design. This is a golf mat this is built to be extremely durable and to feel as realistic as possible to that of an actual fairway. The design may be a bit of a higher price tag than that of the average golf mat, but it is easy to carry around with you wherever you want to bring the product. You can definitely have peace of mind when picking up one of these products thanks to the big name brand manufacturer. This is a unit that you should definitely think about picking up if you have the money for it and want something that will last.

​StrikeDown Dual-Turf Pro Golf Hitting Mat (3′ x 2′) Review

If you have a high budget for a mat and want something with various thicknesses of turf, you may like what this golf mat has to offer. The design is quite large at two feet by three feet allowing you to be able to stand on the unit and shoot if you desire. The mat is large enough for both left handed and right handed golfers and is made out of high-quality materials.


  • ​The unit is made with a shock pad rather than a rubber base, which is easier on your joints and more comfortable to stand on
  • ​The design has two kinds of turf, which imitate that of a fairway as well as a section of rough
  • ​The unit is fairly portable so that you can place this mat wherever you want to practice
  • ​The unit is designed to replicate an actual fairway and rough so that your practicing actually shows when you go to golf on a real course
  • ​The unit is durable enough to be able to be used both indoors and outdoors to suit your golfing needs


  • ​The high price tag of this mat may definitely be too steep for some people
  • ​The unit does not have a rubber tee, which means you will want to mostly practice ground shots or you will be going through a lot of tees

Where to buy:


If you have a high budget and you are okay with a design that does not have a rubber tee, you are likely going to be a fan of this design. The unit can easily be used by both left and right handed golfers and with the size of the mat, you shouldn’t have too much trouble being able to stand on the unit. The design imitates the feeling of a real course, which is great for someone who is serious about golf and who actually wants to improve their game. This design may be a high price, but the length of time that this unit will last you, combined with how comfortable the mat is to golf on, makes this a really good deal.

​TIAMALL 12“x24“ Golf Mat with Rubber Tee Holder Review

If you don’t have a whole lot of money for a golfing mat and just want something cheap that allows you to be able to practice your game, you should look at this golf mat. The design is not a very big size, but that just makes it very portable allowing you to be able to practice wherever you please. The unit is made out of quality nylon materials and is a great mat for both beginners and experienced golfers alike.


  • ​The unit is 12x 24 inches, which is a good size for assisting you in squaring up the ball properly before swinging
  • ​The design is made out of nylon, which works well for both indoor and outdoor use
  • ​The design has rubber on the bottom of it, which is of a non-skid design
  • ​The unit has a rubber tee holder in its design so that you aren’t constantly breaking tees while practicing with the mat
  • ​The unit imitates that of a regular golf fairway, which is ideal in terms of practicing for a real course
  • ​The really low price tag of this mat definitely appeals to a lot of people and is a major selling point of the mat


  • ​You won’t be able to stand on this unit due to its smaller size
  • ​The design only has one tee holder on it, which means you may have a tough time using both irons and woods to practice with this mat

Where to buy:


If you have a low budget for a golf mat and want to get something that imitates a regular fairway, you are going to have a hard time beating this mat for the price. The design has a rubber tee in it, which is ideal in terms of saving you money over the long term. The design may not be very large, but this allows you to easily be able to move this mat to any location that you choose so that you can get as much practice in as possible. The non-skid design combined with the fairway turf and low price tag of the product is extremely hard to beat and you should definitely think about this mat if you want to save some money while still being able to practice your golf game.

​3′ x 5′ Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Putting Mat Review

If you want to be able to shoot balls in rapid succession for maximum practice, you may like the looks of this golf mat. The unit has a medium to high budget range and is quite large for the price tag of the product. The design comes with a very nice, durable turf that imitates a fairway and is more than capable of working both indoors and out.


  • ​The design is welded together rather than glued, which helps make this mat more durable over the long term
  • ​The unit has an eight year UV protection warranty, which can give you some peace of mind with your purchase
  • ​The design is up to 30 percent denser, which will help this product last longer and feel more natural
  • ​The design has a ball tray in it, which allows you to be able to hit balls in quick succession for maximum practice time
  • ​With your purchase, you get free golf balls as well as free golf tees, which is ideal in terms of saving you some money
  • ​The design has two tee holes allowing the product to work for golfers that are both left and right handed orientation


  • ​The design only has one length of turf, which is something that you might not want
  • ​The unit is quite large, especially with the golf ball tray, which is not ideal for portability

Where to buy:


As long as you are looking to set this product in one location and leave it there, you are going to love this product. The unit does a great job of imitating a real fairway and it’s really nice that this is such a dense design as this definitely keeps the mat in a better condition for a longer period of time. It truly is hard to beat the warranty and the length of this mat and if you decide to pick up one of these mats, you are going to love how many balls you can hit thanks to the ball holder that the mat has attached to it. This is a golf mat that you should make sure you consider if you can afford it.

​To Conclude:

We hope our article has helped you to be able to determine what kind of a golf mat you need to purchase in order to improve your golfing game. There are all sorts of options on the market and narrowing down your options is by no means something that is easy to do. It is never a bad idea to compare a few golf mats and set yourself a budget that works within your means. The most important thing to decide is what you want to practice the most and then it should make finding a golf mat a whole lot easier. We wish you luck in finding a new golf mat and we hope that all your hard work pays off out on the course.

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