When To Re-Grip Your Golf Clubs and How Much It Costs

If you’re relatively new to the game of golf, then there is something very important that you need to know. As you use your equipment, the grip on your clubs will wear down a bit and it will affect your game. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of improving your performance. Did you know that all the pros end up getting their clubs re-gripped every three or four months when they’re out playing on the touring circuit? You might not get in as many rounds as they do, but you’re still probably not maintaining your grips as often as you should.

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Why You Should ReGrip Your Golf Clubs

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When you’re playing, it’s often sunny and warm, which means that your hands get a little sweaty. Picking up the ball and touching other things that have been on the ground transfer dirt to hands and then to your equipment. Sweat and dirt work their way into the grip and end up breaking it down over time. And as that happens, it doesn’t work like it is supposed to and that grip becomes more of a slip.

Think about it like this – if you can keep a steady grip on your equipment before you swing, how accurate do you think that swing will end up being? Yeah, not very good because you don’t have as much control. Your performance will suffer greatly as a result of this lack of complete control. Sometimes, the swing actually ends up being fine but maybe you end up with an unintentional twist that completely changes the ball flight. In fact, once you realize that it’s time to regrip the golf clubs, you’ll likely see an improvement in your handicap.

Disclosure: We receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

When you have a club that has a good grip, you end up more relaxed and your form and performance shows that perfect state. But, when your grip is slipping a little you end up having a tighter hold on it and may even subconsciously fear losing it during a swing. This fear and tension in your body doesn’t just focus itself on your hands. It travels up your arm and into your shoulders where your muscles tense up. When you swing, your body is not relaxed at all and you definitely do not have a good form. And as you play the course, you can end up fatiguing your wrist and arms. Not to mention the fact that you’ll play a terrible game.

​How To Know It’s Time For Re-Gripping

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Since you’re not hitting the links as often as the pros, most golfers only need to have this one about once a year or every 40 rounds. As you get used to playing, you will be able to notice when things just don’t feel right in your hands. And having that proper feel when you have your clubs in your grip is so important to a good game.

The biggest tell-tale sign of the need for a re-gripping is that your club slips in your grip. You may also notice that it looks like it is experiencing some wear and tear, which is normal but will eventually get to the point where it has a noticeable effect on your game performance.

Keep in mind that the degradation of the grips happens slowly over time. And even if you don’t ​

​play 40 rounds a year, they will still need regripped because just ozone affects them. Also note that the grips lose their new feel long before they actually need replaced. So, pay close attention to if you’re experiencing slippage because that is the indicator that you’re looking for when playing.

How To Get Your Clubs Regripped

Though there are some DIY methods that you can employ at home, it is best if you let a professional take care of this maintenance for you. Think about it – why would you spend money on this quality set of golf clubs just to cheap out on the upkeep of them? Instead, use a qualified professional to handle the regripping.

Most courses have professional on-site who are qualified to take care of this for you. Additionally, if you have any local golf equipment retailers, they often have a qualified club fitter who is able to do the repairs to the grips.

Often, this process only takes a couple of hours. However, if your professional is backed up with other golfer’s equipment, then you may have to leave your clubs overnight.

​How Much Does It Cost To Re-Grip Your Golf Clubs?

The exact cost for this service varies depending on your clubs and the type of grips that you choose. And remember, you will need to do this for each one in your set. The price range that you can expect for this service is somewhere between $75 and $135 on average.

If you’re like most golfers out there, this is something that you’ll only have to do once a year. To make it easy to remember, you’ll see that many golfer plan on this expense in the spring when golfing season begins.

​How To Extend The Life Of Your Grips

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If you play more than 40 rounds a year and really prefer to not have this expense more than one time per year, then you can take measures to extend the life of your grips. Simply cleaning them regularly with a mild soap or detergent does wonders for extending their useful life.

If your grips are rubber, then you can use a non-abrasive soft brush or pad with the soap. If your grips are non-buffed, then you should use a soft cloth instead of the brush or pad.

Once you have cleaned with the soap, rinse it off in warm water and be sure to remove all soap residue. You can let it air dry or pat dry with a towel. Do not put back in the bag until the grips have dried completely though because you don’t want mold and mildew growth.

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