Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Towels for Golfers Over 50

Although you may not realize it if you haven’t golfed before, a towel is actually an essential thing to carry around with you when you are out and about on the course. Playing golf without a towel is sure to lose you strokes as even a small amount of dirt on a golf ball can have an impact on how it spins. It is extremely important to make sure that you keep your clubs nice and clean as well, as the trajectory of your ball can change quite easily as a result of having a dirty golf club.  There are definitely some golf towels that are better than others on the market in terms of quality.

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Best Golf Towels for Senior Golfers

Club Glove Golf Microfiber Caddy and Pocket Towel Set Review

Club Glove Golf Microfiber Caddy and Pocket Towel SetIf you are willing to pay a bit more money in order to get something that is of an awesome quality, you should definitely check out one of these towel sets. The unit comes with a large caddy towel as well as a smaller pocket towel to suit all of your golfing needs. These towels come in a total of 15 different color options at the checkout to suit your personal tastes, which is quite good for picky golfers. The towels have some pretty awesome water absorbency as well, which helps to make them even more appealing.


  • With your purchase you get a large 17 inch by 40 inch towel as well as a smaller 8 inch by 12 inch pocket towel
  • The unit is capable of holding up to 400 percent of its weight in water, which is quite impressive
  • The design is lint free, which is ideal for ensuring that you shoot straight out on the course
  • The design is non-abrasive
  • The large cloth has a center slit in it, which allows you to be able to fit the cloth directly over your club heads for maximum cleaning
  • This towel can be machine dried and washed, which is ideal for convenience purposes
Where to buy:


  • With your purchase you do only get two towels, which isn’t likely going to last you forever
  • The large caddy towel is quite big and may be a little difficult to store if you have a small golf bag and lots of other equipment


As long as you think that two towels is enough to suit your needs, you are going to be pleased with this package deal. The pocket towel as well as the larger caddy towel are more than capable of being able to keep your golf equipment nice and clean. These products don’t have that steep of a price tag and they are available in so many color options that it is hard to find something that doesn’t appeal to your tastes. Definitely a nice set of golf towels that you should think about picking up in order to give you the best chance out on the course.

Clothlete Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel 16″ x 24″ – 3 Pack – Review

Clothlete Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel 16If you are looking for a cloth pack that is a moderate to low price tag and want something that is a microfiber design, you may be interested in picking up one of these packs of towels. This is a three pack of towels that comes in three different colors, each of which serve a different purpose. This is an ideal pack for someone who wants to golf and not have to worry about being short a towel for quite some time.


  • The design has snap attachment, which allows you to be able to attach these cloths to any part of your bag
  • The towels can snap to each other in order to make one larger towel
  • The towels come in black, grey as well as a white design, which is ideal for staying organized
  • The white towel is perfect for hand cleaning and you can use the two darker towels for ball and club cleaning
  • The design has liquid absorbency of 400 grams per square meter, which is awesome in terms of cleaning performance
  • The design is long enough at 24 inches to allows you to be able to place a wedge on the ground when putting
  • Fast drying microfiber design is ideal for wet and raining conditions
  • Moderate to low price tag of the three towels is quite appealing
  • This towel is washer friendly, which is ideal for a consistently clean set of clubs and golf balls
Where to buy:


  • Three towels may be a lot to fit into some golf bags that are packed with equipment
  • The towels are relatively large and you may have to fold them if you leave them outside of your golf bag on a regular basis


If you want to save some money and purchase some towels for a lower price tag, you should make sure you have a look at this towel pack. Although towels may not be the most exciting piece of golfing equipment, they can definitely have a large impact on your game. Keeping your clubs and golf balls nice and clean with one of these microfiber cloth packs is going to offer you the best chance at having a low score out on the course.

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What To Consider

To help you be able to find yourself a quality towel, here are some of the most important aspects of a golf towel that you should be on the lookout for:


If you have ever bought a cheap towel before and noticed that strings and small bit of the cloth were left behind when the towel was used, then you probably know just how important it is to buy a quality cloth. Especially in golf where a few strokes can make all of the difference between winning and losing, you are going to want to find a cloth that doesn’t flake on you. To do this, you should look for something that is made out of microfiber. This type of material is ideal as it won’t flake on you, it is light weight in design and it is super easy to get into small grooves on your golf club or small dimples on your golf ball. This type of material dries quite fast and one other awesome thing about microfiber is that you can actually use it on glasses if you want to clean off your lenses.


When choosing a golf towel, you are going to want something that is large enough to allow you to be able to clean things without having to rub in the same location and spread dirt back where it has already been taken off. When choosing the size of cloth, you will want to consider whether you want to keep the cloth in your pocket or if you want to keep the cloth in your bag. It may be a good plan to look for a golf towel that has a loop in it that allows you to be able to attach the towel to your bag via a carabiner. The final thing that you may want to look for in terms of size is the amount of towels that you get with your purchase. Towels don’t last forever, especially if you are cleaning dirt with them on a regular basis. It definitely doesn’t hurt to have a few spare towels lying around, which may be something you might want to consider.


Believe it or not, you should actually make sure that you consider the color of the golf towel that you are buying as it will play a role in how long the towel lasts you. If you are using a golf towel for the purposes of cleaning your clubs or cleaning off your golf balls, you may want to consider picking up a unit that is dark in color. The darker the cloth is, the less you are going to notice dirt inside of the fiber, which will allow you to be able to use the towel for longer before having to replace it. Although a white towel may be the most appealing to you, you may want to just consider using it on the course as a hand towel so that it lasts you for a longer time.


If you really want to be technical and find one of the best microfiber cloths that money can buy, you should see if you can find the rate of absorbency. Generally, you will find that the rate of absorbency is given per square foot or per square meter of fiber, but after doing some conversions it should be a relatively easy number to compare. Another way manufacturer’s sometimes state absorbency is by the percentage of absorbency compared to the weight of the cloth. A high rate of absorbency should be anywhere from 300 grams per square meter or around 300 percent absorbency compared to the weight of the cloth.


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