Senior Golfers Beginner’s Equipment Guide: Top Wedges for Golfers Over 50

If you want to be able to improve your short game, having a good quality wedge is of extreme importance. Rolling the ball onto the green or having your ball sit in place when it gets on the green is by no means an easy task. It can take a lot of practice time to get better with a wedge, but having a quality club can make a world of difference in making things easier.

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Best Wedge for Senior Golfers

If you first want to learn more about wedges, then skip below to read our brief buyer’s guide. After all of that learning about quality wedges, we have rounded up a couple of our favorites so that you can see some of the quality wedge options that are available to you:

Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back Standard Bounce Satin Wedge – top men’s pick!

Cleveland Golf Men's 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back Standard Bounce Satin WedgeIf you want to pick up a club for a low price tag and don’t care too much about buying from a big name manufacturer, you are likely going to want to look at this wedge. The wedge is designed to allow you to be able to hit the ball regardless of the lie around the green. Although this chipper is not great for long distance shots, you will be quite accurate up close with some very good ball contact.


  • The unit uses a higher end steel shaft, which will help increase the distance of your shots
  • The unit is available in 9 different lofts when in stock, which means that it is capable of fitting into almost any golf bag
  • The unit comes in an eye appealing black satin color
  • The unit has maximum surface roughness to get the most ball contact on impact
  • This design has spin research and technology in it, which will help you be able to control the ball better
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  • The design doesn’t have much in the way of cut-outs to increase aerodynamics
  • The unit does not come in a variety of different flexes


If you want to pick up a really nice wedge and be able to choose your own loft, it is hard to find a club better than this design. With a total of nine loft options to choose from and the ability to be able to grab a left or a right handed orientation club, this club really does appeal to a broad range of golfers. Although this wedge may not have a graphite shaft design, the club is quite capable of some longer wedge shots and the club will definitely allow you to be able to build up your accuracy over time. Worth considering if you have the budget for it.

Cleveland Golf- Ladies Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge Graphite – top women’s pick!

Cleveland Golf- Ladies Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge GraphiteIf you need a right handed ladies wedge and want to grab something that is of a nice graphite design, you should take a look at this club. The unit may only come in two loft options, but it is an extremely nice wedge for a moderate to high budget range. If you can afford the price of this wedge, you get a unit that will provide some very nice, aerodynamic performance and accuracy in your shots.


  • The design comes in a light weight flexible graphite design, which will help you be able to hit the ball a longer distance
  • The club has a very eye appealing black satin finish, which would fit well into almost any golf bag
  • The unit comes in two lofts including a 42 degree loft and a 58 degree loft
  • The head of the club has a large cut out in it, which helps increase your swing speed a lot thanks to advanced aerodynamics
  • The design allows for easy bunker relief, but can be played on any turf conditions
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  • The unit is definitely a short distance wedge and you may have a tough time with accuracy when doing longer shots


As long as you are just looking to grab a wedge that allows you to have an accurate short range shot, you will probably enjoy using this design. The club will allow you to be able to get out of difficult lie areas with ease. The really nice thing about this club is that you get a graphite shaft design and the ability to be able to choose between two different lofts to fulfill your short range needs out on the course. This is definitely a very nice wedge to consider picking up if you want a good deal and a durable club.

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What To Consider

There are certainly similar characteristics in the best wedges on the market, here is a quick breakdown of some of those characteristics and why they will help your golf game:

What Kind of a Shaft Should I Get?

When it comes to a wedge, you need to realize that the shaft and flex is definitely important. If you want to be able to hit the ball a longer distance and you don’t have a fast swing, you may want to consider grabbing a graphite design. It is the most important to use what you are comfortable with, but your budget is also something to keep in mind. Since wedges are meant for short distance shots, you probably won’t notice a massive difference in performance even if you generally swing on the slower end of things and pick up a stainless steel shaft design, which you will want to keep in mind.

What Should I Look for on the Club Head?

One of the most important aspects of a wedge for a beginner golfer is definitely the head of the club. Although wedges are generally easier to use than a long iron for a beginner, you definitely might have a hard time getting used to a new wedge when starting out, due to the high degree of loft on these kinds of clubs. In order to maximize your contact with the ball, you should look for a design that has cut-outs in the head for improved aerodynamics if possible. The other thing that you might want to look for is something that has a large sweet spot in its design. As a beginner, you are much more likely to duff the ball and having a large sweet spot area on the club can help to reduce this and allow you to hit the ball further more often.

What Should I get in Terms of Loft?

Generally, you will find that wedges range in loft from as low as around 45 degrees to as high as 60 degrees plus. If you want to get a wedge that fits well into your bag, you should first see what kinds of lofts you already possess. It is normally recommended that you should try to pick up a wedge that is at least 4 degrees different than other clubs that you already possess in your bag. It is always important to keep in mind that the end goal of a golfer’s bag is to have a club that they can use for each shot that they face when they are out on the course. For that reason alone, you should attempt to only look for clubs that have different loft than ones that you already have in your bag, unless you are looking to replace a club that is not performing the way that you desire it to.


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